The Very Bad Idea

Rated M- Based on undoubtedly salty language and possible some smut later on.

This will be HP/DM slash ie hot man on man luvin'

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Harry was lounging on the sofa when Hermione arrived home from work. Harry didn't get up but simply waved vaguely in her direction as means of a hello. He had been doing a lot of lounging lately but not much else. Hermione sighed, ever since Harry and Ginny had gone their separate ways Harry had been a bit useless. It had been nearly four years since the end of the war and so far Harry had shown no interest in finding any sort of occupation. Not that he needed one for money but Hermione thought it was terribly inappropriate.

After leaving school she, Ron and Harry had all agreed to live together at Grimmauld Place. Ron had been accepted into a minor Quidditch league so was away travelling often while Hermione had received an exciting position at a wizarding research lab. Hermione and Ron had married shortly after the war but given how often Ron travelled and how very shiftless Harry seemed to be they had opted to stay at Grimmauld Place at least for the time being.

"How was your day Harry?" Hermione asked as she seated her self in an armchair across from the sofa.

"It was okay, I went for a walk, fed some pigeons, and took a nap. The usual, You?"

"Good, I met some of the participants for the Emotion Potion today. We're going to start trials next week. Malfoy is part of the group." Hermione watched Harry for a reaction and was pleased to see him abruptly pull himself up straighter and turn to look at her.

"Malfoy? As in Draco Malfoy?" Hermione smiled to herself.

"The very same, we've got several former Death Eaters. Most from Azkaban but Malfoy has a conditional release so he also has to comply."

Harry nodded to himself. Harry had testified on behalf of both Draco and Narcissa Malfoy during the trials. Narcissa had been given five years in Azkaban. Draco had been listed as conditional release. Condition in the sense that he had to live in a dorm under semi restrictions with other 'low threat' offenders for five years and he had to comply with any restrictions the ministry opted to set.

"Why so many former Death Eaters?" Harry asked.

"Well the Emotion Potion is supposed to help people deal with their feeling openly. It's believed that many Death Eaters, like Malfoy, probably have a lot of emotions they have not dealt with. We'll be pairing them and watching to see what happens."

"So. . This potion forces them to address their feelings and be completely honest?" Harry's brain was ticking. He had so many questions for Malfoy. Most of them started with why. Why didn't you tell them who I was at the Manor? Why if you hated him so much couldn't you kill Dumbledore? Why fight for Voldemort in the first place? Why? Why? Why?

But Hermione was shaking her head.

"Not exactly Harry. They have to be honest about their emotions. If they're angry about something they have to say so but not necessarily give details. It's a bit complicated. It's meant to help with therapy for people dealing with traumatic events."

"I want in. I want in and I want to be paired with Malfoy." Harry's voice was firm and he had moved so he was looking straight into Hermione's eyes. Hermione was shaking her head.

"That's a very bad idea and besides the pairings are random, it's impossible" Hermione had a bad feeling about this whole plan. She knew Harry had complicated feelings about Malfoy that she didn't always understand but she was not about to risk her integrity or her research.

"Ask your boss, Please Hermione. I'll take the potion I'll answer any questions just let me try." Harry was pleading and Hermione was struck by the fact that she hadn't seem him this earnest about anything in years. She nodded slowly.

"I'll ask Harry but he'll say no."

"Why that's Brilliant! Hermione you really have outdone yourself!" Healer Fox exclaimed excitedly. Hermione gaped.

"Sir, I'm not sure it's wise to let Harry do this. He and Malfoy have a long history, it could get ugly."

"Well that's exactly the point! Two life long rivals forced to share their inner most feelings with each other. What better way to test our work then with two people who are likely to resist with all their might! This will be an ideal trial" Hermione was taken aback by the Dumbledore like gleam in Fox's eye. He looked positively devious.

"But sir, They're too well known. We could never release the transcripts and what if rumors started?" She knew she was grasping at straws.

"You're quite right Mrs. Weasley. Only you and I will overlook their sessions. When we do release our data all identifying information will be removed. Only we will know who the subjects are."

Hermione nodded, there was nothing else to do.

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