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Happy Feet: Frozen hearts

Chapter 1: Introduction and clashes

The sun appeared in the horizon, marking the beginning of a new day… for some ones, their first day. In the frozen plains of Antarctica, a proud nation of emperor penguin was preparing to start this new challenge: raise their chicks. This nation lived in the territory called Emperor-Land, one of the biggest inhabited territories of Antarctica.

With only one entrance to the territory, and surrounded with huge walls of ice, it's also the most protected and safe of the continent. In addition, this wall provided an infinity of caves that the penguins can use to take shelter if the weather is not very kindly with them.

In one of these caves there was a young female penguin, sleeping in the usual way: stood and with her head rested in her shoulder. She was like every ordinary emperor penguin: her head, back, flippers and outer side of the tail were black and her chest, lower belly and inner side of the tail white. Her chest was adorned with a beautiful necklace of radiant golden feathers and her eyes were brown ambary.

Between her legs, resting on her feet, there was a small penguin chick. All his body was covered with fluffy grey and white feathers, excepting a black mask in his head and around his eyes. He was half of the size of a regular emperor penguin chick and, unlike his mother's, his eyes were blue.

"No… Mumble… no… " She whispered in dreams, giggling "No… Erik can… hear us… Mumble, stop!" She shouted, giggling louder. With the very mention of his name, the little boy that was sleeping on her feet had already woken up.

"Ma, what's happen?" Erik asked, worried about his mother.

"See?... I told… you he would… hear us…" Erik then realized that his mother wasn't talking with him, but with herself… or more specifically, she was dreaming that she was talking with Mumble, his father.

"MOM!" Erik shouted, willing to wake up his mother. She, indeed, woke up immediately and almost falling on her back.

"ERIK! Wha… what's happening?" She quickly asked.

"You were talking in your dreams, ma"

"I was?" Gloria didn't remember anything, not even the dream she was having.

"Yes, you was asking dad to stop" And then she remembered exactly what she was dreaming.

"Oh… yeah, because he… was… tickling me" She quickly lied, while she blushed hardly.

"I war roin what?" A masculine voice asked. Gloria and Erik directed his gaze to this voice and found Mumble entering to the cave. Instead of having black and white feathers like every adult emperor penguin, Mumble was covered with infant fluffy grey and white feathers and, like his son, his eyes were blue too. He was carrying three large fishes in his beak, that's why he spoke so funny "Wharever it is, it's not ma fault"

"Daddy!" Erik shouted, running out of his mother's feet and hugging Mumble foot.

"Hi Erik! Good to see ya, my little boy" He said as he tousled his son's head feathers playfully with his flipper, causing him to giggle.

"How was fishing, honey?" Gloria asked, approaching to her family.

"Excellent! Those aliens helpus a lot!"

"I'm hungry, pa" Erik complained.

"Oh, right! I'll be with ya in a shecond. First, your modher" Mumble then looked at Gloria, who opened her beak and approached it to Mumble's. He then slid the fish inside her beak and she swallowed them "Now, here Erik. Open up!" Erik obeyed and opened his little beak as widely as he could. Mumble bowed his neck, opened his beak and 'returned' his fishing.

"Well (cough) that's (cough) it" He said, straightening again.

"So, how was it?" Gloria asked, teasingly.

"It's not the most pleasant sensation, but (cough) it's not so bad" Gloria smiled and rubbed her head against his.

"So, what are you going to do today?" Erik asked.

"I don't know…" Mumble grabbed Gloria's shoulder with a flipper and made her walked a few steps away from Erik.

"Well, I think I have a good idea" Mumble said "This season is going to be special. Instead of a simply family reunion, Noah told us to organize a big party tomorrow to celebrate wives' arrival"

"That's… great… I guess" Gloria answered, faking a smile. She still didn't like public events, even when this was going to be made for her.

"Yeah, we are going to do all the arrangements today. While we do so, some teacher have improvised a sort of nursery where the chicks can go to meet each other"

"Well, that's good. I mean, there are months before the beginning of the school, so it would be good that Erik meet his companions earlier"

"Oh, but he already started with that"

"What do you mean?" Mumble looked back quickly and approached his beak to Gloria's ear.

"Bo" He whispered.

"Oooooh! Riiight!" Gloria exclaimed, giggling.

"Hey, what are you talking about?" The little Erik asked. He couldn't bear his curiosity any longer.

"Nothing…" Gloria quickly answered.

"So champ, do you want to meet your futures schoolmates?" Mumble asked.

"Well… I…" Erik wasn't sure if he wanted or not. He was one day old, so he didn't know anything about socialization with other chicks… well, except for Bo.

"I heard that Miss Viola is going to be there too" Mumble said, trying to hide his insinuation. Erik's mind worked fast: if Viola was going to be there, it was very likely that Boadicea was going to be there too, so…

"Ok…" Erik answered, hiding the huge excitement that he was feeling.

"Well, let's go then!"

"Now? But if-f we just woke up and… and I-I-I haven't spruced my feathers yet!" Gloria complained.

