Standard disclaimer. The story is mine. The characters are not. Thanks for reading.

"This is bull!" Jackson yelled. "Why in the hell didn't it work?"

He slammed his hand against his steering wheel as he drove frantically towards the school. His Porsche coming to a screeching halt 5 feet from the reason he was pissed in the first place, Scott McCall. Without another thought, Jackson leapt from his car and tackled Scott to the ground, throwing punches left and right.

"Get off of him!" Allison shouted. "Stiles help me get Jackson off of him."

"Are you serious?" Stiles asked. "Did you forget…" Stiles then began to pantomime Scott getting bitten turning furry then howling at the moon. Allison gave him an exasperated look as she threw a book at him and went back to trying to pull Jackson from Scott.

He knew Scott could fight his own battles, but at the risk of angering his friend's not so secret girlfriend again, and the risk of another book being thrown at his head Stiles joined in the tug-o-war. Peering over Jackson's shoulder, Stiles caught a glimpse of a very angry teen, who was about to strike back. Moving on pure survival instinct, Stiles grabbed Allison, and pulled her back.

"Stiles, what the -?"

Allison was cut off mid-sentence as Stiles pointed in the direction of some very loud growling. The sounds didn't deter Jackson from his goal, as he continued to pound, and just as quick, Jackson was on his back with a smile on his face.

"Come on McCall, do it. Do it. You know you want to. Come on! Bite me! Bite me, dammit!" Jackson shouted.

Before anyone had time to process what had happened, Jackson shoved his arm into Scott's open mouth and he bit down. Stiles and Allison grab Scott and pull him back as Jackson grabs his arm and runs back to his car and drives away.

"So was that some sort of wolf thing. You know, like brothers bonding, cause a simple punch to the arm will do just fine for us buddy. On second thought, I'll take a handshake." Stiles rambled as he went to gather everyone's things.

Allison handed Scott a tissue to wipe the blood from his mouth. She noted it wasn't his, as his wounds had starting healing, most likely left over from Jackson. "So what now?" she asked.

Scott looked at her, concerned. "We have to find Derek, before your dad finds Jackson."