This chapter's name is all because a friend just had to mention Colton Haynes and Justin Bieber in the same sentence. Just giving a heads up that this chapter will contain some adult themes and language, so beware, and read at your own risk. *LEMON ALERT* Enjoy.

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Boyfriend – Justin Bieber

Jackson was not one to be played with. His father was a well-respected attorney, and had taught him that above all else, get what you have coming to you, and the rest will fall where it may. After his little romp in the shower with Scott, he had a little spying to do. He knew that Scott was going to meet Allison tonight. That little bitch was ruining everything he had worked so hard to set up in the locker room. Watching as she straddled Scott's chest, he wondered what she would think if she knew that his mouth and tongue were all over that chest, neck and mouth just a few moments ago. Jackson's hearing zeroed in on the two love birds as they made their way to Allison's car. The gears in his head were set into motion as a huge smirk was set on his face, "Snap."

Jackson turned quickly running off into the woods. He had some prep to do, if this was going to go in his favor.

Stiles was a genius, at least that is what Scott and Allison thought. First, he suggested that they take separate cars, Stiles would drive Lydia and Scott would go with Allison. Next, they stopped at this little pizza joint and attempted to create for themselves a romantic dinner for four, but only ended up angering some of the older patrons and the manager who asked that they not return. Scott, Allison, and Stiles all continued to laugh their way out the door as Lydia continued to apologize to the owner of the restaurant in Italian.

As she walked out the door, she gave all three of her companions an exasperated look. Stiles quickly walked over to her and put his arm around her shoulder, "Oh come on, you know you were having fun. When was the last time you allowed yourself to just let go?" he asked the girl.

Lydia looked at Stiles. It was true. She was not known for being wild and reckless. And she especially hasn't been herself since her run-in with Peter that night at the Winter Formal. One perk for this night was that she hasn't had any panic attacks. She leaned into Stiles a little bit as they began to take a little stroll, and laced her fingers with his, "I guess you're right. I have been acting like a total spaz."

"Nah. You're talking to the total spaz king here." Stiles said, trying to make Lydia feel better. It seemed to be working, because he saw a small smile peek out from behind the veil of hair she was currently hiding behind.

Allison had a hold of Scott's arm, walking behind their friends. "I'm glad she has him. They are too cute together. Just like us." She leaned in and placed a quick, chaste kiss on his cheek. Unsatisfied with the quick contact, Scott grabbed Allison's chin, turned her face to his, and gave her a proper kiss.

Jackson sat in his car watching the two couples walking away from the pizzeria. His eyes zeroing in on Scott. The little scene in the shower had been interesting. Finding out that he had been turned into a Delta wolf was not quite what he had in mind when he went after Scott the other day. And since Delta's have this thing for having an attraction for their Betas, which Jackson found he was beginning to enjoy a little too much, he was going to have to nip this Allison thing in the bud. Jackson doesn't share. As he watched this imposter bitch throw herself at what was, in his mind, rightfully his Jackson threw his car into gear. He drove off into the darkness to make certain that Allison would no longer be a distraction for his Scott.

"What do you say we ditch them, ditch my mom, and just head to my house for some private time?" Scott whispered into Allison's ear.

Allison was caught off guard by Scott's statement. Usually he wasn't the one to make the first move, but tonight, who was she to argue. She quickly untangled herself from his arms, ran forward toward Lydia, effectively pulling her away from Stiles to explain to her what was going to happen for the rest of the night.

Stiles looked sorely disappointed as the girls walked over to where the cars were. "What's going on? I was having fun." Stiles huffed as he crossed his arms in an attempt at frustration but coming across like a child who just had his favorite toy taken away.

"Relax; she's just getting the rest of Lydia's stuff from her car. You get to take her home. We are going somewhere else for a little more private time."

"Oh. Cool. So then, we don't have to wait for you anymore? I mean it's cool hanging with you guys, but I really wouldn't mind just kinda hanging with her, alone right now." Stiles rushed out.

