Chapter 30: Can The Dust Really Settle After Chaos?

Spider-man was as much shocked as Giant-man when the pickup truck went over the side of the bridge. With an incredible leap, Spider-man landed on exact spot on the edge where the truck had zoomed off. His first instinct was to shoot a web. But to what purpose?

Was he really going to snare the back of the pickup…. and hold on to a bomb?! His rational side forced his extended arms back to his sides.

Giant-man was the next person to reach the edge. He leaned over and yelled out a name. The air filled with eerie finality when his voice boomed. By the time the Iceman looked over, the truck's rear had disappeared into the water… and then.

Even though it lasted less than 7 seconds, the devastating event was like a 25-mile hike that robbed the 60-foot hero of nearly all his energy. The police who were racing towards him found Giant-man's upper body dangling over the Triboro Bridge's edge. It was a major effort for Hank to bring himself back from between the expansion cables. He had just enough in him to sit on the roadway and bury his face into his hands. Spider-man and the Iceman remained by his side since the explosion occurred. Fredrick Dukes didn't advance. Evidently, he stayed in his spot trying to figure out what had just happened.

A brief window out of his despair allowed Hank to understand the silence around him. What could the strong man and the two youth possibly do or say to ease Hank's pain?

Giant-man continued to lament for Jan. He knew that the three heroes would figure out that the woman, "Jan," was the Wasp. Who else could appear out of nowhere and drive the truck off the side of the bridge? But their discovery didn't matter, did it?

Giant-man sat slowly shaking his head. " This couldn't have happened. I can't believe it happened."

"Well your disbelief is rewarded, handsome." The voice was faint, but definitely recognizable in his right ear.

It was her! He jumped up and shrunk down to his normal size just as she grew to her regular 5 foot, 4 inch stature. He pulled her to him and he twirled her around with a hug. In the middle of the spin, he showered her exposed checks and masked forehead with kisses. Words could not begin to reveal his great elation.

After the second 360 degree turn, Jan wrapped her legs around his waist. He felt good against her and it seemed this act of heroism erased Hank's memory of her past indiscretions. Still, Jan needed the reassurance of a French kiss to squelch her doubts. That was always the signal that everything was fine between them. She unwound her arms from the back of his neck and she placed her hands on the sides of his ribcage. Her arms pushed with no reward.

Hank was making it difficult. First, his darting lips made the Wasp's hunt for her hunk-a-bundle's mouth difficult. After that, Hank's cheek and right shoulder appeared to be two sides of an inescapable crib for her face. It felt wonderful, but damn it, Jan needed that kiss. Jan exerted another push. But his strong arms would have none of that.

Oh, for all the jewelry in Vienna, how could something so affectionate become so frustrating? Jan thought.

The demonstrative tornado dwindled to a side–to-side rocking. It was sprinkled with gratitude and short kisses on the part of neck that the mask left exposed.

Jan loved the tickling effect, but she was a determined woman. This was her chance for her legs to release their grip around the muscular torso. She knew that with her feet on the ground, she could gain a better leverage to push Giant-man away. Oh, oh. Her feet didn't reach the pavement.

The sudden unwrapping of herself from him made Hank's mind cut through his emotion and fully apprehend that he was actually holding her and that they weren't alone. The temporary relaxation of his arm was all that Jan needed.

She managed to push away and her feet hit the ground. The Wasp then returned her body into his for a delicious assertion of her redemption. Jan was more than thrilling to find out that Hank returned the kiss.

The police gathering around them began to applaud and whistle.

The masked couple broke their tongue jousting with laughter over their cheering section.

The air-slicing noise of the news helicopter became louder. The Wasp looked up to see a camera pointed at her. She responded the only why Jan Van Dyne could. She grabbed the back of Hank's head again and reclaimed his mouth. A bigger ovation erupted around them.

Jan Van Dyne loved being the center of attention. Hey, aside from the oft-time recluse Henry Pym, if some folks told her that they didn't love it for themselves, Jan would believe that they were liars.

The crowd's positive response for her repossession of her beau was a mega-rush. When the increasing sound of a chopper guided her attention upward, she saw the camera aimed right at her.

