Chapter 2: New Beginning

Wayne Manor…

Fate stared at the huge house. He gave Jester a questioning looked. "We have to meet someone. It's important. It's about Lex Luthor." Jester told him.

Fate winced when he heard the name. He nodded and turned around. They drove up the driveway. Jester and Fate got out of Jester's car. (Which is a black Mustang GT with red strips). Jester shook his head and entered the manor.

He was greeted by the butler Alfred. Behind him was Mischief. She changed her clothes to her normal villain clothes. She had a green long sleeved button down shirt and a purple vest. She wore purple skinny jeans and purple ankle boots. She had her favorite knife slipped in her fedora and her pistol strapped to her thigh.

She smiled and gestured them in. "This way, sirs", Alfred said walking ahead of them. They came into a living room area. It was dark; Fate could only picture some furniture. A boy, about fifteen, stood next to a chair. Fate could only see the person sitting in the chair's head.

The boy turned around and smiled. He walked toward Fate. He held out his hand. Fate shook it and smiled.

"I'm Tim Drake. I guess the mission was successful?" the boy said," But you can call me Red Robin. I'm the leader of the group. The others are… well, in the Batcave."

Fate nodded. The man stood up and turned around. The man was no other than Bruce Wayne himself. He smiled and held out his hand, too. Fate shook it and smiled.

Fate followed everyone to the secret passage to the Batcave. Bruce walked away from the group and disappeared. He came back later in his batman suit.

Inside the Batcave were a few teenagers. All were talking and stopped as Fate walked over to them. There was a dark red haired girl with green skin and vines wrapped around her arms. She wore a green tank top and black skinny jeans. She was barefooted.

A boy with a black leather jacket with a hood and purple no collar three button shirt and black skinny jeans. He had purplish eyes and peeking through the hood was purple hair. He looked quiet and dangerous.

There was a boy with a full red and black mask that had eyeholes and on top of his head were goggles. He wore a leather jacket and a long sleeved red shirt underneath a swat vest. He had black camo pants tucked into black combat boots.

There was another red haired girl. She looked like Nightwing and Starfire combined. Fate looked at Jester who was sighing over her. All he needed was hearts for eyes.

And at the computer was a black haired girl in the Batgirl suit. She turned and smiled as Tim walked over to her.

Mischief walked over to Fate," Man it's a love fest in here!" she laughed and nudged Fate. He chuckled and turned to Batman.

Batman started to speak and everyone quiet down. "Everyone. You have lost someone to Lex Luthor. I've made a team to stop him. This team will be lead by Red Robin. You are that team. Your first mission was to destroy LexCorp Prison and release our last teammate."

"Now your second mission is to infiltrate a weapons deal lead by Red Hood. You leave tonight. So, get rested and save your strength."


Red Hood looked back and forth for anything. He sighed and walked in the warehouse. The Falcone gang stood with their weapons.

Falcone smiled," You have the money?" Red Hood tossed a briefcase to Falcone's feet. He laughed and opened the briefcase to peek at the money.

A bullet flew through the briefcase. Falcone dropped it and gasped. Red Hood growled and pulled out his pistol and protected Falcone.

Falcone tried for his car, but cards pierced the car. The car exploded and Falcone screamed and pulled out his own gun.

Silhouettes fell to the ground. Eight teenage bodies hit the ground. Red Hood growled and pulled out his second pistol.

Red Robin threw a batrang at Red Hood. Red Hood blocked the batrang and shot at the silhouettes. One threw a card and disarmed Falcone.

Another tied him up with a grappling hook. Red Hood snarled. He grabbed his knife and threw it at a silhouette, but it was shot out of the sky.

All of the silhouettes cornered Red Hood and started hitting him. Red Hood snickered and grabbed one's leg and threw it at the others. One punched Hood but he kneed it in the gut. He twirled and elbowed another in the face and kicked one in the chin.

The others hesitated then attacked. Red Robin jumped in them air and kicked Hood in the chest. Hood recoiled and then kicked Robin in the side and punched him in the nose. Hood could see Joker's daughter running to him. He dodged her kick and blocked her jabs. He backhanded her and tripped her.

Robin growled and shouted at the sky. "Deathshot now!" Bullets rained from the sky. Hood growled and picked up a card and threw it at the shooter.

Deathshot tried to reload his gun then the card cut the sniper rifle in half. The card started to beep. Deathshot gasped and jumped off the building as the card exploded.

Robin screamed with anger. He ran toward Hood. Hood snickered and kicked Robin in the face and punched him in the gut so hard Robin spit up blood.

Robin fell to the ground. Fate yelled and charged. Hood dodged his punches and kicked Fate in the gut and punched him in the face. Fate twirled and Hood kicked Fate in the back. Fate shot forward a few feet.

Hood dusted himself off and helped Falcone. Both were picked up by a few Falcone gang members.