Scott nodded in the direction of his girlfriend, who stood by Stiles' jeep with Lydia, who had collected the rest of her things from Allison's car. Stiles made his way over to her quickly opening the passenger side door, before offering his hand to help her inside. Scott smiled at his chivalrous friend and waved at his own girlfriend, beckoning for her to return to his side. Instead she stayed firmly planted in her spot and she raised her hands and jingled her keys at her boyfriend, indicating she was also ready to go. Scott waved as Stiles and Lydia drove off, but sent Stiles a quick message, 'we still need 2 meet Derek's l8r'. He stuffed his phone back into his pocket and jumped into the car, as Allison took her place behind the wheel and drove off toward Scott's house.

As Scott and Allison pulled up to Scott's house, Allison looked over at her boyfriend who seemed to be nervous. She noticed how he kept rubbing his palms against his pants. She thought it was cute.

However Scott wasn't really nervous. Sure they had fun that night. He always had fun with Allison, but on the ride back to his house he had some time to think. His mind crept back to the locker room and Jackson. Before practice he seemed agitated, like he wanted to fight. Or was it something else? Scott was so confused, especially after practice when Jackson confronted him again. Derek never said anything about Deltas making their sexual advances known towards the Betas. And after what happened in the shower, Scott needed anything to focus on to get his mind off Jackson for a little while. And what better way to do that than spend time with his beautiful girlfriend. Scott looked up and noticed that Allison was staring at him, smiling. He smiled back, and made his way out of the car towards the house. Allison quickly followed, grabbing hold of the back of Scott's shirt, and followed him into the house. Scott took Allison's hand as they made their way up the stairs to his room.

They stopped at his door. "Give me one second." He said as he rushed in ahead of her.

Scott took a quick look around. Couldn't have her coming in and have his room look a complete mess. Picking up errant clothes and a few shoes here and there, he did one more sweep of the room before giving it his stamp of approval.

On the other side of the door, Allison stood rocking backing and forth on her heels. She took time looking around at some of the picture Scott's mom had of a young Scott pinned up in the hallway. As she stood off to the side of the door, it was suddenly thrown open. Scott poked his head out the door noticing Allison staring at his younger days. He reached his hand out and snatched her arm, pulling her inside his room and locking the door behind her. Before she had time to register what had occurred, Scott attached his mouth to hers in a kiss that seemed to suck all the breath from her lungs. Allison, being taught that no one takes advantage of an Argent, pushed back against Scott moving his body towards the bed, until his knees connected with his mattress. After tumbling to the mattress, Allison straddled Scott's waist and immediately began grinding into his waist. Scott's hands reached up and cupped Allison's face as he continued to kiss her, their tongues dancing in a ritualistic battle for superior dominance that Scott noticed she seemed to be winning. Scott shifted his weight and rolled them both over so that he was on top. Looking down into Allison's face he could see she was shocked at their sudden role reversal. Her eyes widened even more as he ground his growing erection into her pelvis. Allison reached her hands up and plowed her fingers through Scott's hair, pulling his mouth back down towards her own she began sucking on his bottom lip as he in turn began grinding into her harder. He realized he had to slow them down, or it was going to be over a lot sooner than either of them was expecting. He reluctantly pulled himself back from the grip of the girl below him. Before she could protest he placed a finger over her lips and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "Close your eyes, and don't move."