Well, well. If there was an additional incentive to take the spotlight….. Jan remembered it was a few cameras shots that exposed her intention to explore Steve Rodgers' oral cavity yesterday. The media revelation humiliated her and frightened her. She was scared that her impulsiveness had destroyed her relationship with Hank. Well this particular camera can now take a close-up of a second proof that Jan had reclaimed her prize.

Peter was a distance off, but he saw everything. He asked himself, was the Unicorn Giant-man's honey or was it the Wasp?

Then the Avenger stopped whirling his long-time female partner and they mouth-locked with some serious heart behind it.

The Iceman joined in with the uniformed men as they cheered, but Peter was captured inside of a voice-stifling, delighted heart-flutter.

Well now, this proves that the Unicorn was free…. Whoa, wait! What was he thinking? He was Betty's man, and he was damn lucky to have her.

Grow up, mister, he scolded himself. An hour glass figure, a Sue Storm-like "F" or "G" bra size and whatever else, still wasn't enough incentive for him to trade away the most wonderful girl in the world. Even if Peter stubbornly remained shallow in his appreciation for a lover, Betty had plenty of womanly features to make him happy. Besides, the Tin Can Dame had the same attitude as the loud mouthed, insufferable Wasp. ….. And who's to tell if under her helmet, the Unicorn looked like the inside of used barf bag.

The youth was pulled from his thoughts when the Wasp simultaneously jumped up and pulled Giant-man's head down. Another kiss? This one looked less spontaneous. Peter turned away. It wasn't his business.

His swing away from the duo brought him face to face with the Iceman. But the youngest X-man's attention was neither on Spider-man nor the Avengers couple.

Life was full of coincidences. One such parallelism materialized in the appearance of the person Peter had to fight his mind to disengage erotically. The Unicorn had seen the spinning embrace from above. She descended the 50-plus feet towards the pavement with her heart pounding out a beat of despair. After what we had gone through, this couldn't be happening, she told herself.

Just a second before her toes met the paved road, Jan found the mouth of Yolanda's beloved. He didn't fight her off. Her heart burst with a silent detonation. The army of police cheered. This led her to feel so alone…. and so empty of any value.

Her limbs were lifeless. Her head was spinning in a whirlpool of horrified shock. But there was one impulse that made it to the surface. Her mind screamed to her stilled body to activate her rocket boots… to ram herself in between Henry and that dog-crap witch. Then the second kiss exploded in her eyes …. and her heart. The pain was so overwhelming that she only discovered seconds later that she was panting for air.

Tragically, the very talented Yolanda Vanko could not shake the mounting impression that she was a nothing. To say the least, she didn't belong there. Her champion— her desire… the source of her dreams and plans— had made his choice. It wasn't her and the world seemed to enthusiastically approve.

The young woman just stood there— an empty statue looking out upon the living… the joyous.

Now, her feeling of being alone in another world wasn't accurate. Mr. Dukes stood behind her. Being well accustom with heart breaks, Frederick recognized the familiar body language. He couldn't lie to himself and believe that he had the words to comfort her, but he couldn't stop himself from walking up to his metal-clad ally.

His hand rose twice— he wasn't sure if he had the right to put his fingers on her shoulder. The third try made it to the intended landing spot.

"You okay?" the sensitive man-brute asked, nervously. He didn't feel that he had a right to intrude into her mysterious apparent mourning, but he tried once more. "How are you baring up, kiddo?"

Yolanda was so out of it that she didn't notice the shoebox-sized hand. Nor did her ears receive the first concerned inquiry. But somehow she heard, "— baring up, kiddo?"

In the act of laboriously turning towards the voice, Yolanda returned to this world. She gazed upon the light green eyes that seemed to wish they had hands in order to hug her. It was in the middle of that appreciation that Yolanda was finally cognizant of the linear streams running down her face. What a blessing her metal mask was.

It was a major effort to hold back a wailing. If it would have escaped her lips, it would have been a cry of cries. It would be like a little girl who suddenly found herself alone at the bottom of a dark abandon well, with no hope of reaching a rescuer's ear.

