Chapter 137

Lex Talionis : Mutation


I landed right between Alice and Rosalie. Both women were covered in blood and adding more to the collection.

Our wings almost collided as we turned to form a triangle of death. Rosalie had somehow infused her energy with the grenade launcher. Instead of grenades, she had that thing on full blast, shooting energy waves out of it like a machine gun.

Alice was slicing through demons with her scythes so fast, even I couldn't keep up.

Inspired, I locked eyes on three of the demons that were heading my way and smiled at them. I touched the hilts of my swords together, merging them into a pole with blades on each end.

They actually paused, mid-stride. Those freaking, crimson pussies actually paused, looking like they were debating whether to attack or not.

Oh, hell no!

Growling, I flashed straight toward them, taking that choice out of their hands. One slice.

Three bodies became six halves that landed on the floor with a splat.

Another shock of evil energy shot through the air, and I could've sworn I heard a roar within in.

What the...

Pain followed my thought, and within the dark energy, I heard an angry roar.

A roar I recognized deep in my gut.

He might not have been there, but he could feel what we were doing to his "children". Iy'tarias was becoming more and more infuriated with each one we struck down.

Oh, but that was knowledge he shouldn't let me have.

I slung my weapon to the side, and with a growl, launched myself straight at a demon that was heading for Jasper's back.

I landed behind it. Before it even had a chance to turn, my gloved fingers were buried deep into the skin of its neck. Satisfaction tore through me as I clenched down and pulled, ripping the skin right off.

The creature jerked. I reached into its open neck, grabbed its spine, and ripped off the piece I was holding.


This time, it was Markonius that was calling me. I registered it, but I still couldn't tear myself away from my bloodlust.

More. I had to hurt more.

My wings flapped, preparing to propel me toward my next victim. There were not many of the demons left, but they all belonged to me.

Only me.

They would die by my hands, no one elses.

The evil around me became insignificant compared to what was stirring within me. A small part of my brain was terrified of myself, terrified of what I was thinking. The dominant part didn't care. She wanted bloodshed. She wanted to hurt Iy'tarias in anyway she could...

I tried to lift up, determined to take down the remaining demons.

Arms wrapped around me, pulling me back. I fought, kicking, screaming, growling and baring my teeth. I didn't care who was holding me, only that they let me go, so I could do what I needed to do...

"Baby. stop. It's me. Stop!"

I recognized Edward's voice, but it didn't matter. His scent was all around me, calling to the part of me he owned. Even that didn't matter. I continued to fight him, desperate to get free.

"Bella!" He groaned when I tore a piece of skin off his neck. It was not enough to wound him gravelly, but enough so, that blood began rushing out. It gave me pause.

I froze, trembling, eyes wide...oh my fucking God, what had I done? What was wrong with me?

"Look at me. Bella, look at me."

I couldn't. I was too ashamed. Too horrified...That's when Markonius landed behind us, his worried eyes focused on me. What he said next hit me so hard, my legs lost feeling at that very moment.

"The demon in her is trying to break out. We need to get her out of here."