It had come. The one day I had been dreading yet fantasising of had come. Friday. Sure it was a normal day for me, EQAO was done so I was back to first period and that was quiet a bore as well. But when the night had come, there was no turning back. Drake had forced me to go to YEO because it was the last one for the year till the end of the year retreat which was next Friday and he wasn't going. I didn't have much of a supper, but that was alright with me, I wasn't that hungry tonight anyways. I went in, expecting to find Colton standing right there. If he was I'd run off crying because I didn't know how well I was going to handle it. My mom had sensed something was wrong and I had to explain it all to her. I was told that day to that Colton may not have liked me because his friends influenced him. Told him I was ugly, dumb, disgusting, out of his league, not worth his time and that he could do so much better then me. I guess he caved in or something but he didn't like me. It could have been what I said didn't matter. On top of that my "friend" Kylie had agreed during her gym class and said I relay could do more with myself. My "best friend" Amelia agreed so Malia came and told me during religion which threw me right off my rocker. I knew that I'd mention it hopefully sometime to him that night. When I went in, I saw him helping out to set up Sunni's game, but Drake was right there. I ran to him and gave him a huge hug then went and saw Samantha and Haylie, my two closest friends. Colton saw me and said hey so I quickly said hey to him. After being passed around for hugs, us three girls and Drake headed outside so he could show me part of the game. I saw Alisha, who was like my older sister. She assumed we were going for a walk so we went and I grabbed Colton to talk to him. He said he had no clue what I was talking about when I said what his friends said, and said it was probably my friends which really confused me. He also told me he told Jamie, a good friend of ours, what I had told him because she was "awesome" but he promised not to do it again. There was some talk of our summer plans. We were for sure going to dye each other's hair and he was going to teach me how to long board. It was allot of small talk that was sort of awkward. I didn't know what to do. We went inside and played the indoor games then ventured outdoors for the outside games. With the luck I had, Colton and I were on the same team and well...that was odd. It was hard but we managed to ignore each other well...more there was little contact. After we finished we went indoors and had a donught eating contest, then Praise and Worship. We went in, expecting it to be boring or something but had alot of fun. We were told to hide so Hayley, Sam and me all went and hid under pews at the back. Colton hid across from me so we bugged each other till we were told to get out. We went to sit in a pew right behind Drake and Colton, and as we started, I was having the best time for once that week! But of course all the memories of the year started to come back, and with it, my issues. I kneeled and started praying to God, hoping answers would come this time. Suddenly, I felt my shoulders start to shake, I felt the cool smooth path of a tear falling to the end of my cheek, then falling onto my jeans. I started to cry and ask God why he was doing this to me, why he wasn't giving me answers, why I was still living. I knew Sam saw what was going on. I ignored her because we were used to crying in front on each other. It was Colton I was really worried about. Through all my crying I could feel a pair of eyes on me, not staring but like they were watching me. I slowly lifted my tear stained faces to see Colton sitting right beside Drake. Out of the corner of his eye he was watching me. He didn't seem happy or sad or upset. He looked more concerned but then again I couldn't really tell. He did this a few times not saying anything but watching as tears fell from my eyes. Through the songs I continued to pray and find answers. Because I was crying so much I hadn't noticed that Sam and Hayley had traded spaces, and Hayley had started to rub my back. I got up and she put my head on her shoulder, rubbing my hand. She understood what I was going through, she herself had been down that lane. I could hear her heartbeat, smooth and steady. In an odd way it was reassuring, like she wasn't going to be leaving soon. "Everything will be okay Marcie, I promise" She muttered to me. I eventually calmed down, just as we were heading into the cafeteria. Drake realised I had been crying to so he smiled at me, the way he does when he knows I'm upset. Colton also smiled at me, like he was trying to say that he still wanted to be good friends. I stopped near the chapel door as Hayley pulled me into a hug. Sam came and joined in, and we all sat there for awhile. Alisha finally came over, joined in then took Sam away to talk to her, so I headed off to the washroom. Hayley followed me and asked what was going on so I said I'd explain, but before I could do anything she went off about her grade 11 boyfriend, second grade 11 one that semester and well year. We went into the caff. There were boxes of pizza and pop. We were instructed to only eat 2 pieces of pizza. I grabbed one for me as Hayley grabbed two rootbeers and headed to the nearest and quietest table. We went to school