Chapter 1:

"I want to see that movie again!" Percy Pea exclaimed to his friends. Junior Asparagus, Laura Carrot, and her brother Lenny were following behind him from the Bumblyburg Cinema.

"You got that right!" agreed Junior. "I think I'll ask my parents if we can all see 'Attack of the Mexican Jumping Beans' twenty more times."

"Junior," Laura cut in, "You can't possibly see that movie over and over like that. You'd have to be a millionaire to pay to go to the movies all those twenty times."

Junior rolled his eyes. "Sheesh, Laura. I was just joking. I wasn't really gonna try to see the movie twenty times. It's just that that movie is soooooo cool! I think I'll write some fanfiction on this movie."

"Fanfiction?" Lenny piped up. "What's that?"

The kids were making their way towards a dark alley. Little did they know that someone… or something was watching them with hungry, villainous eyes…

Laura heard a rustling from the alley that they just passed. She stopped in her tracks. "You guys," she said uneasily.

Her friends stopped and turned to look at their friend. "What is it, Laura?" Percy asked.

"I heard something," Laura replied. She pointed to the dark alley that was beside them. The place was nearly cloaked with darkness. The kids took a moment to try and see where the sound was coming from, but no one saw what was making that noise.

"I don't see anything, Laura," Lenny said.

"Me neither," Percy agreed.

But Junior was silent; he was too busy staring at the alley. This place almost reminds me of that monster that kidnapped me and almost made a meal out of me, he thought. He was the one that made me lie to everyone that I cared about… my dad, my friends… and even myself… all that just for breaking my dad's bowling plate. Uh… what was that monster's name again?

Junior's eyes widened. This alley was where the Fib from Outer Space had taken him hostage all because of his little lies!

And the rustling from the alley? Could it be the Fib that's waiting for him in there? No, impossible! He tried mentally telling himself. The Fib was gone because he told the truth. The truth had set him free from the monster's clutches, right?

"Junior?" Laura said, now looking at him. "Are you alright?"

Junior didn't know what to say. However, one thing was for sure: he certainly didn't want to go anywhere near that dark alley. He took off his baseball cap and squeezed it with painful anxiety in his heart.

"Guys, can we go home?" Junior asked in a weak voice. "That alley…"

"Scares you?" Lenny taunted playfully, now giggling. "Seriously, Junior?"

Junior got angry and shook his head. "No! No, that's not why! It's just… you know, I remember the Fib kidnapping me here, and I had promised myself that I would never relive it. But the rustling that Laura heard…"

"That's the alien, is it?" Lenny continued to joke. "That was the Fib?" Then he crouched in a mock-monster posture and came towards Junior saying in a gruff voice, "I'm going to eat you, Junior! You may have gotten away from me last time, but now I'm back with a horrible vengeance!"

As Lenny broke into laughter, Junior gritted his teeth, "Lenny!"

Laura rushed to calm down her friend. "Lenny," she said to her brother, "It's not nice to make fun of Junior. We were scared for him the time the Fib had taken him away."

Lenny stopped laughing and said admittedly, "You're right, Laura. Sorry, Junior."

Junior smiled and said, "It's okay. Besides, I sure learned my lesson at that time." He happily placed his cap back on his head.

Suddenly the kids heard the rustling again. This time, the rustling was louder than the first one, and they jumped. And this time, the noise made Junior's cap spin uncontrollably on his asparagus head.

"Who's there?" Junior blurted out without thinking.

No one from the alley answered.

"Junior was right," Percy said. "Let's get out of here."

"Yeah, you said it," Lenny agreed.

So the kids turned to leave, and so did Junior. But before he could take one step, a giant three-fingered hand emerged from the alley and grabbed his whole body. Junior screamed as he was taken away… again!

The rest of the group heard the scream and spun around. They all panicked when they saw that Junior wasn't with them anymore.

"Junior!" The group called for him.

"Junior, where are you?" Laura shouted towards the alley. But then she remembered Junior recalling the incident with the Fib and then gasped.

"Guys!" she said.

"What?" her friends responded in unison, now looking at her.

Laura was afraid to tell them, but she had to. "It's the Fib! The Fib must have taken him again!"

"What are you saying?" Percy questioned. "It can't be the Fib! Junior told the truth about breaking his dad's Art Bogoti bowling plate. The Fib is gone because of the truth, right?"

Laura didn't say anything. But then she realized, perhaps Junior didn't tell the whole truth at the time, and that was the reason why the Fib had kidnapped him again.

"I don't think Junior told the whole truth about breaking that plate…" Laura muttered.

"Well, whatever the case is," Percy Pea said, "we need to get Larry-Boy to rescue Junior from that monster!"