Antsy and over-stimulated, Allison reluctantly complied with Scott's command. What she felt next sent a wave of pleasure from her head down her body to her suddenly aching core, which at this point she longed for Scott to be touching right about now. As Scott began fluttering kisses on her face, around her eyes, down the bridge to the tip of her nose, which he playfully bit, to the corners of her mouth he heard her soft whispers "Scott, please, I need…..I need you to…"

"Shh. Tonight we are not being rushed so I'm going to take my time." Scott said as he continued on his kissing trail. He followed her jaw line. Moving downward along the jaw toward her neck he found her pulse point. Here, he noticed her scent was at its strongest. Easing his tongue out, he licked at her neck slowly, followed by a kiss. He loved this spot. The more he played here, the stronger her smell became. The licking and teasing of her neck seemed to go on forever in Allison's mind, but it was only for a few moments. When it seemed that she couldn't take the agonizing torture of pleasure that was being given to her neck, she found that the assault had stopped and a new one had begun, as she now felt a wet tongue moving around the contours of her abdomen and delving into the crater of her bellybutton. Allison's breath hitched as she felt him move the material of her shirt upwards as his mouth and tongue moved upwards. She arched her back off the mattress just a bit, as Scott continued to move her shirt further north on her body.

Outside Scott's window, a pair of eyes sat watching the couple. Jackson watched as Scott removed his shirt and went back to kissing Allison. He was pissed. That should be him in the room with Scott, not her. He should be the one writhing in ecstasy under Scott's hands. Jackson shook his head and closed his eyes. Where the hell were those thoughts coming from? Never had he once expressed any kind of feelings towards another male, let alone Scott. Yet here he was sitting outside his window, spying on him and his bitch-ass girlfriend about to have sex.

Jackson looked up once more into the room, his eyes widening with shock. When the hell did they….. But his thoughts were cut off, as he focused on what Allison was now doing to Scott. Jackson watched as Scott threw his head back, and moaned out in pleasure. Jackson's entire body reacted at the mere sight of Scott being pleasured by this female. Jackson grabbed the bulge of his cock through the material of his jeans and roughly began rubbing himself. He watched as Allison's head bobbed up and down. He wanted so badly to punch her out of the way and take over, to use his mouth to bring his Beta to completion. He looked down at his own throbbing desire, surprised that it hadn't busted through the material of his jeans. His hand was still working the outside of his jeans over roughly as he watched Allison pick up speed. Jackson released the fly and button of his jeans to allow himself some relief. Almost immediately upon releasing himself from his confines, his hand had found it place right back around his now rock hard cock. He began stroking himself, as he continued watching.

"Allison wai-wait. Slo- slow down. I ca-ca-can't take it anymore." Scott panted out looking down at his enthusiastic girlfriend.

Allison smiled back up at Scott, and sat back on her calves. "OK, how about a little reciprocation?"

Scott moved with lightning speed, switching places and staring up at Allison from her former spot on the floor.

"Wait, Scott, there is one thing I've been wanting to try. Do you think you can go wolf and do it?" Allison asked, biting her lower lip in anticipation of his answer.

Scott suddenly looked up at her, fangs extended, eyes glowing a bright and vibrant amber yellow, full wolf face in place. He saw a small smile cross Allison's face, as he slowly crawled up to her thighs. "Are you sure this is what you want? I've never done this before. And with this whole thing with Jackson, I don't want to do anything that could put you in any danger or do anything that could, you know, make you like Jackson." Scott said as he starred into her eyes.

Allison, leaned up, placing both her hands on the side of Scott's face and brought her forehead to his. She looked him in the eye, "Tonight is not about worrying about the bad. It's about celebrating the good." She leaned in and lightly pecked his lips before lying back on the mattress once more.

Scott nodded and made himself comfortable between Allison's thighs. As he leaned in, Allison popped up, "Hey, watch the claws." Scott did as she requested. He took his claws and raked them lightly down the sides of her body as he flicked his tongue out along the folds between her legs making his way up towards her swollen clit. Allison gasped as Scott's claws slowly began circling her nipples, making them harder than they had ever been. The super sensitive buds were being plucked and pulled, gently by her lover's claws, while alternately being roughly rolled between his fingers. She loved what his hands were doing to her chest, but it was what his mouth was doing to her lower anatomy that really had her sexual senses kicking into overdrive.

