Beautiful Disaster


Men. Boys. Guys. The one thing we crave, no need as a teenage female. Our lives revolve around them, yet we as the female race get hurt by them so very often. I myself have been hurt by many people said to have loved me, only to find out it was some big joke. We all think we have found the "one" only to soon find out that well, he wasn't. Countless times we put ourselves out there, only to be damaged more and more by the ones we thought cared. Then what do we have left? I tell you, we females have the best thing left, no not chocolate, but each other. We as females have each other to support us when we have been damaged by the ones we desire. Now, I have many interesting tales to tell related to this subject, but why tell you old stories when I could just introduce you to my life? Full of drama and most of all, heart break. What we thought was going to be the best year of our lives, has been changed into a huge learning experience for us all, that will not leave our minds. We go thru ups and downs with relationships and, are faced with some very hard decisions. But in the words of my friend, this is high school. We don't need to worry about if we'll be with the same guy in ten years let alone next year! We can pick and choose as we want because this isn't the serious world, this isn't the world where the decision of who we'll date next will be our husband, it's the learning years and the years to have fun.

Hey guys, this is just the prologe, Im working on chapeter one. Please send your review:)

This is a non-fiction and fiction put together so I can only take so many ideas


Names for this book have been changed for pravicy issues, most text and events are 100% true