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2nd Year – Part 1

James POV

I am James Sirius Potter, Harry and Ginny Potter's eldest son. I have black untidy hair, brown eyes and I'm pretty tall. I have two younger siblings, Lily Luna and Albus Severus. My best friend is my cousin Fred Weasley and Hannah Caru. We met last year (First year) and have been best friends since. We're practically a trio like my dad, my aunt Hermonie and uncle Ron. Hermonie and Ron have two kids together Rose and Hugo, Rose is staring Hogwarts this year with Albus. It's my second year.

Albus and Rose sit in the compartment with me and Fred.

"Hey," Hannah grins, opening the door.

"Hey Hannah," Fred grins back goofily.

"Hannah, this is our cousin Rose and my brother Albus," I point.

"Hi," They say awkwardly.

Let me explain Hannah, is a metamorphmagus, and she usually has her hair purple. When she gets really angry her hair turns red. Our dad's god son Teddy is one too but me and Fred haven't told anyone she is. She's got violet eyes as well that unnerve some people. They're her natural colour as well.

"Before you start being more uncomfortable, I'm a metamorphmagus," She says as bluntly as ever.

"You didn't tell us!" Albus accused me.

"Never came up," I shrug.

Rose glared at both of us making us squirm.

"If you don't mind," Hannah plopped down in between me and Fred.

She looks at us both in turn before raising both hands and smacking us behind the head.

"OW!" We cry.

"Should've told 'em then shouldn't you?" She smiles pleased with herself.

"Why is it always us?" I ask Fred.

"We're the trouble makers remember?" Fred winked at me.

"This is going to be an interesting year," Hannah grins stupidly.

"She's up to something," I say to Fred. I hadn't noticed but Rose and Albus were in a deep conversation not even acknowledging us.

"Completely," Fred agrees.

"Shut up," Hannah sighed.

"Nah, we're good," I grinned.

She grabbed Rose's book and hit my left arm hard.

"OW!" I cried.

"Wimp," She snickered.

I massaged my arm while she and Fred laughed.

"You are a wimp," Albus teased.

"Watch it!" I warned threateningly.

Albus made a face at me, which I returned.

"Immature," Rose sighed.

"Awe come on Rosie," I frowned.

"You are though," Hannah pointed out.

"Girls!" I cried.

"James!" Hannah said in the same tone.

"Shut up," I stuck my tongue out at her. She stuck her tongue back out at me.

"Now whose immature?" Fred teased.

Hannah kicked him in the shin, making him scowl at her.

"Louis!" We heard the familiar cry of our cousin Dominique.

"Domi!" Louis her younger brother said.

"You little," Dominique said.

Louis burst into our compartment and sat beside Albus smirking slightly.

"Your one eighth veela right?" Hannah said bluntly.

"Yep," Louis grinned making Hannah blush and giggle.

"Why do you do that?" Rose scoffed.

"Because I'm part veela duh!" Louis rolled his eyes.

While Hannah was blushing and giggling, I sneakily took Rose's book from her and handed it back to Rose.

"You trying out for Quidditch this year James?" Louis asked.

"Obviously," I rolled my eyes.

"I'm trying for beater," Hannah said.

"You? Beater?" Albus mouth popped open.

"Yeah so?" Hannah raised an eyebrow in challenge.

"Well it's normally guys," Albus shrugged.

"Time for a change then," She said.

"Don't try and argue with her," Fred said.

"She'll win no matter what," I add.

"Shut up," Hannah scowled.

"I like you hair, purple suits you," Louis said charmingly.

"Thank you," Hannah blushed.

"Alright cut out the veela stuff," I said, while Fred made fake puking sounds.

"Fine," Louis sighed winking at Hannah.

"No fun," Hannah pouted.

For the rest of the ride we goofed off, and did the usual stuff we would do on the way to or from Hogwarts.

"See you in the Great Hall, Al Rose," I said goodbye to them as we exited the train.

"Au revoir," Louis said following us out.

Hannah giggled and said "Parlez-vous français tout le temps?" (Do you speak French all the time?)

We stared at her.

"I know French!" She said in her defence as we boarded a carriage.

"Quand charmantes filles belles comme vous" Louis answered. (When charming girls as beautiful as you)

"Oh pourquoi je vous remercie," Hannah blushed. (Oh why thank you)

"English please?" I huffed.

"I'm lost too mate," Fred patted my shoulder.

"Well you hardly speak English right anyway," Hannah said sarcastically.

"Thanks," Me and Fred rolled our eyes.

"Charity you joining us?" Louis said to a girl, she nodded, her blonde curls bouncing.

"James, Fred, Hannah (He winked at Hannah making her giggle) this is my class mate Charity Grason," Louis introduced us, we said hello. I examined her, her blonde curls where almost white, blue orb like eyes and a small smile, she is what you call pretty.

"Hi," She smiled.

"I love your hair," Hannah smiled back.

"Thanks I like the colour of yours, it matches your eyes," Charity replied.

"Thank you," Hannah said.

