Howl of the Halfa

Danny Phantom belongs to Butch Hartman.

Athena Masters/Wolfmoon, Luna Smith, Rusty, and The Green Ninja belongs to me, so no stealing them from me.

Saturday in Amity Park Danny, had been hanging out with his, two best friends Sam and Tucker all day. He's home now he came in the living room his sister, mom, and dad are in the room; his, mom saw him come in the room. "Danny and Jazz, your dad and I have something very, important to tell you guys", she said to them.

Danny, sat down on the couch next to Jazz; she, put her book down that she's reading; they, wonder what their, mother wanted to them that's so important. "I got a phone called this morning that my good friend Luna Smith, have passed, last night", she said to them; Maddie, looked like she was about to cry.

"Luna's got a daughter name Athena, she's thirteen years old; I promise her, that Jack, and I would take care of Athena". "If anything should happen to her", she said to them; "so that's why you and dad were, carrying a couple of boxes upstairs earlier today", said Jazz to Maddie.

"Yes, she be staying in the bedroom down the, hall from Danny's, room", she said to her. "She be here tomorrow afternoon, so I want the whole Fenton, family to, be nice to her", said Jack to them. The next day Danny, went to the Nasty Burger with his friends he, told them about the girl that's coming to live with his family. "It's sad to what happen to her maybe she's nice", said Sam, to Danny, "have any, idea what she may looked like?" Tucker asked Danny.

"I don't know what she looks like and till I meet her, and maybe she's nice", he said to them, they left the Nasty Burger and went to Danny's house. They came in the living room they notice a tall girl not wearing any makeup, sitting on, the couch next to Maddie.

Her eyes are dark brown, her hair is black in two big braids, and she's wearing a green shirt, gray overalls, and purple and white sneakers. Maddie, saw that everyone is in the room; "everyone this is Athena Masters, she's going be staying with us", said Maddie to them. "Athena, this is my: husband Jack, my daughter Jazz, my son Danny, and his friends Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley", she said to her.

"It's very nice to meet everyone and thank you for letting me staying, here", she said to them; "I'll show you to your room", said Maddie to Athena. They got up from the couch; Athena, grab her book bag up from, the floor she followed Mrs. Fenton, upstairs down the hall. And into the room where Athena's, things are at; "if you need anything don't bother to ask us", she said to her.

Maddie, left the room to let Athena, unpacked her things; Danny, Sam, and Tucker, went upstairs to Danny's room. "There's something really odd about her I just don't know, what that is", he said to them; Danny, had got a really odd feeling. When Athena, walked by him a minute ago; "why does she have the same, last name as Vlad, what's he plotting this time?"

"And is Athena, helping him with it?" he asked, them "Danny, anybody can have the same last name, and I don't think she's working with Vlad". "She probity doesn't even know who he is", said Sam, to Danny, "maybe you're right about her", he said to her. "I can't believe it that she's a tomboy!" said, Tucker, to them "so, what if she is a tomboy she's a unique individual", said Sam to Tucker.

Athena, had finished unpacked her things, and putting them where, she wanted them at in the room. She was now sitting at the desk drawing a picture; she had gotten the same odd feeling from Danny, when she walked by him earlier. Athena, shares a secret with her mother and Mrs. Fenton, that she's, half ghost; Danny and Tucker, started talking about Paulina.

Sam, got really bore of them talking about that shallow girl Sam, got up from Danny's, bed and left his room. She walked down the hall to Athena's, room; she had hear and smell someone coming, down the hall and now that person is, standing there in the doorway. Athena, looked up and saw Sam, standing there "hi, Sam", she said to her "hi, is it all right if I come in your room?" she asked her.

"Yes, you can come in my room", she said to her Sam, came in Athena's, room she looked around the room for a bit. She notice the drawing that she's working on "awesome drawing!" she, said to her "thanks!" she, said to her. Sam, notice a picture and a small gray wolf stuffed animal sitting on the, left corner of the desk "is that your mother with you in the picture?" she asked her.

"Yes, that is my mom she was kind and lovely person she, taught me a lot of things", she said to her. "You must really miss her", she said to her "I do really miss her, but I know that she'll always, be in my heart and mind", she said to her. "Did she give you the small stuffed animal?" she asked, her "no she didn't give it to me".

"A friend of hers give it to me when I was a baby", she said to her they talk some more, for a bit later Sam, left Athena's room. And went back to Danny's, room; Athena, went back to working on her drawing; Sam, came back in Danny's room.