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Little Miss Dennis

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Chapter 2: You are late!

28th September 2006

Shit I was late. I ran thought the BBC television centre towards the mock the week offices. I ran thought the door when Becky, the special guest assistant ran towards me. "You are late" she freaked.

"I know" I shouted heading towards her and running past her. "I'm going to find my Dad."

"Oh before you go" I stopped and turn to face her, "Russell looking for you."

"Ok." I said and ran off.

"He seems fond of you" she shouted.

I ran on ignoring her comment and walked on to my Dad's dressing room. I got there and knock on the door.

I looked down at all the junk I had in my hands. The door opened and was Frankie. "You are late." he said

"I know!" I groaned and stormed in "Where is my Dad?"

"In Russell's room." Frankie smiled

"Where is the room?" I groaned he pointed down the hall

Frankie closed the door in my face so i decide to run down the corridor and check myself out.

I knocked on the door, the door swung open and there was Russell shirtless. I felt blush come on, so I closed my eyes and held my organiser up to my face to cover my face. "I'm so sorry to disturb you."

"Don't worry." i heard him say "I give you the all clear to come in, one second."

I waited for about 20 seconds then he let me in.

I strolled in the room "You are late" my dad said.

"That the third person who said that" I groaned

"I'm sorry Dad would be nice." my dad said.

"I'm sorry Dad, do you need anything?" I said politely.

"No actually, so you can hang with Russell. He said he wanted to talk to you." he grinned and got up.

"So I been told," Dad came and kissed me on the cheek "Good luck with the show"

"I'll see you later" he smiled and kissed me on the cheek goodbye.

Russell was in the bathroom so I sat in on the sofa in the room and start organising my dad week.

I heard the door open. I looked up to see Russell with no glasses on. He look hot as usual I mean I really was starting to like him a bit too much. "Hey" I smiled.

He came and sat beside me "I heard you missed me last week" he smirked.

I felt a blush rise "Well you are like the coolest and young guy they had on here excluding Jack Whitehall" I said

"Well I was wondering if you wanted to….." he asked

"Russell we need you on stage' a stagehand came in the room

I groaned inside and went to get up 'I'm going into Dad's changing room. I'll see you later'

'Ok' Russell said heading out with me.

I stopped abruptly as my eyes widen 'Jeff?'

There stood the tall musclier brown haired man stood turned around and smiled 'Hello Gorgeous'

Russell looked between the two of us confused 'What are you doing here?' I growled at my ex-boyfriend.

'I want to talk about us' Jeff said reaching out for me.

'Oh, let talk about the fact you cheated on me several time' I said annoyed

'Babe, they were mistakes. I Love You.' Jeff smiled at me. 'Please can we talk? I Love You' he said putting his hand in her hair.

'I should go' Russell said starching his head.

'Russell wait….' I said but it was too late.

I looked up at Jeff 'You got 5 minutes' I said, I was still stupidly in love with this man so I gave him a chance to explain.

We walked into the room and sat down on the sofa 'My dad is not going to be happy you are here'

'But you want me here right' Jeff said rubbing my cheek.

His touch made me feel weird, I have defiantly missed him. 'I guess'

'Who was the blonde guy anyway?' Jeff laughed

Russell didn't want me, he would of ask me by now. I would just be better with Jeff, he cares and supports me. Damn I did find him attractive.

'No one to worry about' I said resurring myself more than Jeff 'He's just a friend'

'Good' Jeff smiled showing his white teeth 'So we can try again?'

'Yeah why not?' I smiled as he came forward capturing my lips in his.

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