"I've missed talking to you"

The words had echoed in Draco's head all week. He just didn't know what to make of them. Bloody Potter was just messing with his head. He couldn't believe he had to endure this for another 7 weeks. He was not looking forward to this stupid meeting.

"But Hermione" Harry whined "I have questions."

"I realize that Harry and You'll get a chance to ask them but not this week. The trial is set up so different emotion subjects can be addressed. This week its family so all you had better talk about is family"

Hermione knew Harry would have an issue with this. She had tried to explain the way the trial worked before but Harry had been too focused on his goal. Now he was sitting in her office scowling at her.

"Just Take the Potion Harry. I promise you'll get a shot to ask your questions soon but not today." Harry shrugged grumbled and reached for the potion.

Session 2

Rather than specific questions the participants have been prompted to discuss family with each other. The participants may interpret this however they choose.

Participant A: So. . . family. How is yours?

Participant B: In Azkaban and yours?

Participant A: Dunno they went into hiding before the war

Long Pause

Moderator: Gentlemen the intent of this study is to discuss your emotions regarding family. Please tell each other how you feel about your family present, past and future.

Participant B: Bloody twat! I feel like they got off lucky! At least they don't have to bloody sit here with Participant bloody A talking about their feelings. Embarrassing themselves!

Participant A: You haven't said anything embarrassing yet.

Participant B: but I bloody well will soon with this idiot potion messing with my mind. Whatever just tell me how you feel about your family.

Participant A: Well I am really sad about my parents. I wish they hadn't died. As for my Aunt and Uncle Dursley I hate them and hope wherever they are is uncomfortably cold and damp.

Participant B: You hate them enough to wish them damp? Oh my Participant A you truly are a monster! I can't get over how bloody kind you are! Err. . .I mean noble FUCK nevermind.

Participant A: The dramatically disembodied voice who runs these sessions said we should talk about past present and future. How did you feel about your family before the whole sent to prison for war crimes thing? By the way I'm being noble here and ignoring all the nice things you didn't mean to say about me.

Participant B: Git. I love my parents. I had everything I ever wanted. I mean sure they were a bit cold. We're very proper people you know, have a certain standard to uphold. I was always trying to meet it. I mean sure I felt a little inadequate most of the time but I loved them so that's really what matters. And you?

Participant A: Well for most of the time when I was a kid I thought my parents died in a car crash. My aunt and uncle were always saying nasty things. I suppose I figured they must have been pretty bad but I dunno. Then when I came to Hogwarts and found out how great they had been. I've wanted nothing more than to make them proud.

As far as my aunt and uncle go. They were never very good to me. I tried to do my best to be a good kid. I cooked and cleaned and tried not to complain but they never loved me and I always wanted them too.

Long Pause

Moderator: Gentleman and your feelings about future families.

Participant B: Well I'll marry some nice pureblood and have children obviously. I mean it doesn't really matter how I feel its what I have to do.

Participant A: How do you feel?

Participant B: Why would you bloody ask that? Are you trying to torture me? We were so close to getting through this fucking thing without either of us mortifying ourselves and now, now I have to tell you. . .To tell you… That I fucking hate the idea! Okay! I hate it I don't even like women but it doesn't matter I'll marry some boring empty headed bint and have boring empty headed children. The whole thing makes me so fucking angry! If it were up to me I'd shack up with some nice guy and we'd shag each other senseless for years to come. There are you happy Participant A you've bloody got me. I'm gay gay gay. Happy now?

Participant A: Kinda yeah. I mean sorry I didn't mean it like that. I just am glad that you're gay. Relieved really I think.

Participant B: The fuck?

Participant A: Sorry gotta focus. As far as future family, for the longest time I thought I'd marry Ginny and have a couple of red haired kids.

Participant B: Oh the horror!

Participant A: but I know that can't happen now. I gave it a try but I just didn't love Ginny. It makes me kinda sad because I still want the kids and the family life just maybe with a nice bloke instead. Maybe a blond.

Participant B: oh.

Authors note. Please review Does anyone have an emotion subject they'd like to see discussed. We have six more sessions to fill but I've only decided definitively on one other debate subject. Review or PM to tell me what you'd like to see.