Taking a chance

Okay, I'm really surprised there are no Julie "Finn" centered fics. And, with the exception of "I'm Out" by kr3ativ23, I haven't seen her in any stories. So here goes. I miss Catherine, but I like Finn. She adds a spark to the show and has good chemistry with the team. So, here's my Finn fanfic. It's my take on what she thought when D.B. asked her to join the team.

Spoiler for Season 12 episode "Seeing Red"

I don't own CSI.

Is he serious? First he asks for my help with a case, and now he wants me to join his team in Vegas?

To say the least I was surprised. Yes, it felt good to help on the case. Watching D.B. and the Detective interrogate Elena's brother and seeing the truth exonerate him...what an amazing feeling. I became a CSI to not just solve crimes, but to see justice be done. And this case made me realize how much I missed that.

But join D.B. and his team? From what he's told me, they've been through a lot in the last few months alone. Losing one team member, gaining another who almost died in a hijacking, a former team leader leaving and joining the F.B.I. How would they take to me?

Still, there is the rush of knowing you brought justice when the cops couldn't. Working earlier with the young man D.B. recommended, Greg Sanders, made me realize how much I missed being a part of a team. I realized how much I really miss being a CSI and part of a team.

And, yes, I even missed working with D.B. He may have fired me in Seattle, but I never stopped respecting him. I still keep in touch with his kids and wife. I guess I really have missed him...not that I'd ever tell him that.

I guess I realize how much I missed being part of bringing justice to someone who lost someone they love. I missed being a part of justice being done. Lecturing and advising other crime labs is okay, but I miss being a CSI. I want to solve cases. I want to look for the evidence, not tell other crime labs what they should be looking for.

I may be taking a chance, but I want to be a CSI again.

So I guess I'm moving to Vegas.

The End! Please tell me what you think!