The thunder blasted through the window waking Russell up. He sat up in wait for his mother to come and be with him. Russell smiled once he saw his mother walking down the hallway.

Bright lights struck her and she stopped.

A truck was coming right towards her.

Russell looked to his mother who wasn't even moving off the crosswalk and didn't show any signs of being scared.

"Mom?" His mother picked her hand up and waved. "Mom get out of the way! Mom please!"

The truck came as his mother turned.

"MOM!" Russell shot up from his pillows realizing he was in a different room and different house. Everything that happened came back into his head. Carl was now his adopted father since he left his real father from the trial. His mother had only been dead for a week. He never thought how much he needed his mother. Russell curled up and began sobbing into his knees as the rain pounded on the house.

Carl came running into the room and switched on the lamp. "Honey what's the matter?" he asked holding Russell by his arms.

"She always came to me on a night like this!" Russell sobbed "But instead she just got hit by a truck! She tried to kill herself on perpous!"
"No she did not Russell! You were both in that car and she was talking with you and she didn't even see that truck coming. She would stay alive just for you. She loved you so much." Carl spoke to him. "Then if she loved me so much then why did she have to go an die?"

"Death comes everyday Russell. It can be so sudden sometimes."

"Why couldn't the doctors make her live longer? Didn't they know she had a little boy she needed to care for?" Russell sobbed. "The doctors did everything they could do sweetie. Your mother was in serious condition that her soul and heart couldn't handle." Carl said trying to make Russell understand.

"But why do people have to die? Why can't they live forever?"
"Because it's the way of life Russell. I know how you feel. Ellie died when I never expected it. It was the worst day of my life. And I know that she never did it on perpous. She was just old."

"But Mama wasn't old. She was twenty nine and it wasn't even her time to go yet!"
"The car accident was serious Russell. Accidents like that can be really crucial." Carl hugged Russell tightly when the memory came to his head. "I'm so glad you made it out alive. She didn't want your life to end. She wanted you to be alive when she passed. She trusted me to take care of you. Any person's time can come at any moment at any point in time. Death is a regular thing Russell. One day my time will come and one day all the dogs time will come and one day your time will come and I hope it's when your a lot older then right now. I've always wanted to have a child Russell and now I finally have you for my son. We're going to be happy together Russell... and your mother is to. She tried her best Russell. She tried to hold on because of your love but she couldn't. But she loved you so much Russell, just like I always will love you."
Russell sniffled and buried his face into Carl's shoulder. "I love you Mr. Fredricksen."
"I love you to.
"Can you sleep with me tonight." Russell asked pulling away from Carl.
"Sure baby." Carl tucked Russell into bed and got into the bed himself. He gently kissed Russell upon the head and fell asleep cuddling his little boy.