Jackson was becoming enraged. Scott had gone full wolf for that bitch and was pleasuring her in that form. The sight of him doing so made Jackson's body grow hotter as he began shedding more layers of his clothing. He still sat outside the oblivious teen's window now in nothing more than his crew neck. Watching his Beta dominating over someone sexually was the hottest thing Jackson had ever witnessed, even if it was with Allison.

Jackson's hand wrapped around his cock once more, his claws making it hard for him to get a good grip, but he finally managed to find one. Watching, he saw Scott use one hand to spread her open, and the other hand's index finger slowly found its way to her center core. Jackson could hear her moan Scott's name as he slowly moved the finger in and out of her in a slow rhythmic pattern. Jackson's own hand followed Scott's movements. Scott almost pulled all the way out, going to the tip of his index finger before plunging in again, adding a second and third finger along with the first. As his fingers continued to make ready his conquest, Scott's mouth returned to the super sensitive nub at the top of her lower V. Jackson watched as Scott brought Allison to the top of the highest peak before stopping.

He smirked as Allison's head popped up off the bed and she made a move to swing at Scott for stopping short. He easily dodged her swing and merely crawled over her to cover her body with his. Jackson, still stroking himself, clenched his teeth and began snarling as he watched Scott claim that bitch. He followed Scott body movement fluidly, pumping and grinding into his hand. Teeth still clenched, he gazed at Scott, who had reverted back to his human form. His hungry gaze never leaving his form, even when Scott rolled over so Allison was on top.

Jackson growled a little as he saw his Beta take the role of slave to the obstacle he now saw he needed to be rid of. He caught a glance of Allison, but his eyes never left Scott. He saw the pure passion on his face, and Jackson was disgusted that is wasn't him that made Scott feel that way, at least not yet. He was now furiously humping into his hand, wanting to near completion along with Scott. He could hear that Scott was close.

Jackson closed his eyes, and let his free hand wander over the area where his Delta mark had been left. It still tingled whenever he absently grazed it. Just that little touch sent him over the edge. As he released himself, he couldn't help but grunt out Scott's name over and over again. As he came down off his euphoric high he took one more look into the room of the two sated lover before dashing off into the night to clean himself off, and prepare for a fight.

Scott lay in his bed, with Allison wrapped in his arms. They both knew they couldn't stay like this forever, she had to get home, and he had to clean up before his mom came home in the early morning. But they could at least share this one blissful moment together. Scott closed his eyes, smiling. At the height of their lovemaking, just before their release they both called out to each other "I Love You" before climaxing and collapsing where they both lay now. He looked at the clock. It was 3:52am, so they still had a good 2 hours before the real trouble would arise. He pulled Allison into his chest even more than she already was and kissed the top of her head. Staring out his window into the dark moonless night, Scott began to drift off into a blissful slumber, until something caught his eye. As the condensation built up on his windows, he could just make out that there was something written on the outside. Squinting, he tried to focus, and what he saw made him keenly aware that tonight, they were not alone, and Allison's life could quite possibly be in danger. Staring at the message once more before finally succumbing to his heavy eyelids, Scott grabbed for his phone and sent out another message to Stiles. 'Jackson was here. I think he was watching us. He definitely left a message. NO MORE GAMES! ΑΒΔ. Derek's house 1st thing in the A.M.' He put the phone back on his night stand, and wrapped both arms around Allison. If this message is any indication of Jackson's mindset now, Scott was going to have to do everything in his power to stop him, before somebody ended up hurt.

So that took a lot longer to write than I thought. But I finally got something done. I'm sure most of you may not be pleased with some of the events that occurred in this chapter. But the story had to go that way for a second. It was so hard trying to write out those scenes, I don't think it will ever go that way again, EVER! Scackson is soooooooo much easier to write than Scallison. Also, I had to put in the fact that Scott never pays attention to anything other than Allison. It was pointed out to me that whenever he has her on his mind, he never seems to realize when there is someone else watching him or someone in the room with him. So I hope you enjoy this little snippet until next time. R&R