Yolanda barely managed, "Thank you… for asking."

Oh God, Fredrick dreaded inwardly. He knew this trembling, froggy tone coming from the Unicorn as well as he knew the back of his hands. It was evidence of her crumbling damn that held back a merciless torrent of devastating emotions. His own throat tightened.

Man this was bad… REALLY BAD! The massive man hated himself for stupidly thinking that he could offer the girl a strong shoulder to lean upon. Perhaps he could have managed to swing it normally…. But after his own heart-trampled realization that Wanda Maximoff would never want him, he just wasn't the guy who the Unicorn needed.

Hell man, Frederick felt all the more unqualified when he remembered that though he knew that his new pal was devastated, Frederick hadn't the slightest idea why. Really, why was she….?

A look beyond the Unicorn had unclouded his mind. Giant-man? She had the hots for Giant-man?

Oh Looord. How could he pull her out of her emotional quicksand when he was right there, himself? And he was up to his eye balls.

This tremendous Blob, …. this powerful monster of a man tried to force a few swallows to wet and widen his own throat. He'd be damned if his voice cracked and cause her to ruin her courageous front. Worst yet, he definitely didn't want his empathy to cause him to cry for her. That would make two broken damns.

Mercifully, she saved her would-be savior.

The caring man's face was set upon shoulders that was easily half a head higher than the top of her helmet. But the distance didn't stop Yolanda from softly placing her metallic gloves on the sides of Fredrick face.

"You are so kind," she said with a bit more control of her voice. "I am so sorry about how we first met, but I want you to know what a high honor it was fighting alongside of you."

In the middle of his forehead, Frederick's eyebrows arched upwards. Frederick bent over so that their eyes were on an equal level. His own mammoth hands covered the hands that cradled his face. With a slight shake of his head, he replied with an equally froggy voice, "No, no. I was the fool—"

"Stop, stop. I will hear nothing like that. I want you to stay and reap the rewards that Giant-man promised you."

"And you?"

"I must go now."


"Hush, dear friend." The heroine slipped her fingers down and brought them up again to take his hands in hers. Putting them together in a praying fashion before him, she looked like a mother admonishing her child.

"I need you to stay and rejoice," the Unicorn continued. "Don't crush my heart by having a divided heart, yourself. My joy will be knowing that this is the first day of your new happier life."

Unlike a few seconds ago, Yolanda was very conscious of her environment. With this sure footing in reality, Yolanda sensed eyes on her. One of Yolanda's hand fell away from the man who wanted to comfort her. Just as anyone else who had this unexplainable awareness would do, she made an about-face and investigated the perceived source.

Spider-man and Iceman were standing side-by-side some 25 feet from her. The web-slinger's head was leaning in towards the glassy-appearing teenager. Perhaps Spider-man was saying something. With his mask having two white, wide eye-openings, it was hard to figure out what was the object of Spider-man's interest. But Yolanda was able to discern it from the eyes of the Iceman. When the X-man raised his sights from her lower region, she knew.

That "O" shape of his mouth and Spider-man's shaking head were the reactions proceeding from their review of her posterior.

Anyone seeing news photos from months ago, would have seen that the preliminary Unicorn outfit worn by Soviet assassin, Milos Masaryk, featured cloth and steel. However, the ultra-intelligent young woman's design adorned her in full body metal. The armor was like a bathing suit, so her feminine curves were evident. Her emotions were already complicated with 3 overriding sensations—the need to flee, the profound grief and the heart-felt appreciation. Now, the cringe-worthy, disgusting stares of the two young heroes caused rage to cut through those last two feelings to incite a volcano.

Her increasing anger initially encouraged her to blast both their sorry butts off the bridge with her repulsor rays. Still, the desperation to flee from this horrible scene had not diminished. If anything, these two donkey droppings strengthened that need. Besides, Ice-moron and Spider-jerk weren't worth the trouble.

The Unicorn turned back to Frederick. His vision had shot over Yolanda's head and looked upon the duo, but it appeared to Yolanda that he didn't get their repugnant behavior.

"All the best to you, dear Frederick. Remember that I won't be happy if you aren't."

