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Chapter 1: The Discovery of the Knife

I still remember the first time I laid eyes on a knife. I was a mere five years of age, and my family and I were watching the Hunger Games. I was just beginning to understand the concept of it, and I was instantly, eternally intrigued. The skill, the wit, the manipulation, it was all a game where only the best are able to survive. After all, they were the only people who deserved to live.

It was the first day, the bloodbath, which is my favorite part to this moment. I love how it gives the audience a main pointer on who to sponsor, and how it weeds out the weak who were never contenders. So it was only fitting that on my favorite day of the Games, I discovered what was to be my favorite weapon. One of the Careers, I believe it was the girl from District 1, was tossing around knives at lightning speed as if they were blocks. I kept my eyes on her; she and her knives had enticed me.

The glint of the metal, the sharp, serrated blade, the satisfying thump when the weapon found its target. I gleefully imagined the many tortures I could perform with those knives in my hands; slicing off limbs, causing the demise of my enemies with a flick of the wrist, drawing pictures in the skin. I have always been sadistic, but of that I am proud. It signifies that I am strong, that I am willing to fight, that I am not like the rest.

It was then, during those Games, that I realized that those knives were meant to be mine. I was and still am positive that the deadly weapons hold my future, my destiny, my life. As long one of them is in my grasp, I will always be safe and alive. I had already laid my trust in its iron blade.

In the Districts of 1, 2, and 4, children were to begin training at the age of seven. You were to try out different skills to see what you were best at, but of course, I had already chosen my weapon. The training center at District 2 had the newest versions and biggest variety of weapons and obstacles is the Districts, as we were the ones who manufactured them. Upon entering, my eyes searched for those precious, precious weapons. They were better than I could have possibly hoped for. Over a dozen of them, all unique, beckoned to me on a rack.

After examining them, I picked up the smallest one, thinking it would be easiest. I stood about 20 feet away from the standard bulls-eye target and tried to imitate what I had seen the tributes do in the Games. I spread my feet out, positioned my arms, and was poised to throw when the knife instructor rushed over to me and stopped me. How dare he barge in and interrupt me right when I was about to throw! I fumed. His name, I learned, was Vladimir, and he adjusted my stance, so my feet were closer together. He then told me to flick my wrist and release. I followed his advice, but the knife landed on the outer ring of the target, barely sticking.

I began to feel my anger rising, but reminded myself to keep a cool head, because it was my first try. I would definitely get better. Every day, I rendezvoused to the training center after school to practice. In two years time, I was able to hit the middle of the bulls-eye every time, no exceptions. That was when I was 9. From then until my current age of 15, I mastered the art of knives in its entirety, learning how to hit animate objects of any speed, throw while somersaulting, and even picking up spear throwing, although I was nowhere near as good at that as I was with knives. In my world, there is no such thing as a mistake, no such thing as inaccuracy. All I know is perfection.

That is the reason why I have made the most drastic decision of my life. It may hurt me, but I am almost positive that I will come back to fame and fortune. Tomorrow, I am going to volunteer as a tribute for the 74th Hunger Games.