Confusion and lies

This is about Paulina catching Danny Phantom and Sam Manson kissing so she loses it but then plots a scheme to split them up and that's all I'm going to say before I tell all the story laugh comment and enjoy please. Song Cinderella by

Paulina's P.O.V

I was walking home after being chased after tons of admires but who can blame them I mean I'm gorgeous but there's only one guy that I love and that's Inviso Bill I mean he's so popular like me and if I start dating him I'll become even more popular as I pasted the park I saw Inviso Bill coming nearer to me I started getting excited but eventually he started to land on a tree with a girl as I knew as the no taste Goth girl Sam Manson I was tempted to scream as he talked to her then he kissed her passionately.

But then I thought occurred to me I'll just take a picture of them and print it off when I get home and when I get to school I'll be the popular one.

Next day we were all at school and for some reason Danny Fenton and that cheater of a Goth how could she do that but then again I always do that oh well I folded the picture waiting for the bell to go off then I'll stick this picture on the notice board this will shock that freak for defiant.

"What the heck put that up?" Danny asked confused still holding Sam's hand.

Everyone looked up to the picture that I changed to me and Danny Phantom kissing it was the most perfect picture ever.

As I guessed now I'm miss popularity but Sam seemed real mad if ought I thought she'd be relieved that I didn't reveal to her boyfriend that she was cheating on her.

Suddenly Danny ran off so I ran after him making sure no one could see me doing this I mean he shouldn't be abounding his girlfriend alone without warning her then I saw it Danny Fenton is Danny Phantom wait why didn't I get that in the first time how much he acted like and looked like him and how many times he just left class without an explanation.

I rushed to the library at school knowing that I had to figure out Danny Fenton's password but then again I could just have a nerd to figure it out so I got Kevin he figured it out in two minutes it was Sam Fenton how stupid and pathetic could he get but the main point was that I was in the computer so I searched though his ghost list and there I found the ghost I needed Desiree the wishing ghost now I will get what I want and no one will be able to stop me.

I managed to convince Danny's parents to show me around the ghost zone which was totally annoying as his father just kept on going on and on I was relieved when I saw Desiree's layer I got out of the vehicle and ran inside shouting her name hoping she would reply.

"What is your wish child?" the ghost asked as she finally appeared.

"I wish that Samantha Manson and Danny Fenton didn't know each over, and that I and Danny Phantom are dating."

"So you have wished it so shall it be" she chanted as I suddenly felt very dizzy and wound up back at school.

"Paulina what's up I haven't seen you all morning you okay?" Danny came running to me with his loser friend Tucker but there was no sign of the Goth girl it seemed like it was a success.

"Oh Danny I just went out checking the area are you okay?"

"Well of course not that's what happened when your girlfriend goes missing you start to panic" He told me as he smiled and kissed me on the cheek.

I ran inside to class the notice board had all about Danny being Danny Phantom and some other nonsense notices but the main bit was that now I was defiantly going to be the most popular girl in the whole world never mind school.

2weeks later

Danny's P.O.V

Paulina was suffocating me always asking me where I was every two minutes what was wrong with her I mean I'm living a charmed life with being half ghost and being centre for the football team and I was going out with the most popular girl in school and became popular myself so why did I feel like someone in my life was missing so I started walking home and then saw Paulina with another guy I was about to charge and attack him but then I thought no Paulina wouldn't do that to me but then she kissed him so I just walked off hurt unsure of what I had done to her to make do this to me.

I turned ghost and flew in the night sky that came very quick I could feel my heart it was breaking more and more I thought about Paulina. Then I heard this amazing voice it was singing it defiantly was a girl I'd be disturbed if it was a boy.

When I was just a little girl my momma used to tuck me into bed and she read my a story

It always was about a princess in distress and how a guy would save her and end up with the glory

I lie in bed and think about the person that I want to be then one day I realized the fairy tale life wasn't for me

I don't wanna be like Cinderella Sitting in a dark cold dusty cellar Waiting for somebody To come and set me free I don't wanna be like Snow White waiting for a handsome prince to come and save me On a horse of white Unless we're riding side by side Don't wanna depend on no one else I rather rescue myself

Someday I'm gunna find someone who wants my soul, heart, and mind and is not afraid to show that he loves me Somebody who will understand I'm happy just the way I am Don't need nobody taking care of me(I will be) I will be there for him just as long as he will be there for me When I get myself that it has got to be an equal thing

I don't wanna be like Cinderella Sitting in a dark cold dusty cellar Waiting for somebody To come and set me free I don't wanna be like Snow White waiting for a handsome prince to come and save me On a horse of white Unless we're riding side by side Don't wanna depend on no one else I rather rescue myself (rescue myself oh)

I can slay my own dragons I can dream my own dreams My knight in shining armour Is me So I'm gunna set me free

She bowed at the end but when she raised she saw me but she didn't run she didn't scream she just seemed shocked she stared to walk towards the window.

"Who are you? Why do you enter my dreams all the time?" she asked me.

"I'm Danny phantom and I've never been near you I just heard you singing that's all and I wanted to know where it was coming from"

"Come in but be quite my parents are downstairs with some ghost exterminators"

"Can I ask you something errm…?"

"Sam, Sam Manson" she reached out her hand and I shake it.

"Right, Sam err why aren't you scared off me? Why are you protecting me?" I started to wonder where I had heard that name before.

"Well… I don't believe all ghosts are evil although I've had some bad encounters with them but yeah I don't believe ghosts are all evil"

"Oh okay so are you scared of anything?"

"Yeah of course everyone's scared of something even if they seemed like the bravest person in the world"

"So what are you scared of?"

"Wouldn't you like to know" she laughed oh my god her laugh just melted me inside.

"Yes I would" I laughed also but then a sudden urge came to me and I pushed her against the wall and brought her into a kiss.

I loved her tender lips it lasted for a bit but she pushed me away.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"


"Hello! Your half a ghost if my parents had come in to see me kissing a ghost they'd freak and they already scare ,me bad enough without the thought that their daughters dating a ghost…and plus I have a boyfriend"

"Oh damn if Paulina finds out about this I'd be so dead"

"Wait you date Paulina okay one word gross"

"Why what's wrong with her?"

"What's right with her she think she owns all of the men…Wait a minute doesn't Danny Fenton go out with Paulina?"

Oh great Fenton yea just give away to this girl that you've just met that your half ghost"Oh yea well I'm just trying to break her and Danny Fenton up for certain reasons"

"Whatever you better go before my parents come in and see you"

"Okay well bye"

Before I turned round she kissed me on the cheek.

"It's to make sure you'll remember me"

"Don't worry, I would never forget about someone like you"

She smiled and waved me goodbye.

Next chapter is coming soon so please comment on the story sorry if my grammar is still bad but I think it's slowly getting better I think I'm focusing a bit more on what I'm writing anyway look out for the next chapter there's a couple of arguments in it.