Morgana laughed. It was a chilling sound that sent tremors through Mordred. The young druid had been taken by Morgana several days before and had since been subject to whatever form of truth spells or concoctions she could mix. Eventually, He had told her what she wanted to know, the location of the Seven Tears of Beleth. They were legendary amongst sorcerers. The legend tells that a powerful sorceror, who's name got lost amongst the drifts of time, Travelled to the firey bowels of the Earth, amongst the deep dwelling demons of hell, and stole the gems from Beloth, a demon king. It was said, that the stones had power over mortals, and would cause terrible suffering when the power was inflictd upon a host. Morgans did not care for the legend. She was only interested in the fabled power that she would possess. Finally, she would have a means to take her rightful place upon the throne of Camelot. She knew the power must be a true part of the legend. Why else would the druids keeep such Items hidden? Now she knew where they were, and not even the wrath of hell itself would keep her from them. Athur and Camelot would soon fall...

She once again read the account of the legend, revelling in the powers that she knew would soon be at hr disposal.

The most well known stone was the Stone of Shadows, otherwise known as the Shadow Saphire or Saphire of Shadow. It would give its posessor the power to send someone into a, seemingly timeless, trance. No, rather a state of inescapable sleep, in whch they would suffer their worst nightmares coming to life in vivid visions. It would send the sufferer mad, unless of course, their will power rivalled that of the tormentor.

Morgana paused, relishing the idea of Athur suffering at the hands of such power, before reading on.

The second stone was known most commonly as the Mayhem Emerald. It was said to unleash the eighty-five legions of demons, unde the control of Beloth, but more likely that it would release similar spirits to those that once nearly bought Camelot to it's knees.

The third was the Devils Dusk. It was said to be a diamond like stone which would cast the world in an eternal state of in between, never the night and never the day. The entire world froze at that moment, even though living forms did not and were suspended in the state at which they were when the stone unleashed its power. If they were awake, they stayed awake. If they were asleep, they stayed n their slumber until the stone was broken, or is power recalled. This stone was sought as exhaustion could fell enemies as swiftly as the cut of a blade.

The fourth gem was known as the Discord of the Demons, because o the power harnessed within it. When unleashed, it would cause anyone within half a days travel distance from the stone to turn against erstwhile friends and allies, slowly at first, but in ever increasing amounts. Within two or three days, depending on the will power of the victims, they would turn on each other without any more reason than a misplaced word or action. It is fabled that only a true pairing of souls, fate o destiny could withstand he power of the discord spread by this stone.

The fifth Stone was the Echo of Morganite. The morganite stone was said to be a rare form of stone that could be a great vessel of power for the practitioners of Magic. It was this ability which allowed Beloth to enchant the ston with it's fabled power. The power given to the weilder by this stone was perhaps the most desirable amongst those who craved them. It gave the weilder the power to create copies of any living creation on this fair Earth, whether sentient or plant ike n nature. This power was often told in legends, giving root to the dream of an army of men. However, a dre consuence od using this stone was that, as if like an echo, aech copy was fainter and paer than the one before.

The sixth stone was the animatique obsidian. It was said that it gave the bearer the power to bring to life all that goes without. Statues of stone, gagoyles, figures and carvings of old do the bidding of their master, until they are destroyed or are sent back to the positions from whence they came.

The seventh stone is hardly considered to be worthy of note, as it does that which can be easily circumvented with the use of magic. It shows whether the holder is telling the truth, or whether they believe they are doing so. It s known simply as the truth stone. This stone is made of the element Bloodsone, which the Demon King use as a trap for all those who use it. The stone requires the blood of the one being judged to function.

Morgana had read all of the legends, and seen how magic similar to what was described n the scroll had nearly destroyed Camelot. With all of these powers at he fingertips, as well as the power she herself held, how could she fail in her quest to claim he throne of Camelot. She gathered the things she would need for travelling and left the hut she had been living in since the white dragon had bought her back from the edges of the abyss. In less than a day, the stones would be in her possession, the druids being no match for the power she possessed, and within a month, she would be on the throne of Camelot. As for Arthur, he deserved whatever fate came his way and if she had her way, It would not be pleasant. Shhe set out, ready to rid the earth of Arthur once and for all, taking the throne for herself. Sh tried to ignore the small voice at the back of her mnd, that kept repeating, over and over, "Beware... Emerys... He shall be your doom... Emerys... Emerys..."