Eggman laughed as he made a concoction that would ensure his conquest over Station Square went unmatched.

"After this is done, Rocket and the other meddlers won't be able to stop me when I take over this city. Soon, I will rule all of Mobius," Eggman said as he finished his newest creation.

Rocket, Frost, Knuckles, and Sonic were just playing 2-on-2 basketball while Blaze, Julie, Leaf and Sally watched from the sidelines. "Why is it that men always save the day with their brawn," Julie asked Blaze.

"I'm not sure. Guess they have some kind of secret weapon," Blaze replied. It was Sonic and Frost versus Rocket and Knuckles.

"Come on, Sonic. You're not that slow. You're letting Knux and I win this game," Rocket taunted.

"You'll pay for that, Rocket," Sonic said as he dribbled around Knuckles.

"Wait for it. Wait for it." As soon as Sonic came close to Rocket, he sidelined the Blue Blur with a roundhouse kick, grabbed the ball, and scored another two points for him and Knuckles.

"Nice job, Rocket," Knuckles said.

"Thanks, Knux. It was way too easy to score on Sonic," Rocket said.

"Okay, I definitely know how Rocket manages to save the day every time," Sally said.


"It's because he's a good strategist. He's able to come up with a game plan that'll ensure him the win against evil. That's how Rocket wins every time."

"And that's why I fell in love with Rocket."

"I'm sure it is," Julie said.

"This is the day I finally win over Rocket. This is my day," Eggman said before putting his creation in the ventilation system for all of Station Square. Soon, a yellow chemical cloud came over the city. Two men walking by one of the vents were the first to notice it.

"What is that," one man asked.

"I'm not sure. I have no idea," the other man replied before both of they fell to the ground. All over the city, men were being put out like lights. The chemical cloud then made its way over to where Rocket, Frost, Sonic, and Knuckles were.

"Another point for K & R! We win the game."

"Yeah, we do!" Both Rocket and Knuckles heard a thud, so they looked over and saw Sonic and Frost unconscious.

"What'd you think happened to them, Rocket," Knuckles asked before Rocket collapsed.

"Rocket? Are you okay?" Knuckles collapsed to the ground, leaving Sally, Julie, Leaf and Blaze asking themselves one question: "What's going on?"