The Unicorn zoomed up and away without a further word.

The massive man wanted to call out to her, or do something. Regrettably, all he could do was look on as her figure shrank away.

It is no secret that the female species aren't unique in felling conflicting emotions.

Hank was surprised when Jan sprung up and devoured his mouth. It would've been a lie to say that he didn't enjoy it immensely. It would be equally a lie if he said he was perfectly comfortable with it. To tell the truth, there were little strong-shining stars of resentment and confusion in his sky-wide pleasure.

The bitterness grew into a full luminous moon when Jan looked up at the news helicopter and then kissed him again. As much as he fought the thought, this second kiss appeared so…. staged.

There was an immediate urge within him to get away from all this phoniness. But the feeling didn't cloud-over his expectations as to what was going to come up next from his smooch-partner. As he predicted, Jan pulled away when she no longer felt the evidence of Hank's enthusiasm.

"What's wrong?" she asked with fearful wide eyes.

Damn his cowardly ways. He was always afraid to offend when things appeared to be going smoothly. Nope— Henry Pym wasn't going to spoil everything, even if he had a reason for it.

Hank would kick himself later, but at that moment he ducked under a bogus excuse.

"Nothing. I just… We are still in a battle for sanity and justice, here. I have to radio the other check points. They think that to stop the Thinker's bombs from entering Manhattan, they will only have to inspect soda trucks. This episode should wake us all up to see that the explosives can also be hidden in human-appearing devises."

I've said enough, the self-reproaching hero inwardly determined. Giant-man turned away from the Wasp and the pats on the back from the police. He walked towards edge of the bridge. All of a sudden, Henry had a sudden rush of concern. Where was….?

Ah, there she was. Yolanda was talking to the Blob. She was holding his hands in what Henry viewed as a congratulatory praise for a job well done.

He leaped onto the edge of the bridge. Overlooking the river, he felt confident that he covered the need to separate himself with the impression that he sought silence in order to speak a clear message to the other bomb inspection sites.

Three police helicopters then appeared in the sky. One of them bull-horned a warning. The film crew had to get out of the area. Really? After all the fighting had finished?

Why not? The newscasters and the heroes had mutual served each other well. Hank got his group's heroism telecasted and the station got the high ratings. Giant-man motioned to the news crew to leave.

Peripheral vision allowed the Avenger to notice that the Unicorn had taken off. She was probably heading back to the police van.

Lucky her, he thought. Hank was equally anxious to disappear, but he had to wait. The others had to be alerted.

But that damned distracting chopper noise persisted. It was evident that Giant-man's gestures did nothing to move the news crew away. Finally, the police threatened to arrest them when they return to earth and that did the trick.

All this while Hank refused to turn back to the Wasp. It was painful for him to do so. He had no interest to mentally analyze it. It was enough to know that it was reality.

What he would do if she came to him, … well he'd have to figure it out when and if she did. Damn, it. How could planning his way out of this silliness be more difficult than strategizing the end of a vicious meta battle?

The diverting noises finally diminished. Giant-man licked his lips, he cybernetically opened his transmitter and began his city-wide announcement.

As with anyone who never tried to drown his sense of shame with self- justification, Spider-man and the Iceman were gifted with embarrassment. This was the particular embarrassment that keeps one in tune with his humanity, and killed the individual's unapologetic entitlement attitude.

The Unicorn had turned her eyes in their direction. The teenagers moved away from each other in opposite directions. Bobby— the Iceman—Drake was spooked and was simultaneously ashamed for his lustful leer. Peter Parker also diverted his eyes away from the heroine, but his disgrace was ten-fold above Bobby's ignominy. Peter was already spoken for.

What in blazes am I doing? Peter asked himself. I just figured out that Betty was the best and only girl for me and then I let myself get sucked into the Iceman's hormonal-soaked comments."

Addressing his own culpability in ogling the Unicorn, Peter became more incensed with himself. My eyes weren't enslaved by her butt. I could have turned away. Why didn't I just..?"

