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Envy is the worst emotion anyone can feel. At least sadness can be rectified with a hug and a kind shoulder. Hatred can be show with fists and a sharp tongue. But envy is nothing but lustful stares and longing thoughts, all bottled up inside until one is ready to explode.

Percy Weasley knew envy well.

It wasn't that Percy had no talents, he was smart, he could memorize a book after reading it only once, and he could play a game of chess to rival Ron's any day. So he had the talent, but it wasn't good enough.

First there was Bill. Perfect Bill who the sun rose to greet and the stars shone to please. Bill who was always so smart and so sweet, who would willingly watch a horde of children without a word of complaint. Everyone loved Bill, charisma oozed off of him in waves, his jokes were always funny and his smile always bright. And Bill was just cool, he wore a fang earring for crying out loud! How can someone compete with that?

Then came Charlie, not quite the angel Bill was but just as popular. He was also the athlete of the family, he could catch quaffles in his sleep and catch a snitch with his eyes closed. Not to mention the fact girls practically threw themselves at Charlie's feet. And now he was off training dragons, dragons! How could you get cooler than dragons?

Envying ones older brothers was acceptable. Everyone feels inferior to their older siblings, it's a proven fact. It was when Percy began to feel jealousy towards his younger siblings that he really felt angry.

There was Fred and George, the terror twins that made life at the Burrow living hell. And yet despite their devilish nature and preference to pulling pranks they were the most popular people in Hogwarts. Percy wasn't even sure who was more admired, the twins or Harry Potter, it was certainly a close match. Even at home with their mother's constant scolding the twins were a cut above Percy. Bill and Charlie always found their pranks ridiculously funny and therefore encouraged the constant mockery that was made of Percy.

Then Ron, Ron who was probably the dimmest of the bunch was also the most revered. After all Ron was best friends with Harry Potter. Ron had battled trolls, found the Philosophers' Stone and saved Ginny, he was brave. Ron embodied every Gryffindor trait, and therefore everything a Weasley ought to be.

And then of course was little Ginny. Now Ginny was plenty smart, and she could throw a mean hex, but what Percy envied the most in her was the attention. When Ginny would walk into a room and Mum would drop everything to fuss over her dress. Or when they played and Ginny fell and immediately five pairs of eyes were huddled around making sure she was alright. She was the girl. The one that had to be watched out for. The one everyone just loved.

And who was he? He was the snooty prefect who couldn't bend a rule. The tattletale that ruined all their fun. The outcast that couldn't catch a quaffle unless it hit him on the head. The boring one who would rather be with a book then a friend. In short, he was Percy, and that was enough to keep anyone at bay.

Looking out the front window watching a horde of redheads throwing fruit at each other on broomsticks brought out the worst in Percy. He could feel the longing in his heart, the yearning to belong. And yet not once did it stop him from running to mother when he saw Charlie hit Fred with an overipe apple.

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