here so we knew the tables that were isolated more and that less and less people went too. I started by explaining the issues with my dad, and how we didn't know what was wrong. Then I moved on to Colton and how I sensed awkwardness. Then Marcus and how he was ignoring me. I looked up and saw her face was concerned, like she really did care. "I think I'm loosing everyone I love Hayley." I told her. "Please don't be next." She looked at me like I was stupid. "Bitch, I'm going no-where!" She said a smile spreading across her face and she placed one of her brown hairs back into her ponytail. The smile from my face disappeared. "Theres one more thing" I said. "Marissa's flirting with Sam's boyfriend. She asked me not to tell her." I started. I then launched into my tail of the texts messages and the promises and how he was flirting right back. Her reasoning was because "She's done it to me too". As I finished the story, Hayley was shaking her head. "Wow..she's being really shallow!" She said, the anger rising. "You need to tell Sam." "But I promised Marissa I wouldn't..." I started. "Who do you care for more Marcie?" Hayley asked. I didn't even need to think about it. "Sammy" I said. It was true, Sam was like my sister, nothing really ever kept us apart. She was my un-biological sister, Hayley too. That day Jayden adopted us as his sisters, so I took it seriously. "I'll tell her, since we're all sisters." I said smiling as Sam walked over. "Hey um..Sammy I need to talk to you know." I said meeting eyes with her. She instantly became concerned and sat down to start picking at her piece of pizza. "Yeah of course..." She said staring at Hayley as though she may know something, she just looked at her like she felt sorry and started sipping the rim of her cup. "So...Jake...he is cheating on you." I said trying to say it slowly so both of us wouldn't start crying. Her face fell and I could see the confusion building up. "Marissa and him have been flirting for awhile. I only know because I've read their conversations." I said as if answering what was most likely going to be her next question. "He called her baby and asked her to the mall first," I said not able to meet her eyes. "He asked her to meet him at his locker. She asked me not to tell you. She said she would if he tried to make a move on her but I couldn't just let him do this too you." I said slowing watching her put down her pizza. She chewed for a moment, I was worried she'd start to cry. But instead Jayden came up and interrupted, talking about how he was happy he adopted us and offered us chips. Jayden is a really sweet guy; he was raised as a true Christian and took pride in it. He was also very sweet to everyone but especially ladies. He always let us go first or complemented us. Every morning he'd say "Good morning beautiful!" And expect a hug. He always had a shoulder to cry on and he never hurt someone on purpose. I snapped back to whatever we were talking about and saw him smiling at me. "You okay Marcie? You look kind of out of it." He said smiling at me, concern forming in his face. "Yeah! Sorry just zoned out" I said smiling at the ground and grabbing my piece of pizza. "Okay, well I'll see you in a bit, eh?" He said waving and going to bug some of the other kids. We instantly went back into our conversation. "What did I ever do to Marissa that would make her do that!" She asked, the temper rising in her voice. "Well...she said something about Cory, and when we went on that date, but it wasn't a date to you and all that stuff." I said staring into my can of Root beer. "Well, that wasn't even I date!" She said clenching her fists on the table. "HE looked at it like that, not ME!" I felt bad for Sam, she was always nice to Marissa, and then she went and treated Samantha like crap! "I know, you were just there for Nathan and I." I said meeting her eyes. "And plus you didn't even call it a date, you called it helping your bestie get the guy! Oh, she also said there were other guys." I said looking out the window at the clear star filled sky. "What other guys?" Sam asked starting to get upset again. "Look baby, she's being a bitch, just ignore her!" Hayley said looking at both of us in the eye. "Okay, well that's obvious, but what am I supposed to do about Jake?" Sam asked, the tears forming again. Hayley and I shared a quick glance then went into serious mode. "Well, in my opinion I think you should dump his sorry ass." I said looking at her. "You deserve much better than him. All he's done is screw you over!" I said, my own anger rising. People from YEO passed us and looked, but happily kept to themselves. "Yes, I agree with Marcie." Hayley said. "You can do better than him." Silence fell over us, we all sat there soaking up what we had just been told. I felt as though some stress had been released from me, but I wasn't 100% satisfied. "Yeah, tomorrow I'm going to call him and say it's over!" Sam said breaking the silence. Nothing much happened after that, we were called over in groups according to gender to talk about the yearend retreat. Colton was going to that...I hoped things would work out for us by then. We ended up talking about what girls sensation was about then all left singing Just the way you are by Bruno Mars, one of my favorite singers. As we opened the screen that was separating us, we realised the boys had placed the garbage