The Unicorn had taken off from the bridge to fly to wherever she had to go. It eased Peter's discomfort, but did nothing to lessen his self-reprimand. Well, kicking himself for the rest of the day wasn't going to help. Peter was going to retrieve his camera— he had to first remember where he last webbed it to a structure— and then get home to call his beloved. If she had time to speak on her job, Peter was going to remind Betty what a treasure she was to him.

The Iceman's back was to him when Spider-man shot a web, and that was fine. Peter wasn't in the mood to say good-bye to anyone.

The vehicular bomb search was still Priority One along the entries of the other bridges and tunnels into Manhattan. With the ramp from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway closed, the wide lanes of Adams Street were the only feed into the Brooklyn Bridge. From there, suspicious vehicles where turned away from the expanse and into a nearby park— Cadman Plaza. The chosen inspection site in the park was an area that was under construction for renovation. Construction workers were sent home and the bomb-searching vigil began.

One White Rock Beverage delivery truck was led by police into the asphalt and green scenery. Seconds later, a similar truck followed.

It took a short time for the same scenario that started the free-for-all miles to the north to be played out in the lower section of Brooklyn. The only difference was that there were TWO monstrously strong androids attacking law-enforcement.

Due to Thor's travel speed, the mighty Avenger accepted the responsibility to patrol three bridges. The Brooklyn Bridge was one of them. Thor's routine was to fly to one of the three posts, stop to look around, and then fly to the next check point.

While Thor was heading north, the Thinker's toys struck. The fact that the round trip took a mere four minutes made the long haired hero's discovery of the devastation all the more remarkable. Thor saw destroyed police vehicles on their sides— two were upside down on top of a bulldozer that was also on its side.

A green White Rock delivery truck was wrapped around a handful of policemen. The fact that the truck was in one piece was a relief to the hero. Such a mangling of metal would have surely set off a bomb if the truck was hiding it. The trapped policemen hadn't appeared to suffer major injuries, so Thor turned his attention to the wider landscape as distant sirens were announcing the coming of uniform re-enforcement.

Whatever number of policemen weren't carrying away beaten down comrades were emptying their pistols on two figures. Unfortunately, other than shredding the men's overalls, the bullets had no effect. One of the two strongmen was Sprinting towards the line of officers who were reloading their firearms.

He then swerved to the left, as if the police were of no consequence. The second juggernaut— on the left— had lifted a squad car over his head. This one's trek definitely revealed his interest in this last remnant of police.

Thor was coming up behind him when the Avenger make a wide turn to the left to come at the duo from the side.

If a nano-second could have been slowed down, the human eye would have seen this: Thor pulled his hammer away. Thor's free hand grabbed the determined runner by the nearest shoulder. The momentum of the mighty Avenger's side descent allowed the immortal to plant his feet a small distance from the grabbed terrorist.

The vise-like grip on the shoulder stayed true and the bullet-repellant man with ideas of escaping was brought up off his feet. The mysterious brute was brought to the right by Thor's momentum. The stranger was in the air, parallel to the ground.

Without disturbing neither the speed nor direction, Thor spun his body on one heel to sling-shot his captive into a slightly higher trek.

THE GOOD(S)— with a loud crash, the body of the hurled powerhouse swatted away the car that the other menace had intended to crash down onto the police. The car bounced four times and rolled roof-to-tires along an empty pathway without harm to mortals.

Secondly, the silence of guns meant that the police were agreeable in allowing the Asgardian to handle unstoppable foes.

THE (NEAR) BAD—Thor had not intended for his man-missile to be embedded into the vehicle as it shot out of the second brute's hands. Happily, Thor was spared a search for the powerful man when the entrapped figure freed himself at the second bounce.

Thor raced to stand between the two powerful menaces and the last line of police. He looked directly into the soulless pair of eyes some 20 yards in front of him. The Asgardian was about to order this second man to stand down when he saw the freed villain clumsily trying to circle around him.

The Norse Legend was many things. He was a great champion, a self-sacrificing rescuer, a kind noble man, a truly faithful man. These attributes could blind one so as to overlook two other traits. At times, he could be a bored child and a thrill-seeker. The opportunity to get sandwiched by these two strong opponents who wanted to pummel him was more than he could pass up.

