A/N: Hi I don't own dragon ball z or any of the characters. This is a story about Goku and ChiChi.


"Oh Goku… faster" ChiChi said as Goku started going fast. "Ahhaaahha" ChiChi started screaming little did they know a little boy named Goten was watching. Why is dad doing this to mom? Goten asked himself while crying.

I have to go get someone to help me Goten thought while flying out the door.

Goten arrived at the "CC" he knocked on the door and Bulma answered it "what are you doing here Goten?" she asked with a concerned look on her face.

"Dads hurting mom and I need you and Vegeta's help to take him down" Goten said while not being able to stop crying. "Ok ill call Vegeta, VEGETA" Bulma said.

"Now what do you want women and what's that brat doing in my house." So Bulma told Vegeta what was happening and the soon left at top speed. When they reached the house the heard ChiChi scream so loud, it hurt Vegeta and Goten's sensitive ears.

They all moved fast but made no noise. When they reached the crime scene Bulma and Vegeta stopped both their faces getting red. Goten locked over to them "why did you two stop". "Oh Goku, faster, harder," she cried. "Shut up and keep on screaming." Goku said.

"Oh. My. God" Bulma said. With that Goku and ChiChi stopped and looked at them with wide eyes. "O. What are you guys doing here" Goku and ChiChi said while blushing.

"What are you guys doing? Let's get him" Goten yelled charging straight towards Goku, but was pulled back by Vegeta. "Brat I think your parents need to tell you something" Vegeta said while laughing. "Who new Kakarot was so rough in bed" Vegeta said while not being able to control his laughter. "I don't get what's so funny can't you see dad hurting mom" Goten shouted.

"Goten we need to talk" Goku said putting on his clothes. "Don't you two think you are getting off that easy" Vegeta said as he licked his lip. "I want to be able to spar with Kakarot for one straight year and I want his mate cooking my lunch for one straight year too" Vegeta said with a grin.

"And I want ChiChi to tell me all about it" Bulma said. "Deal" both Goku and ChiChi said.

So they told Goten what they were doing, and if only you could see the shocked look on Goten.

Ya I know that it was short but i like it like that