List of Corporations

The Main Corporations

Rayleonard – The first corporation to take interest in Armored Core technology, a very aggressive and successful company. They also control the number one Raven, Berlioz.

Leonemeccanica – The largest corporation in Europe and has the largest amount of money put into the field of Direct Energy Weapons (DEW). Rosenthal bought their prototype DEW for a substantial price. Controls the Raven, Hawk

Rosenthal – The most resent corporation to go global and relies on tried and tested weapon designs. Has a very high standard and high reliability. They bought DEW technology from Leonemeccanica. Controls the Raven, Leonhardt

Minor Corporations

Bernard and Felix Foundation (BFF) – The largest minor corporation. There are rumours that they developed a ground based super weapon in the desert. Specialises in long range weapons. Controls the Raven, Empress.

Global Armaments (GA) – GA doesn't have much in the Armored Core market, however it has almost complete control of the MT market and has kept itself afloat by developing new MT models for the larger corporations. GA also has ownership of MSAC. Has no controlled Raven.

MSAC – MSAC is a small corporation, but one that controls a very large portion of the missile market, is owned by GA. Has no controlled Raven

Technocrat – A very small and poor corporation that is the remnants of the Russian Bi-Pedal weapons program. It isn't long for dissolving; specialising in rocket technology, but it's extremely outdated. Despite being the smallest corporation, it has control of the Raven, Ivan


2011: The United States of America starts research into Bi-Pedal weapons development

2013: The first Bi-Pedal tank, or walker, is created, under the designation "Sunshine"

2014 "Sunshine" is deployed in Iraq however it is too slow and is destroyed within days of deployment

2016 A second prototype Bi-Pedal tank is developed; this is under the designation "Moonlight"

2017 "Moonlight" is deployed in Iraq, this time it is successful and the Iraq War comes to an end

2020 After more development and research, the Moonlight Mk1 Bi-Pedal tank is put into full production

2023 Moonlights are now more popular in armed forces than tanks with over one million in service

2024 Several Moonlights go missing from American military bases

2025 The attack on New York by several terrorist groups using Moonlight walkers, 130,000 people die

2026 The United States orders a second war on terror

2027 2000 Moonlights are deployed in the Middle-East

2030 US starts to develop a new Bi-Pedal weapon system

2031 The Second War on Terror comes to an end with only three American causalities

2033 A new prototype walker is developed under the designation "Muscle Tracer"

2034 "Muscle Tracer" is tested on the Moonlight; "Muscle Tracer" over-powers the Moonlight in seconds due to rocket booster technology being implemented into its design

2035 The Muscle Tracer goes into full production, Moonlight is declared obsolete

2039 Moonlights are sold all over the world to the highest bidder, several thousand Moonlights end up in the hands of the Peoples Republic of China

2040 PRC declares war on US, The Mech War begins

2042 Bi-Pedal weapons development becomes the number one priority in the US and PRC

2045 The US discovers that using rubies and titanium oxide vapour creates a contained edged energy blade

2046 The US equips all Muscle Tracers with new laser blade weapon, the new Muscle Tracer is designated MT Mk2

2047 PRC Moonlight squads are ripped to pieces by new MT units, PRC deploys nuclear weapons on its own soil to holt US advance

2050 Despite nuclear attack, US forces close in on Hong Kong; PRC launches nuclear weapons at US soil

2051 Hong Kong is taken, US force withdraw from China, fifty million are killed by PRC nukes, US launches retaliatory nuclear strike on Beijing

2053 PRC surrenders; The Mech War comes to a close and is the first war in over 100 years when nuclear weapons were used in anger

2055 US begins developing a space-borne DEW, several large corporations take an interest in Bi-Pedal weapon technology

2056 The corporation Rayleonard begins developing its own line of MT parts

2057 The US notes that many MT pilots are buying the new custom parts and decides to develop a new weapon system for them

2060 Work on the "Armored Core" project begins

2063 The space-borne DEW is finished and launched into orbit; it is given the designation "Orion"

2064 "Orion" has a test firing on Siberia with Russia's consent, weapon has the same effect as a 10 megaton nuclear bomb without the radioactive fallout, nuclear weapons have just been made obsolete

2067 Russia begins development of Bi-Pedal weapons under the watch of the US

2069 The Russian Novaska-Class walker is finished

2070 The European corporation Leonemeccanica starts to develop parts for the future Armored Core Project

2072 Russia has built seven thousand Novaska-Class walkers

2073 Russia begins developing a second walker without US consent

2075 The first Armored Core is completed; it is handed over to test pilot Caleb Johnson who goes to Rayleonard and Leonemeccanica to acquire new parts

2076 Caleb is given a task to destroy ten Moonlights and five MT's in fewer than 3 minutes, he finishes it in less than one

2078 The fifth Armored Core is produced

2080 Russia finishes the development of the Sorvia-Class walker, US treats this as aggression and orders Russia to cease production of all Bi-Pedal weapons, Russia declares war on US

2081 The Second Mech War starts; the "Orion" is fired five times in one year

2082 US finishes construction of 500 underground cities in case of nuclear attack, the Armored Core Squad, formally known as Ravens, is deployed against Russia

2085 While the Second Mech War rages, a small terrorist cell takes over the "Orion" weapon

2086 The Year of Destruction, the "Orion" is fired 300 times in one year

20XX Society collapses, the world retreats to the underground cities

20XX The corporations take control of the people and restore order, they continue the creation and development of Bi-Pedal weapons

21XX The corporations begin fighting amongst each other, Ravens decide to become a separate and independent entity, Raven's Ark is created…