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"Why is Loki here again?" Tony Stark asked into the comms unit.

"Because I have changed and am willing to help."

"Nope, not good enough."

"Tony," Steve Rogers sighed into the comms unit. "We have been trying to beat this guy for over a month. He has some sort of magic that Thor can't understand and Loki is the only one who knows how to beat him."

"Fine, I still don't have to like it," Tony mumbled.

"No one said you had to like it, Stark," Clint Barton replied.

"I think Thor is the only one who does like it," Natasha Romanoff added.

"Come on guys, concentrate. Captain, what is the plan?" Bruce Banner asked.

"Alright. Hawkeye, you are on the roof of the southern end of our battlefield. Loki, you are on the northern end. Thor and the Hulk are fighting on the eastern and western ends. Iron Man has the air and Black Widow and I have the center. We will all meet up here twenty minutes after the attack begins. Avengers assemble!"

The whole team stood around their villain, who called himself the Red Sorcerer. With one final blow from Iron Man, the sorcerer finished his spell he had been uttering and died. The blast from the blow and the magic made all of them blow backwards. Tony groaned as he got up. He could hear Agent Phil Coulson asking for information from the comms unit that was still activated in his helmet. He waited for Steve to answer in his role as the leader. But he got worried as he didn't hear him, in fact he didn't even see the rest of his team anywhere.

Tony started toward where he assumed they would be and he saw their clothes, empty and forgotten. He began to panic, until he saw their clothes were moving. Slowly the clothes raised and fell as something or someone breathed. Tony gently moved the clothes, one outfit at a time until he came to see six newborn babies. They all looked strikingly similar to the Avengers. Tony didn't know what to think or feel. He felt happiness and relief, but at the same time he felt confused and angry. He finally answered Coulson's questioning.

"Mission semi accomplished, Agent Coulson."

"What do you mean, Stark?"

"We beat the sorcerer and we are all alive, but… we have a problem."

"Care to elaborate on what kind of problem?"

"You'd think I'm crazy."

"Too late for that. We are coming to get you guys. Now, what kind of problem?"

"You will have to see when you get here."

Tony waited in the debriefing room for Nick Fury to arrive, who was unaware of the Avengers'… predicament. On the floor sat the rest of the team, who were now wearing only diapers and had yet to wake up. The rest of the cheap bag of diapers sat on the floor and Tony thought of the conversation he had just finished with Loki and Thor's father, Orin. They would become adults again, apparently, but he couldn't reverse the magic and they didn't know when they would turn back to normal. He had refused to take his sons with him, so they stayed in the S.H.E.I.L.D. base with the others. Tony sighed as he shifted his weight from one side to the other and grew impatient. Finally, Director Fury walked through the door.

"Stark, where are the others?"

"Wow, they really didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"What happened on the mission."

"I was told that Red Sorcerer was killed, that was all I wanted to hear."

"Well, I don't know when you plan to have us save the world again, but I hope it's not soon."

"Where is the team, Tony?"

"Come see for yourself." Fury walked over to Tony and where he was looking and he scowled at Tony.

"Ha ha, very funny. I expect you to pull jokes on me. I would expect this from Hawk and Widow and Loki and maybe even Thor and Banner. But, how the hell did you get Rogers to go for this one?"

"This is not a joke, Eyepatch. Even though I wish it was, it isn't."

"Cut it out, Stark. This isn't funny."

"Now, it totally would be if this was a joke. But this is not a joke." The look on Tony's face must have been enough for Fury to tell that he was serious.

"What the hell happened?"

"I don't really know, the Sorcerer was casting some spell and then I was told to kill him. Then there was a big blow that knocked us all back and then there were six babies next to six outfits."

"Why didn't you get hit?"

"I'll pretend not to take offence to that; I assume it was because of the suit. I was the only one who wasn't showing any skin; a shock, I know, so I think that must be why I'm not currently drooling on your carpet."

"Will they turn back?"

"Yes, but we don't know how or when. The king of Assguard, sorry Asguard, said so himself. He said it could last a day, a week, a month, or even a year! So, what are we gonna do about it?"

Fury raised his eyebrow, "We? No, you will be heading home and taking them with you. You will care for them until they become adults again."

"What? Why would I do that?"

"Well, you are married to one of them."

"Yeah, one of them. Why would I care for the rest?"

"Because you work for me, and I told you to do it. Besides, I thought you and Steve were thinking of adopting? This is great practice." He spun around and stalked out of the room.

Tony stood silently shocked for a moment before yelling, "Where the hell did you hear that?"

"So, listen. I just placed an order online and I really need it to get here fast."

"Did you place it on rush?" A bored male manager voice asked.

"Yes, but I need it faster than that. I need it like now."

"I'm sorry sir, but the only way to get it faster than that is coming into the store to buy it here."

"Well, I can't do that if I don't have a car seat, now can I?" Tony growled into the phone.

"I'm s-"

"Yeah, yeah you're sorry; I got it. Do you even know who I am?"

"No I do not, sir."

"I'm Tony freaking Stark! Why can't I get some speedy service in this damn city? I just saved it today for God's sake!"

"Wha- did you just say Tony Stark? As in Iron Man?"

"Yes." There was the sound of shuffling and clicking before the other voice came back on.

"When did you place your order again, Mr. Stark?"

"Um, twenty minutes ago."

"I can have the whole order to your house in an hour, is that okay?" Tony smirked.

"That sounds great. Hey, you sound like a fan. Why don't you come with and I'll sign a picture or something?"


"Sure, sure. I have nothing important in the next hour or so."

"I'll be there, sir!"

"I think you know where to find me."

Tony hung up the phone and smiled. Then he moved to sit on the couch and watch his fellow Avengers sleep on the ground. Less than an hour later, Babies "R" Us arrived with the huge amount of things Tony had bought for his team. He had quickly cleared out a giant room that would hold all of them until they got back to normal. He had the moving crew bring the stuff all to that room and he took a picture with the manager and signed it for him. It took only thirty minutes and then Tony set up the baby monitor in the living room so he could hear them in case they came to while he set up their new room.

He had set mostly everything up fairly fast and when he had just finished, he heard crying from the monitor. He ran down to the living room to see that they had all woken up and started crying. He panicked and picked up baby Steve and Bruce. He bounced them around, feeling silly holding his husband and his best friend while they were babies. But boy were they all cute babies. Even when they were crying, all of them were adorable.

"Shh, guys. I've never taken care of a baby before… now I'm stuck with six of them. Alone. How the fuck will I ever be able to do this alone?"

Tony finally got them all in their cribs that lined the new nursery and he silently sighed in relief. After they had all woken up, it had been chaos and they wouldn't stop crying and sleep. So, he took this time to turn on the baby monitor and go to sleep. When he got settled in bed and closed his eyes he hoped for a good night's sleep. All he was given was crying. He groaned and looked at the clock. An hour. They had slept for an hour! Tony couldn't wait to make them pay for this the second they turned back.

Until then, he was stuck wiping their butts.

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