Yay for drabble fics! These will just be ideas I get that I don't think are long enough for actual stories, y'know, those fleeting ideas where you can only think of a short segment of what could be a much wider story? Yeah, them. This will be these. I'm not gonna put an update timetable on this - it will literally be when I finish stuff it goes up.

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Kurt moaned into his pillow. He didn't want to wake up just yet, but there was something so… irresistible about Blaine's voice that he couldn't fall back to sleep now.

"Kurt, wake up," Kurt shivered as Blaine's hand traced up his back and around his shoulder. He felt a light kiss on his shoulder and sighed happily, his spine tingling as the kisses got closer and closer to his neck.

If I just lay here and pretend to sleep, he'll have to keep kissing me, Kurt smiled to himself, burying his face further into his pillow so that Blaine couldn't see.

"Kurt, honey," Blaine was so insistent. "You gotta wake up now."

The way he spoke reminded Kurt of how his dad would wake him up when they were going somewhere, somewhere that was important but would take a long car journey to get to.

He moaned again as Blaine pressed his lips to the soft skin of Kurt's neck, trying to disguise it as being rudely awoken.

This, however, was the perfect way to be woken up.

Blaine kept gently pressing kisses along Kurt's neck until he reached his jawline, his right hand slowly sliding down Kurt's back, stopping when he reached Kurt's thigh.

And then his lips disappeared and, not caring that Blaine would know he was awake now, Kurt whimpered slightly at the loss. He turned his head to the left to where Blaine was supposed to be, but instead was confronted by an empty pillow. He was just about to turn over to look around his room when he felt Blaine's hands on his back.

He slowly became aware of Blaine's legs entwined with his own, and Blaine gently lowering himself down so that he was lying on Kurt's back. His hands snaked around Kurt's shoulders and he slowly moved his body upwards so that he could nuzzle into Kurt's neck.

"I know you're awake," He mumbled against his boyfriend's neck, his voice making Kurt's neck tingle. Kurt yearned for Blaine to kiss him again; after all, his boyfriend knew just where and how to kiss him to make him melt a thousand times over.

But Blaine held back, instead brushing his lips ever so gently against Kurt's neck playfully. Kurt knew that he was teasing him, getting him to wake up with a kiss being the silently promised reward.

"Fine," He mumbled, turning his head and looking over his shoulder, only to be met with Blaine's deep-hazel eyes glinting back at him mischievously. "What time is it?"

Blaine glanced over to the alarm clock before nuzzling back into Kurt. "Seven am." He mumbled quietly, as if saying it quieter would soften the blow.

"Seven?" Kurt turned quickly, nearly sending Blaine flying out of bed. "Why the hell did you wake me up at seven am on a Sunday?"

"Because," Blaine chuckled, clambering off of Kurt so that he was lying next to him again. "Today isn't just any Sunday." He gazed at Kurt, waiting for the penny to drop.

Kurt's brain scrabbled to find anything to grip onto; he looked about the room but nothing had changed. In his just-woken state, he couldn't remember what the date was, but from the look on his boyfriend's face he had the feeling it was an important one.

So what was it?

Kurt looked back to Blaine, who was now propped up on his elbows and grinning at him, obviously not planning on giving him any hints. Kurt flushed a deep shade of pink as he stared at his boyfriend, desperately trying to figure out what 'today' was.

"What's today?" He asked quietly, his mind beginning to clear but he still felt ashamed for having forgotten whatever the occasion was.

"Today," Blaine grinned, reaching up to put his hand around Kurt's neck and pulling him in for a kiss. His lips were soft and tender, his tongue running across Kurt's bottom lip before he pulled away to continue. "Today is the day I get to spoil you rotten."

And then Kurt realised; today was his birthday.

"And you wanted to start early this year, huh?" Kurt smiled as Blaine planted a line of kisses along his jawline to his ear, switching to nibbling on his earlobe in a way that made Kurt lean into him. "If I recall, you left me until at least nine o'clock on my last birthday."

"Mmm, I know," Blaine's voice was low in his ear, and the soft vibrations went straight to the base of Kurt's spine. "But if I left you until nine this year we'd be doing this in front of your family," He leant his forehead against Kurt's and looked into his eyes. "And I don't fancy doing that, if that's okay with you."

"Oh God!" Kurt had completely forgotten that his dad and Carole were coming all the way out to California from Ohio to stay for a week for his birthday, opportunities to see each other now slimmer due to Kurt and Blaine moving away. He sat up, not making a move to get out of bed but frantically looking around the room as he listed off all of the things he had to do. "I haven't even started cleaning up yet! The place is a mess, it will take me at least an hour to get everything sorted- and then I have to get myself ready and I'm so going to run out of time-"

"Relax," Blaine sighed in his ear, kissing his neck as his he softly stroked Kurt's arms. "I've already done it."

Kurt turned to him and stared at him in shock, but his boyfriend only smiled back lazily. "When?"

"This morning," Blaine shrugged, wrapping his arms around Kurt's chest and going back to nibbling on Kurt's ear. Kurt leant back into him and, sensing him do so, Blaine pulled him backwards so that they were both lying down again. "Which means we have at least half an hour until you'll insist you have to get ready."

"Oh, is that so?" Kurt smiled, turning himself over so that they were lying chest to chest. He ran his hands through Blaine's hair which was surprisingly gel-free, his curls hanging loosely on his head. "And what do you suggest we do in that half an hour?" He whispered against Blaine's lips, smiling down at him.

Blaine grabbed him and pulled him into a rough kiss, turning them over so that he was on top of Kurt. "Oh, so many things." He whispered, and Kurt moaned once more as Blaine's hands trailed down his boyfriend's stomach.

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