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Before Kratos had slayed the Gods of Olympus… Before he had challenged the Fates… Kratos had killed Ares, the God of War, and took his place.

Kratos was revered as the man who became a god, worshipped by the people of Sparta, and feared by all.

Before the end of his reign as the God of War, Kratos descended to Sparta from Olympus and planted his seed into a woman, as all gods do. This seed had taken hold in the womb of the woman, and it grew. Eventually, that seed grew into a boy, and that boy had reached the brink of manhood. The boy It was then did he learn of who his father really was. This revelation left a mark on the boy, who swore to kill the man who had left his mother and him to fend for themselves.

Sethos will stop at nothing to kill his father, the God of War, no matter who stands in his way.

God of War: Vengeance


" Sethos, we cannot keep fighting much longer! We must retreat back to the city walls!"

"NO! Spartans never surrender Gorus, never die, and NEVER RETREAT!"

With that Sethos charged out of the remaining group of Spartans and into the fray. He slit the neck of the first barbarian he saw with the edge of his shield and then stabbed another with his spear. The Barbarian gurgled and spat blood until Sethos rammed the barbarian with his shield, which caused the barbarian to slide off of his impaled spear. Hordes of barbarians attacked Sethos but his speed and skill outmatched even the greatest of Spartan warriors.

He saw a barbarian archer and threw his spear at him, impaling itself into the barbarian's throat. Sethos drew his sword and advanced towards his enemies. He hacked and slashed his way through the barbarians, now with the help of his Spartan comrades, to the barbarian king. The Spartans lined into a phalanx and charged the Kings soldiers, which were dispatched successfully.

After killing most of the Barbarian King's best soldiers, a bloodied Sethos stepped out of the phalanx to give the king a chance to live.

"Barbarian, I will give you only one more chance to retreat to your lands…"

"And if I do not, Spartan, what will you do? My empire has thousands of warriors, and if I die then someone else shall take my place? I do not fear you, petty Spartan, and I do not fear death…"

The Barbarian King should have feared Sethos.

"If you do not retreat then you… will… DIE!"

With those words, Sethos threw his sword at the king, lodging it into his head. The rest of the Spartans attacked the remaining solders. Sethos revels in all his glory and shouts "For Sparta!"

The battle was won, and the Spartans were greeted as heroes in their city. The name Sethos was on every tongue in Sparta, with tales of his victory spreading so far as to the ears of the Gods. Many claim that Sethos is a legend that would rival even the mighty Kratos, God of War. Little did people realize that Sethos was no ordinary man, and that he himself did not even know that he was the son of the God of War.

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