Wolfmoon, got up from the armchair and left Rusty's, cave she, fly back to Vlad's, ghost portal she out through it. She phase up through the ceiling she phase out into her room she turned, back to her human form she sat down at her desk. She draw for a while; Vlad, wanted to enrolled Athena, at Madison Private School, but she wouldn't let him send he to a snob school.

So he enrolled her at Madison Junior High School; Athena, made some friends, who like her for who she is not because she's Vlad Masters daughter. She's doing really well in her classes; she would call Maddie, to talked, and ask her for advice on things that nobody else could help her with.

She, Danny, Sam, Tucker, and Jazz would e-mail each other; she warned them, when Vlad, was scheming something that involves them. She went to Rusty, for help with her ghost powers; Clockwork, still keeps watch over her she would visit him sometimes.

She came to trust Vlad, to called Vlad, dad; Vlad, Maddie, and Jack are very proud of anything, that Athena, does; three years later she started high school. Four years later Athena, graduate from high school; she started college she, major in art; four years later she graduate from college. Athena, become a famous artist; she still protects the people of the city, from being harm by any evil ghosts that try to hurt anyone.