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Ten years went by and the Avengers' were all meeting up to celebrate the day that the team had become adults again, a decade before. The team had all slowly moved out of the mansion, leaving it for Tony and Steve and their family. They still worked as a team, saving the world. Loki had turned to join the team officially nine years ago. Everyone had made it a tradition to come and stay at the mansion together around this time. They declared it the time Tony had become more selfless and they had become a real family,not just a team.

Tony and Steve spent the whole week before everybody was coming, cleaning the mansion. Their seven kids made quite a mess of the place. Yes, they had seven kids. Four boys and three girls. The oldest was nine and his name was Sebastian, then his little sister, who is 7, Mackenzie was born. Five year old Landon was next and then four year old Sophia. Then there was three year old Jason and his two year old sister Stephanie. The last baby in the Rogers-Stark family was three month old Mason. Sebastian, Sophie and Jase were Tony's biological children through the surrogate and Kenzie, Landon, Steph, and Mase were Steve's. They all looked like their biological fathers and the men were extremely happy for that.

Pepper and Rhodey were the first to arrive at the mansion, living only a few minutes away. They came with their four little kids who were excited to play with the rest of the kids. There were the twins, Victoria and James, who were six years old. Then they have four year old Jaxson and two year old Carlie. They looked like a perfect mixture of their parents. Pepper and Rhodey had gotten married almost seven years ago and then, a few months later, they found out she was pregnant with Tori and Jim. A few years later Jax and then Carls were born. The second Steve and Tony opened the door for them, the kids raced into the house and up the stairs, yelling greetings to the men as they went in search for their friends.

The next to arrive was Loki, who magically transported into the living room in front of the four others. He had a small child on each of his hips. Loki had two young children. Hunter, who was five, and Maylee, who was two. He set them down and they politely asked Tony and Steve where the other kids were, after saying hello to the group and giving them all hugs. Tony made a crack at the fact that Hunt and May were so polite, unlike their father. But it was half-hearted because Loki had become a good friend and had been better since the 'child incident' ten years before.

Thor and Jane came next. They were each holding a hand of their only son. Theodore was five years old and he was a ball of energy, just like his father. Jane admitted that it was like taking care of two little boys instead of just one. Everyone believed her. Thor ran off with Teddy to the play floor, insisting it was to see all the kids. Everyone knew better than that. Thor liked all the cool new toys that were collected in the mansion.

The doorbell rang and all of the parents moved to answer the door. In walked Bruce, holding his two youngest kids and scolding his older daughter. Bruce had three little ones, two girls and a boy. His oldest was Chloe and she was five. His son, Jayden, was three. And his baby girl, Emily, was a year old. Steve took Em out of Bruce's arms and Tony took Jay. Bruce was calm enough, though so nobody was too worried. Chlo ran downstairs, her little brother following as her sister was passed around. Bruce asked where baby Mason was and Steve told him that the newest baby was sleeping in his nursery. Tony asked where Coulson and Fury were and Bruce said he'd gotten a call from them saying they were on their way.

Sure enough, Nick Fury and Phil Coulson arrived not five minutes later. Tony hadn't wanted to invite Fury, but Pepper was in charge of the invites. Coulson was immediately hugged by Pepper who called him Phil and Tony replied saying that his first name was

Agent, not Phil. But he clapped a hand onto Phil's shoulder anyways, saying it was good to see him. Fury was greeted a little more formally, but soon everyone lightened up. Fury asked, after a while, where the Agent Bartons and their crew were.

They were last of course, they all knew it would happen. In between the two super agent assassins, they couldn't get their five kids anywhere on time. The kids were too much like their parents for their own good. The oldest was their son Anthony, who was nine. Their oldest daughter, Natalie, was eight. Then there was Brenton, their six year old, and Tatum who was four. Their youngest Dakota, was two. Ant, Nat, Brent, Tate and Kota all ran down to the play floor as Thor came up and they almost knocked him down the stairs. Ah, these people were crazy, Tony knew that. But they were his pack of crazies.

It really was no surprise that this would happen. Everyone knew it was a possibility when the kids were all so close in age. They just didn't think it would start to happen so soon. Tony didn't like his little girls already being chassed after by boys. Especially by older boys who were the children of who they were children of. Loki's son Hunter was looking at his little Sophie. And Bruce's son Jayden was looking at his little Steph the same way. Tony didn't like it, but he knew he wasn't about to be asked for permission.

As customary, everyone, all kids included, sat down to look at the pictures from the Avengers' 'child incident'. they also watched all the videos that Tony and Pepper had taken, some Rhodey appeared in. They had everyone laughing and teasing the person the video made a big deal about. That night, Tony helped pick out a bedtime movie. They were all camped out in the living room, except the two babies. He shuffled through all the little kid appropriate movies until he found the one he was looking for. None of the kids, even his own, had ever seen it. He refused to let anybody know what it was until it started. All of the adults wondered why until they saw the opening title. They all smiled.

" How about we make a compromise? How about we watch The Fox And The Hound? It's about friendship. It will be like you guys."

Tony had repeated the very words he had spoken to the team that night when they were little. He went to join his husband and their friends. Pepper was literally crying from how sweet it was and the memory of it all. This was it. This was the moment people get once in a lifetime; and, Tony knew, there was no other group of people he would rather share it with than the people right there with him.

The end.

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