Author's Note: Hey you guys! Well...I'm in a pretty bad mood today but whatever. What better to cheer me up than to write a story about one of my favorite shows? I'm not trying to make this author's note long but there are a few things I want to say. Firstly: I don't like the new season of Secret Life. I think it's just getting more and more stupid and I hated how they changed Grace's character so drastically. If they were going to do that, I think there should have been something more drastic and life changing experience that would have made her turn out that way. But hey, I'm not the writer for the show. I really love Grace though! Even though her character is stupid now -_- But I thought I'd go ahead and try to write about her.

Disclaimer: I do not own Secret Life of the American Teenager or any of the characters in the show. Any OC's I write about belong to me, unless I say otherwise.

Summary: After a long talk between Grace and Kathleen, Grace is sent to Bible Camp for spring break so that she can figure out what bought her to stop believing in God. Will the camp help Grace? Or will she be stuck in her own ways?

Bible Camp: Chapter 1

Grace angrily throws her light pink tank top in her suitcase. Rummaging around her closet, she begins looking for a pair of shorts, when she comes across her old pink blouse that she remembers wearing on her first day of high-school.

"And with the help of our Lord and Savior we'll make it Jack, through high-school and through college." Grace said with a smile.

She remembers her first day so clearly. She almost misses those days. She thought she would be with Jack forever but she realizes that that will just never happen. Though things are on and off with them, it's just not the same since he went and kissed Adrian, or for that matter, since he slept with her. After that day, she changed, and she felt like she had to compete with Adrian to make Jack love her.

"Gwace! Gwace!" she hears her brother Tom calling her. She rolls her eyes and sighs as she throws the blouse into her suitcase. She can't believe her mom is shipping her off to Bible Camp for the summer to help her, 'figure things out'.

"She's just punishing me because I said, I didn't know if I was straight or not." Grace mutters to herself, leading her to think of Adrian.

"You can bring as many people as you want. Everyone's welcome." She said in a cheery voice as she looked at the beautiful majorette.

"We'd love to...but you see Ricky and I are going to my house to drink beer and have... SEX." The Latina replied, storming off in a different direction.

"She's so funny isn't she?" Grace said, turning to Ricky.

She still remembers her first time meeting Adrian. Who would have known they would have turned out to be such good friends? Who would have known Grace would have asked Adrian to kiss her?

Tom opens Grace's bedroom door and gives her a little smile, "Of-f twu, bible cwamp."

Grace rolls her eyes, "Ok, I'm going."

"Gwed." He smirks.

"Why do I feel like you're up to something Tom?" Grace laughs, grabbing her suitcase and heading downstairs to see her mother.

"Well...I'm off to Bible Camp. I still don't want to go." Grace pouts, folding her arms in the process.

"You used to love bible camp Grace!" Her mother replies.

"Yeah! When I was a little, naive, Christian. Mom! I'm not a Christian anymore why can't you accept that?" Grace says angrily, glaring at her mother.

"Because I know deep down in your heart that you are Grace. Being a Christian isn't just something that you stop doing all of the sudden. It's not a trend. And it's not just about not having sex before marriage. It's about believing that God sent his son to die for you. Are you telling me you don't believe that anymore?" She questions her daughter.

"Ugh! Don't act all high and mighty because you're not. Who are you now anyway Rev. Stone?" she scoffs.

"Hurry up before you're late! I think your grandpa is waiting in the front to drop you off. Sweety, please try and have a good time...and please know that I'm only looking out for you. Your belief in God is important." She says, touching her shoulder gently.

"Why? Why is it important? Dad obviously never believed in God. He was just playing with us the whole time. Why do you think he cheated on you and why do you think I have another brother right now!" Grace shouts.

As if on cue her 'brother' comes downstairs, "Bye Grace."

Grace sighs, "Bye you guys."

The car honks its horn and Grace knows that's her signal that she needs to head out there. She can only imagine how horrible her spring vacation is going to be.