"Come on, Gloria! Don't start being a vanity penguin now"

"I'm not! But… you know. I have been walking for three month without stop… and I really need some Gloria's time… cleaning my feathers maybe and some other girl's stuff" She explained.

"Huh?... oh... ok… yeah, sure. I will go with Erik and you take all the… Gloria's time you need, right Erik?"

"Yes, mom. We will be fine"

"We will meet you in the square. Come on Erik, on my feet" Mumble said and Erik quickly jumped on his feet, taking shelter in his legs. Both walked out of the cave while Gloria waved her flippers from side to side in signal of farewell. Then she decided to go to the coast. With some luck, the sun would have melted the ice enough to find some water to clean her feathers.

Father and son reached the square very quickly. Mumble went to his reunion with the others parents of his generation and left Erik in the group of chicks, under the care of some young teachers.

Many little penguins came to greet him. He was rather famous already, due his family (After all, he was the offspring of the top of the class and a song-less penguin). Everyone behaved very friendly toward him, even some girls seemed to be REALLY interested in knowing him; but he was too shy to even attempt to make friends, so he barely said some words like 'hi' or 'thank you' when someone gave him a compliment.

After a few minutes of being there, he was walking from side to side distracted, looking down and thinking if his father would pick him up soon from that place. He wasn't able to find Boadicea, so he was a bit sad. He closed his eyes and the remembering of that moment that they shared the day before came back to his mind and made him drew a big smile in his face.

What he didn't know was that while he was immerged in his imagination, his body was still moving; and since we had his eyes closed, he didn't saw the chick in front of him until it was late and he bumped into him. Due to the unexpected hit, the other chick lost his balance and fell on his belly.

"Oh! Sorry!" Erik hurried to apologize.

"You're gonna regret for this, buddy" The other chick replied, while he stood up slowly and turned around. He was taller and a bit fatter than the others chicks, a giant compared with Erik. Actually, he seemed quite menacing… and the anger expression in his face didn't helped.

"Please, don't hurt me! It was an accident!" Erik implored and covered his face with his flippers.

"Wait a second" The other chick said, while he softened his face "Open those eyes again" Erik obeyed and slowly removed his flippers and looked to the chick "Blue eyes?... You are Mr. Mumble's son, right"


"HAHA! Man that joke was a good one! You're just like my pa told me your pa was" The other chick said happily, while he slapped friendly Erik's back "But I'll have my revenge one of these days. Have it in mind"

"So... you are not going to hurt me?"

"What? No! You don't know who I am?" Erik shook his head "I'm Atticus! Your pa and mine are almost brothers"

"Really?" The big chick nodded.

"By the way, whacha' name?"

"Erik…" The little penguin replied shyly.

"Hm… so you are the Erik that Bo had been talking about?" Erik's heart began to beat faster and his eyes widened as soon as he heard that name "I'll take that as a yes" Atticus had noticed Erik's reaction.

"Bo… had talked… about me?" He asked smiling.

"Maybe…" He teased.

"Come on! Tell me! She did?" Erik insisted.

"Maybe…" Atticus repeated, this time giggling, while Erik sighed angrily.

In that same moment, a certain young penguin lady appeared from behind Atticus.

"Atticus, were have you been? I was looking for you and…" The sweet Boadicea's voice spoke to Atticus, but was cut by him.

"Hi Boadicea, look who is here" Atticus said, pointing Erik with his flipper.

"Bo…" Erik said.

"ERIK!" She shouted.

As soon as the blue eyes of Erik and the ambary ones of Bo met, a wave of emotions run through their heart. Erik' smile almost didn't fit in his face and his dreamy eyes didn't show any intention of stop looking at the female. Bo, in the other hand, was rather shocked of seen Erik. She wasn't expecting to meet him until school. In their first meeting, she let his instincts took control of her; and now that she was thinking clearly, she was totally embarrassed. She turned her face away, trying to hide her blushing, but her eyes were still looking at Erik's.

From nowhere, Bo felt very happy of this reunion, and found herself smiling to Erik… thing that Erik noticed immediately and smiled back, feeling at the same way.

While all this was happening, Atticus was staring confused at both penguins.

"Ok, what's going on with you two?"

"Nothing…" She replied, giggling playfully.

"Yeah… nothing" Erik added.

"Huh?… you two are weird… you knew that?" Atticus opined. Bo and Erik began to giggle that soon became a loud laughter, confusing Atticus even more, so he started laughing too.

The three chicks (after they finished laughing) walked out of the crowd to talk and know each other better. There, Atticus introduced himself properly to Erik. He was Seymour's son, and his mother was McGregor's sister, so he was Boadicea's cousin and was really close to her. She appeared to be a fearless and really self-confident penguin, quite different of the attitude she had showed in front of Erik the day before. She had a strange, yet cute accent when she spoke in long sentences that she had learned of her father. Atticus, in the other hand, was literally the image of Seymour being a chick: Proud of himself and with a strong image, but very friendly with Bo and Erik. He also showed signs of had inherited the rapper heart of his father.