and recycling cans on the door, so we needed to move them which was a task and a half. As I was walking back to our table, Jayden stopped me half way and asked for a hug. Thinking nothing of it, he gave me a huge hug, picking me up. He soon started saying "Did ya get her shoe?" I soon relised Drake and him were trying to steal my shoes like they did every morning. "Hey!" I said as Jayden laughed at me and Drake laughed pulling on my shoe. I tensed up my toes which made it very hard for him to get my shoe, but he some home managed to get it off. Jayden put me down. "Sorry beautiful, but I had too!" He said running down the caff. "Hey Drake, pass it over!" He said pushing up his glasses. My shoe went flying through the air, I booked it down the small path way between the tables trying to get it before Jayden did. He just missed, as did I, but my friend Ellie managed to get it. "Ellie, please pass it over! It's my shoe!" I said pleading with her across the table. "No No Ell, pass it over here!" The two boys taunted, a few of the others starting to clue in something was going on. She started looking back and forth, then finally threw it over to Jayden. "Ellie!" I said looking at her with disbelief. "I thought you were on my side!" "I am, I am! I just..." She started to say. I didn't give her a chance to finish. I ran after Jayden and Drake as they threw my shoe to each other, me screeching behind them. After 2 or 3 minutes of this, Mr. Briggs realised something was going on. "Boys, give Marcie back her shoe please." He said walking by casually. Drake passed my shoe over and the two of them came to stand in front of me. Jayden had brown hair, like his other 8 siblings. It was a little shorter than his ear and he had glasses with a rectangular like frame that really brought out his eyes. He was well built, a foot ball player, but the sweetest boy ever. Drake, he had brown hair too, a little shorter then Jayden. He had circular glasses, that made his eyes appear droopy but in a cute way. He was tall like Jayden, but bigger than him. He too played football and was much like Jayden, very sweet and caring; they were both like my family. They both smiled at me. Right then I knew I wouldn't be able to stay mad with them. The three of us burst into laughter which resulted in hugs. I was walking back to get my things to leave when Colton walked by. "Hey Marcie!" He said, a big smile on his face like he always said this. "Oh hey Colton, going to the retreat?" I asked, trying to make conversation. "Yeah! Are you?" He asked, getting excited. Hmm I thought, maybe I should tell him no, see what he does. No! You will tell the truth! I told myself. "Yeah of course, I wouldn't miss it for the world!" I said trying to match his level of excitement. His eyes light up, and I don't know if he saw the hurt in my eyes or if he really meant it, but the next thing he said took me aback. "Sweet! I can't wait to spend another weekend with you!" He said, a smile breaking on his face. "Yeah same, last time was sweet!" I said, trying to pretend to be happy. "You going to miss me this week?" I asked, a smile spreading across my face. He started to fake sniff "Yes, allot! More then words can say...But I'll survive, I must!" He said the same smile spreading across his face. "Well, I expect a big huge on Friday then." I said. "Uh no duh! Of course!" He said walking into give me a huge. It was a thing we did, we'd ask each other that and get all dramatic about being emotional. Then we'd promise each other a huge hug and then we'd hug right then and make plans to text soon. I was surprised that I had to pull away from this huge and ruffle his hair. We stood there laughing at eachother for a few minutes, as he messed up my hair. He had brownish blond hair that reached a little passed his ears. It was shaped in a way because of his hat. He had deep blue eyes and clear skin. He was a little shorter than me but he was quiet skinny. He was everything I wanted. He gave me another small hug, said he'd text me I walked off as we yelled bye a few times. Jayden and I met up as we walked off, talking about the retreat. "And just so you know," he said as we reached the hallway "They always wake us up on Saturday night to play a game. Last year was fun, but just so you know don't get too cozy." He said smiling and hugging me. "See you next week beautiful, eh?" He said. "Of course handsome!" I yelled back meeting up with my ladies. I said my finally good byes and then sat down untill found my mom as she pulled in. "Hey, what's that?" She asked staring at the brown paper bag I held in my hand as I walked towards the car. "Ah, another study pack!" I said smiling. When exams came around, the adults would get together and create a study pack, filled with candy and sugar and bubbles and things. We headed home as I blasted the music and rolled down the windows. I looked over at my mom, her brown hair blowing in the wind. My mom coloured her hair too. It was a little shorter then shoulder length, brown with blond. She has rectangular glasses and blue eyes. She was bigger but not much taller then me. I loved my mom even when we fought. She had her big sunglasses on. I leaned back in my chair, cranked the radio and stuck my arm out the window. For once that week I felt happy, like maybe just MAYBE, this was a new start for me and Colton. And I mean a good one.