Without turning to the police behind him, the hero shouted to the uniformed gunnery that they had to retreat quickly. Thor tucked the hammer handle under his yellow elastic belt. He mouthed something to the figure in front of him… and truthfully, he could not remember his dribble if one later asked him to repeat it. The long haired speaker wanted to appear singularly focused and open to the "surprise" attack.

It came quickly, but it disappointed the Avenger. The hero had expected better than a hold where his foe's arms would come up from behind and suspended Thor's arms in the air, then the assaulter locked his fingers behind Thor's neck.

The Norse Warrior tried not to sigh. He bent his elbows and grabbed the Android's hands. He tugged with the anticipated strength that he thought could separate his foe's fingers. He guessed maybe he could then spin this oxen-rear over his head and slam him onto the ground for a (moan) quick finish. ….. To his elated surprise, the hold remained.

It was a good thing that the police were not in hearing distance. A gold powdery substance swirled around the Thunder Master's head. As if listening to a silent song, Thor nodded rhythmically.

Out of the blue he said, "Write A.. M.. O.. X.. I.. C.. I.. L. .L.. I.. N. The usual does and giveth it to Bobby's mother. Tell her if the ear infection doth not subside by tomorrow, to return. In the other room, giveth Mrs. Fletcher the balm that I have on top of the cabinet by the window. Thou must copy the name on the prescription pad and write down her need to massage it onto her knees four times a day. Remind her about two aspirins every six hours.

"No. To her, thou shalt say, it will be ten minutes before she feels better. And look upon her with suspicion if she sayth to thee that she has stopped consuming milk and ice cream."

The powder lifted away and Thor returned to his battle.

With renewed vigor, Thor increased his pull. Another wave of disappointment drowned his small island of enthusiasm. Without exerting a third of his legendary strength, the fingers disengaged."

When his foe's hands cleared from off of the back of Thor's neck …. What Ho? The second figure raced towards him. Thor feigned defeat and allowed his opponent to recapture him.

Just a fraction of a second from delivering an attack, the oncoming android's head was captured in a scissor-closure by Thor's legs. The hero bent at the hips and bent his head forward. His maneuver brought the two powerful strangers' heads together in a loud crash.

Thor was released. The broad-shouldered Avenger rolled away. He got to his feet and the red cape that was wrapped around him retreated back to its subordinate place behind the Weather Master.

Thor was horrified for a second. The attacker who laid many yards to his right had the front on his skull crushed inward. Thor had no intention of kil- Suddenly the head assumed its former shape. As the foe got to his feet, the relieved Thor turned to the other mighty man. His crushed head was returning to normal after he had stood up.

What witchery was this? Maybe Thor didn't have to hold back as he had thought.

Just then a police bull horn blared out. "These men aren't human. They are robot-like. And the bombs that we're looking for are inside of them."

With cat-like quickness, Thor whipped out his hammer. He spun Mjolnir while saying something in ancient Nordic. He stopped spinning his mallet to inspect it.

Tiny illuminated blue balls were trapped within the head of his hammer. The balls moved inward and collided with themselves in the middle of Mjolnir. Without missing a beat, other small balls took their places and resumed to crash into the center.

The Commander of electricity had to get his two foes together in one spot. While this little circus of light continued, Thor placed himself between the two androids. The man-things took the bait.

Thor's legs enabled him to leap above the charging powerhouses. The two combatants ran into each other and then fell one onto the other. Thor landed a distance away. He stretched his hammer towards them and announce, "I command an end to this."

White veins of light jumped out of the two fallen figures and raced into Thor's hammer. The fallen duo moved no more.

The hero shouted to the police who witnessed the incredible scene.

"The men in there"—Thor pointed to the distant trucks that sheltered bomb disabling equipment—"bring them forth. I have disabled these artificial men. They will move nevermore, nor shall they inwardly harbor an electrical charge by which detonate the explosions.

"I will stay with thee to ensure thine safety….. only make haste."

Thor turned his back to them and into a small cluster of gold dust.