He and Boadicea had born the same day, while Erik born a day after them, that's why he was shorter than them. So, technically, Bo and Atticus were from one generation, and Erik was from another one… a generation with only one integrant. It was extremely weird that a penguin chick takes an extra day in hatching… actually, such thing had never happened. The males usually abandon the egg if it doesn't hatch the day they should. The only thing that saved Erik from that destiny was Mumble's dedication and love for his family, although Erik wasn't aware of that.

Speaking of Mumble, after a hour of speaking, the fluffy penguin walked near the three youngs.

"Hi everybody, is everything ok?" Mumble asked, smiling because Erik had made new friends.

"Hi pa" Erik greeted.

"Hi, Mr M" Bo and Atticus greeted, speaking at the same time.

"Hey, this big tough guy is surely my bro's son, isn't it?" He said to Atticus, while they did a Hi-five-flipper.

"True that!" Atticus replied.

"And who is this lovely girl over here?" Mumble asked, moving toward Bo.

"I'm Bo, sir"

"Oh! Yeah, you are my teacher's daughter, right?"

"Indeed" Bo answered.

"So you are the famous Boadicea that Erik has been talking so much?" Mumble said, in a quite insinuative tone "Now I see what he meant when he said that he couldn't take you out of his mind"

"He… he said… that?" Her eyes widened in shock, and Mumble nodded "Woao…" She replied, while she blushed and looked away.

"You'll have to excuse us, Mr. Mumble, but we gotta go now. Right, Bo?" Atticus said. Bo only nodded and started walking away "See'ya" Atticus said and started following his cousin.

"Bye…" Erik replied, waving his flipper "See you soon, Bo!" He shouted to her, but she didn't even turned her head. Soon, both penguins were out of sight.

"Well, I like your friends. I'm sure you will…"Mumble told to his chick, but was cut by him.

"Why did you said that!" Erik shouted angry "You are my father! How could you do me that!"

"Said what? That you talked about Bo? I didn't know that…"

"I told you that as a secret! You weren't supposed to tell it to anyone, especially to Bo!"

"Son, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…" Mumble tried to apologize, but was cut once again.

"I thought I could trust in you…" The young Erik said, while his eyes began to drop tears.

"No, Erik. Of course you can trust in me!"

"NO, I CAN'T!... not anymore" Erik shouted.

"Son, I…" Mumble took a step toward his son an tried to hug him, but Erik slapped his father's flippers with his and took a step back.

"Stay away from me!" It was the second time that someone told that to Mumble, but this time was much more painful because it was his own son who said it.

"Is everything alright here?" Gloria asked, appearing from behind them "I heard some screams and I got worried a lot and…"

"MOMMY!" Erik shouted and run to his mother, hugging her leg and bursting into tears.

"Erik! Son, what's happen?" Gloria asked, very worried about her son, but he wasn't able to pronounce a single word, so she did the only thing that a mother could do in that situation: hug her child and try to understand why he was crying "It's ok, son. Easy… easy" She consoled "Mumble, what's happened to him!" Gloria asked to him.

"I… don't… It wasn't my intention… I… I was…" Mumble tried to approach to his family.

"I DON'T' WANT DADDY WITH US!" The little Erik shouted sobbing, while he entered in his mother's legs, hiding his face on them.

"Mumble…" Gloria sighed "I think that it would be better if Erik and I spend the night with my parents"

"No, no, no… it's ok, you sleep in our cave. I… I'll find another place"

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah, don't' worry. I have plenty of friends! Someone would have a cave to share, right?" He joked and giggled, but Gloria didn't take it as funny. With Erik on her feet, she turned around and started the way back to their home.

Mumble was alone… and it was his fault. Once again, his big stupid beak had driven away everything he loved.

"I can't believe what I just did… I lost my kid's trust" He told to himself "But… I'd be flattered that someone speaks of me and Bo"

"The kid is not you, tallboy" A familiar voice spoke.

"Ramon?" Mumble turned around and found his short Adelie friend staring at him "What are you doing here?"

"I never left, socio… well actually I did, but I retuned after the winter" Ramon explained "Anyways, I heard about the party! And wherever there is a party, Ramon has to be!" His friend replied "I also came here looking for a young tall beauty. I want something exotic!"

"Three things: one, you are crazy; two, the mating season finished like three months ago, so you won't find any female available; three, you are crazy"

"Si, yeah, I got that one! But there is no need of being in mating season. Don Ramon is ever ready for chicas!" Mumble had only been talking with Ramon for about two minutes and he was already sick of him. He wasn't in good mood to speak with anyone, actually. He only wanted to alone.

"Please Ramon, I'm going through a bad moment right now. I don't want to hear…"

"I heard it and I want to help you"

"How could you help me?"

"I don't know, but I will thing in something… after I get an empress. Emperor-Land's ladies! Here's come Ramon!" He shouted and run into a crowd of adult emperor penguins. Mumble just sighed and walked away.

"Two days… I have had a family for two days and I already screw everything up! When I will learn to keep my beak closed! Me and my pathetic fatherly skills"

He sighed and started walking toward the ocean… maybe a nice time swimming could calm him a bit, and then he could think what to do with his son.

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