"Don't go all girly please!" I begged.

"Shut up Potter," Hannah sighed.

"Ouch second name," I faked hurt.

"Louis est-elle dans votre année?" Hannah ignored me. (Louis is she in your year?)

"Oui, j'ai le béguin pour elle," Louis answered.( Yes, I have a crush on her,)

"I asked for English and I get French instead," I mutter under my breath.

Hannah POV

All my life I've wanted to play beater on a Quidditch team but my grandfather always thought it was too dangerous for me, but he's finally given in since it's Hogwarts after all.

"Hey Hannah," James poked my side, we were sat in the Great Hall waiting for the first years.

"What Jamesy," I replied.

He scowled at the nickname. "Where's that cat of your because I have a feeling some people will be unhappy about loosing their pets,"

"Crap," I muttered.

"You don't know?" He stared at me.

"Of course I know she's with the other animals thank you very much," I said proudly.

"Stupid cat," Fred mumbled.

I rolled up a piece of parchment from my pocket and hit him on the head hardly.

"Ow!" He rubbed his head glaring at me.

"Your welcome Freddy," I smiled innocently.

"You three are terrible," My room-mate Lizzie Howards sighed. She has dirty blonde hair and grey eyes.

"Why we are best friends," I answered.

"Funny," She rolls her eyes.

"I know," I grinned.

I looked at my two best friends, they were both taller than me much to my displeasure, Fred had short spiky bronze hair and tanned skin. James black untidy hair was more untidy than usual, and he had a mischievous spark in his warm brown eyes.

"What are you two up to?" I frowned.

"Tell us what your up to first then maybe we'll tell you," Fred said smugly.

"Nope," I shook my head.

"Then we won't tell you," James grinned.

"Aw, come on guys!" I pouted.

"Not going to work," James turned his head as the first years came in.

"Potter, Albus," The hall broke into whispering as Albus sat on the stool and had the sorting hat on his head.

It took a few minutes before "GRYFFINDOR!"

Our whole table burst into applause James, Fred and the rest of the Weasley's were the loudest with me close behind.

Albus grinned and sat next to his brother, who was beside me.

"Congratulations Al," I smiled.

"Thanks Hannah," Albus grinned hugely.

Rose was also sorted into Gryffindor with us.

"Food," Fred moaned.

"Cave man," I smirked.

"I'm a growing boy!" Fred said defensively.

"You don't need to be any taller!" I whined.

"Yeah I do," Fred scoffed.

"Don't say anything," I warned James who was holding back laughter.

"I have no idea what you are talking about," James smirked.

I narrowed my eyes at him, as the food came much to Fred's pleasure.

The boys apart from Albus started stuffing their faces.

"Pigs," I scoffed taking smaller bites.

"Hey!" Fred said food sticking out his mouth, it was too funny and we burst into laughter.

"Fred your an idiot," Albus said recovering first.

"Thanks, Al," Fred swallowed.

"You are," I giggled.

"Don't pick on me!" Fred whined.

"Why ever not? It's so fun," I grinned.

"Louis would you please stop hitting on my friends!" Dom groaned.

"Sorry but there is hardly any girls I can!" Louis defended himself.

"Don't even think about it," Rose growled.

I looked up confused.

"Like you'd make any friends," Someone chuckled.

Rose's face twisted in pain.

"Oi! If you must know she's my friend," I growled my hair turning red.

"Sorry," They said.

"Thanks Hannah," Rose smiled.

"Your welcome," I smiled back.

We ate our food joking and talking.

James POV

I was glad it was Friday, which means we got the whole weekend to settle back into the castle.

And you know play pranks on unsuspecting students.

"Welcome to the common room!" The prefect led the first years in.

Me, Fred and Hannah were sat by the fire, playing exploding snap.

Al, seemed to be getting friendly with some of the others, which was good to see.

"Fred! James!" Louis grumbled storming over.

"Yes Louis," We said in unison.

"Did you do this," He held up a poorly coloured pink shirt.

"No," We said in unison again.

"James, Fred," Hannah said in a dangerous tone.

"Maybe," Fred caved.

"Fred!" I cried.

"Sorry Jamieson," He grinned innocently.

"Don't call me that Fredrick," I huffed.

"My name isn't Fredrick!" He protested.

"Neither is Jamieson," I countered.

"Fine," He leaned back against the sofa.

"You two are insufferable!" Louis huffed storming off.

"You two are really terrible," Hannah shook her head.

"Why you love us," I grinned.

She just sighs, and carries on with the game.

"I have a feeling she doesn't," Fred winked.

"Ah, she does," I waved my hand.

"Shut up James," She scowled.

"Alright Misty," I winked at her.

"You said you wouldn't say!" She wailed.

"Say? Why'd you call her Misty?" Fred frowned obviously confused.

"It's my nickname for her," I said smugly.

"James!" Hannah whined.

"Nope," I shook my head.

Fred leaned over. "Misty?" He whispered.

"Tell you later," I grinned and whispered back.

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