Not sure if I plan to continue from here. Let me know if you're interested in a continuation?

At approximately four AM, Chloe flounced into the apartment loudly, dragging some poor man by his tie behind her. As she flung open the door with a loud war-cry, she noticed a sleeping June on the couch and frowned. Well, she didn't really want to have sex with… whatever his name was again, anyway.

"Shoo, goblin!" She hissed in his direction, dropping his tie and simultaneously slamming the door in his face. She threw her clutch to the floor and clomped ungracefully to the couch. Alcohol really made gravity a bitch.

June's sewing kit lay open on the floor in front of the sofa, and Chloe plucked from it a needle. As gently as one intending to prick someone with a needle can, she poked June's left ass cheek with it, hastily dropping it back into the box before June roused.

"I don't know how you managed to fall asleep on your stomach like that. Are you secretly a carnival contortionist or something?"

June wiped the drool from her mouth. "How's your date with Sally Tomato?" She muttered somewhat angrily.

Chloe, prepared to answer, stopped with her mouth open. "Was that his name?" She rolled her eyes to the side as if an epiphany was on the tip of her tongue, and shifting her eyes would allow them to see the name in huge, flashing letters in her brain.

"Never… mind. Anyway, good morning. I think. I'm going to bed." June heaved herself from the couch and began to shuffle sleepily to her bedroom. "Oh," she added without looking back. "I fixed your dress."

Chloe stared after her for a moment, leaning down precariously to pick up the dress, which said a lot, considering that Chloe didn't bend over for anything. Well, almost anything.

She dropped the empty martini glass stolen from the bar onto the sofa and examined the dress. Damn, June not only repaired the dress, but added a new layer of tulle to cover it.

That little… Chloe thought. That little… what? Cuntwad? Twatsicle? But none of those

really fit the moment. That little… June, she decided. That was so un-called for, she thought. How June of her.

She was going to need at least two more drinks to cope with this BS.

And, even with that, she was still going to want to climb into bed with the vertically-challenged blonde. And probably kiss her a few times.

"Complete and utter fuckery," she muttered.