"Oh, for the hair bristles on a troll's sole. Tell Mrs. Fletcher, NO! It's highly unlikely that her stomach discomfort comes from a pregnancy. Firstly, congratulate her on her husband's renewed interest. Secondly, switch her from aspirin to Ibuprofen. And forsooth, remind her that she's nearly 60 years old."

Seconds later, Thor approached a Police Sargent who was carrying a bullhorn. Thor had assumed correctly that this officer was the one who had informed him about the duo's inner content. Thor's only question was how the officer knew.

The response brought a realization to the Asgardian that the danger was ending. The sergeant replied, "I got the message from the guy who nailed the other two bombs, Giant-man."

The police Sargent's reply to Thor wasn't entirely accurate. Whereas the tree-high Avenger was instrumental in vanquishing the first android in the Triboro Bridge neighborhood, the last bomb-carrier was stopped on the opposite side of northern Manhattan. Giant-man had no hands-on experience in that episode.

As a matter of fact, the same officer who gave the misinformation had to correct himself and ask Thor to fly to the George Washington Bridge area. The Avenger was called upon to reproduce his power-draining conquest.

A delivery truck coming from New Jersey was a dead give-away. The relatively small White Rock Beverage Company had only one plant in the region. Coming from Brooklyn, the truck should have entered Manhattan from the East.

The X-man, Angel, had little success against the fourth mighty android. For his effort in pinning the stranger's arms to his side, the Angel was rewarded by being hurled up into the sky. He had soared hopelessly towards a cloud for nearly a quarter of a mile before he regained his control of flight.

Marvel Girl saved the day by using her powers of psychokinesisto effortlessly elevate the last terrorist into the air. It could not reach for weapons, nor could it punch at anything solid.

When Thor arrived, he spotted the android hovering over the Hudson River. It was a good distance away from the bridge. The Asgardian couldn't help but give an admiring smile and salute to the mortal female.


1) Yolanda's grief over seeing Jan and Hank together—when an emotionally painful blow is delivered speedily, the combined shock and horror can take your breath away. This panting can be prolonged with the sudden suppression of the instinctual need to cry.

Secondly, the young woman's expertise is NOT in romance. All she hadto fall upon in her life until now was girlish fantasy. Because her dream expectations were crashing to the ground, she internalized it to see herself as lowly… as unworthy.

No, there is no magic pill to swallow that can turn one's self-concept around overnight. Perhaps the love of a good, supportive, unselfish man could turn her around to see that her worth isn't dependent on how another person reacts to her. Of course, that good and supportive fellow would need the backup persuasion of experienced female—like, say Bridgitka and Delfina.

With time, Yolanda Vanko will eventually see herself differently. She will be a matured woman able to love herself and, in turn, grace her future darling with a more mature love. Don't expect it soon, though. At almost 19 years old, the super-intelligent lady still has some growing up to do.

2) Thor's attitude towards fighting—In Avengers #3, Hulk pulls, but fails, to wrench Mjolnir away from Thor. The Asgardian then says that he craves battle, not merely this test of strength. Some two years later, in Thor# 123 he thinks differently. In a fighting Hercules, Thor holds back his punches as he feels some compassion for the Son of Zeus. Thor reasoned that Hercules was like a child, fighting for fighting sake, whereas the Nordic Hero says to himself, he fights only when pushed to do so.

I chose an "in-between" attitude for the Thor in this story. Thor will not start a mindless fight, but he surely won't back away. If he is bored and trouble is brewing around him, he'll deliberately stay on the scene hoping to attain a "reason" to beginning the fist-de-cuffs. If collateral damages ensue (property and people are harmed) he'll try to change the venue or just back off with an appeal to his opponent's rational thinking.

3) Marvel Girl-There may be those who may think that I unfairly skipped over the details of Marvel Girl's contribution to the final victory over the Thinker's bomb-androids.

After her fellow X-man failed to stop the brute, I could have included a gratuitous, "Don't worry Angel. I'll handle this." But after that, do you think that there could be more to write?

She had the quickest solution to the threat. In respect to time, she was better qualified (and in Thor's case, clearly the more matured) to handle the menace than the other heroes.

Besides, this story has taken 30 chapters to cover about 48 hours. With more days ahead for Pym and company, how long do you think this tale should be?