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And that's when I knew that God was truly real, and my eyes were really open for the first time in a while

Happy Ending: Chapter 12

The doctors are surprised to say the least. They don't know what would have caused this girl to suddenly be ok, especially since she was in such a bad condition before, Nevertheless the doctors smile. They keep her overnight, and when they see that she is completely healed, they release her. Grace and Nick hug her so hard that she feels like she can't breathe, "Alright, I need some air you guys." They both laugh.

By the time they get back to camp, Cathy is eager to give her testimony. When night time comes she texts Nick and asks him if she thinks they will let her talk at Bible Study that night. He asks her if she has a testimony, and she says yes, but he's going to have to wait and see. Cathy then tells Grace the same thing and she smiles, she's so happy that Cathy is alive and she can't wait to hear it. When the group sees Cathy during Bible study they give her hugs and bombard her with questions. As this is happening, Grace pulls Nick aside, her heart pounding, "N-Nick can we talk?"

He looks at her with curiosity, "Sure Grace...something wrong?"

She sighs, dropping her head to the ground. But Nick isn't having that, and he grabs her chin gently and makes her look up, "What's wrong?"

She feels her eyes start to sting as she says, "I knew."

"You knew what?"

"I knew that...that Cathy had problems."

"What do you mean you knew?"

"She told me that she would have only 6 months to live! I didn't think you could handle it with your sister being gone."

He takes a deep breath, looking away at her, "I can't believe you wouldn't tell me. Heck, I can't believe she wouldn't tell me."

"I guess she just didn't want you to look at her like she was any different. I'm sorry Nick." she tries to grab his hand but he moves it away.

"No, I'm sorry...we should just focus on the lesson right now." He says, turning away from her. He wants to look at anything but Grace right now.

Grace tires to talk to Nick when the choir starts to sing but he doesn't want to talk. She wonders how long he would stay mad her. But then Cathy's bright face lights up the room and she checks to see if the mikes on, drawing Grace's attention to something other than Nick.

"I have a testimony to share. I guess you guys all know about my experience in the hospital. Something very spiritual happened while I was there. It was just like, I felt my spirit come from outside my body and I freaked out. I thought I was dying when I saw myself lying on the hospital bed, and I saw Grace and Nick praying for me." she begins, catching the attention of everyone, "Then I was taken up to Heaven. It's far beyond the sky itself. I couldn't believe how beautiful everything was. The streets were made of gold, the buildings filled with silver, and bronze and more gold. Then I saw Him...I saw God. He was bright with fiery red eyes. I was afraid and I asked Him if he was God, and he said he was."

The group is eager to hear her story, having not heard a testimony this good in a while.

"He told me how I am wonderful and always praising him on Earth and that I truly deserve to be in Heaven." she says, tears starting to fall down her face, "H-He gave me a tour of Heaven. I met the angels. There were so many and they were so beautiful, and graceful. The way the flew across the Heavens took my breath away." she pauses for a moment, taking a minute to breathe, "That's when I saw her.." she turns to look at Nick, "I saw your sister Nick. She's doing just fine, and she's beautiful."

Nick is shocked, he can feel the tears in his eyes but he refuses to cry because this is a happy moment. He smiles, he can't believe that Cathy has seen is sister, and he's happy to know that she's doing fine.

"I know this all seems crazy. Like who would believe this? But it's the truth, with God as my witness it's the truth. Then God told me...he told me that I had to go. And when I asked him why he told, look down at your friends. And that's when I saw Grace and Nick crying hysterically and praying for me. And I smiled, because I really admired how much they cared for me. And I told God that I get it, that they needed me. He smiled and he told me to tell you guys everything that went on, all of the details. And so that's what I did." she smiles, and everyone claps for her.

Nick is still in shock. His sister? Cathy in Heaven? It's all great but so hard to hear. The claps continue for the longest time until the Mrs. Green hushes the group and continues with the Bible study.

Once Bible study ends, Cathy and Grace go back to their rooms. There are only a couple of days left until they head back home so they start packing a little early, "Cathy...that was an amazing testimony. I can't believe you got to see Heaven!"

Cathy smiles, "I feel really blessed. And it was so great to see God. I forgot to mention that I kissed his feet. He's so perfect."

Grace smiles and hugs her, "That's great Cathy."

There's a knock on the door and Grace stops her packing. She jogs over to the door to see who it is while Cathy relaxes on her bed. She opens the door and to her surprise, it's Nick.

"Hey." he gives that famous half smile that's started to grow on Grace, "Can we talk? Outside I mean?

She checks the clock, there's only 20 minutes until they need to be back inside their room, "Uh, yeah sure. Cathy are you ok in here?"

"Yeah I'm fine! You two love birds go." she winks, making the entire situation even more awkward for Grace and Nick.

As they head outside she notices how cold it is. She starts to shiver because her pajamas only consist of a white tank top, pink shorts, and fuzzy slippers.

"Are you cold?" he asks her, and she nods.

He gives her his jacket and she rolls her eyes, "How cliche of you...thanks."

They take a seat outside and he sighs as he looks at Grace, "I'm sorry about earlier. I just, I can't believe you wouldn't tell me something like that. I know we haven't known each other that long but-"

"I understand Nick...And I'm sorry. But I just didn't want you to be stressing out over it and crying."

"Well thanks. I guess you had my best interest at heart."

She nods, changing the subject, "So we only have a couple more days before we leave."

He nods, "Yeah...and there's something I've kind of wanted to since the first week you came."

"What's that?"

Without thinking, he leans in and kisses her. They don't pull back. Grace's heart beat is going faster with each second. She runs a finger through his hair as their lips connect and as corny as it sounds, she hears the sparks come from their lips when they depart.

Oh wait, nope that wasn't a spark. That was the sprinklers.

"AH!" Grace squeals as they get up and run back inside their rooms. Nick walks Grace to her room before he leaves, and Grace grabs his arm, "Where does this leave us?"

"Where do you want this to leave us?"

"I don't know...I don't want a boyfriend right now. I need to focus on my faith in God, and I need to change a lot about how I've been acting at home. Maybe a month from now, we can be a couple, but right now I just need to be surrounded by friends." she says sadly. She wants to be with him so badly, but she knows she can't handle that right now.

He smiles, "No matter what I'll always be here for you. I promise."

"Even if you live on the other side of town? Like you do." she laughs.

"Even then." he says, giving her a kiss that made her knees go week.

And now she's thankful that Kathleen has sent her to Bible Camp after all.