A/N - Here's just a short drabble, written for the tumblr prompt "How about William's thoughts on Snow taking the throne? And let's say… 200 words or less?"

And because there's a definite lack of fanfic about William! He was my favourite character in the film!

She was the one. Even a fool could see it, and William had never considered himself a fool. Already the sun shone brighter, warmer, the birds sang with a sweeter sound. The trees long cast in their perpetual winter were now blooming again and the meadows beginning to burst with colour. The smiles of the people were brighter, laughter replacing the bitter moans and fearful whispers.

Hope. It poured across the kingdom and pushed out the darkness long since haunting the land.

She would be a good Queen. Of that William had no doubt, trained for this very purpose since she was a child. Together they had played as kings and queens, racing across the meadows in their youth. Those dark years locked in the tower had only made her resolve stronger, her judgment wiser. The cheers of the people were louder, joy replacing the cries of suffering scarring their hearts.

Peace. It thrummed across the countryside like echoes of her battle cries as she had led her people to victory.

She would be a strong Queen. Yet William knew she would need support, for he saw the apprehension in her eyes. The crown was already heavy upon her brow, the branches, their symbol of hope, clutched too tightly. So as he watched her, saw the warm smile she cast his way, William swore that this time he would be there for her.

Love. It spread across the hearts of the people like the warm spring breeze after a cold and bitter winter.

And it pierced his own heart far too deeply.

I hope you like it. I think I may do a similar one for Snow's thoughts at the coronation too. Thanks for reading!