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A/N: So this is the sequel to 'Ghostbusters II: A New View Point' although I suppose you could read this without having read the first story. The most important thing to know is that Ray has a girlfriend named Sam who is my OC. Oh, and that this is based six months after the second movie.

P.S. This chapter is Ray's POV and the next chapter will be Sam's POV of the same chapter (I won't do this a lot) but the story will bounce from Ray and Sam. Mostly it will Sam's POV.

Double Vision

"Sam, I know we've only be dating for a few months but I feel like I've known you my entire life. Nothing would make me happier...well, maybe finding ghost related, no! I mean I couldn't imagine my life without out. Would you make me the happiest man in New York City and marry me?" Ray got on one knee and lifted the moderate sized ruby at the occupant of the chair in front of him.

"Oh, Ray! You sweet ball of marshmallow fluff! Tee-hee!" The Ghostbuster giggled as they took the ring from Ray's out stretched hand.

"Peter! I told you to be serious! Is it a good proposal? Should I say more? I don't know what to do! I've been practicing for two months. Is it too early? Should I wait? Is the ring okay? Too small right?"

Ray's torrent of words only stopped when Peter grabbed both of Ray's shoulders, snapping him out of the half lunatic trance he had been in. "Ray! I'm tempted to slap you. Don't make me. If you want to propose, do it! Do you really think Sam even cares about half the excuses you just made?" Peter finished with a sigh and a look to heaven. He handed Ray back the ring, got up and walked over to Egon.

Ray stared at the ruby expecting to find the answers he so desperately needed. Ray knew Pete was right but damn, he still couldn't do it. He had bought the ring on an impulse and now all it did was consume his thoughts day and night. The only problem was if Sam did happen to reject him, Ray didn't think he could live with himself.

"What you up to babe?" Ray practically jumped a foot in the air at the sound of Sam's voice. She and Winston had just got back from capturing a ghost and Winston had obviously been the one who had lost the coin toss and was now putting the ghost in the containment unit.

She looked gorgeous with her hair all ruffled up and her jumpsuit half unzipped. She still had a slight flush on her cheeks. Ray gulped. "Nothing, nothing." He quickly stood up and put the ring in his lab coat pocket. Trying to change the topic, Ray asked how the capture had gone.

"Ah, nothing out of the ordinary. A simple class one. I was actually kind of disappointed. I need some more excitement!" Sam said with a huff.

For some reason this statement freaked Ray out. "Don't tell me your finding ghost bustin' boring already?" Ray tried to sound calm. Sam wasn't sick of them already, was she?

Sam laughed and gave Ray a slight tap on the shoulder. "No! I just mean Vigo was such an adrenaline rush and I'm ready for the next big capture. Although it was five years between Gozer and Vigo...I suppose I need to hold my horses." Sam took her hair out of her side ponytail and gave it a fluff. "I'm going to take a quick shower and then head to the shop." She gave Ray a quick but surprising deep kiss. He felt his toes curl. Boy, was he in trouble.

Try as best he could, as long as he knew Sam was naked and taking a shower, Ray couldn't concentrate on his work. Luckily just as he was about to shout in frustration, she came out of the bedroom. She had on a 'Ray's Occult' shirt (it had been her idea to make it) and acid washed jeans that hugged all the right places. Her hair was all around her, unkempt and wet from the shower. Only one red clip kept her bangs out of her face.

She walked over towards him and his breath hitched. Before he could stop himself, he grabbed a bit of her hair and took a deep whiff of it. Feeling possessive, he gave her neck a quick nip. Sam let out a giggle and kissed him below the ear. "Dr. Stantz, I will see you soon. Later Egon! Peter!" The two other men gave her an absent-minded wave but Ray gave her tush a squeeze. "Have a great day. I'll see you soon." Sam did a little jig (using her hips in all the right ways) over to the fire pole and then slide down it.

Ray was feeling pretty good about how the day was going...until he heard Sam scream.

"Sam! What happened?" Ray screamed as he flew down the fire pole.

The others raced down to see a red faced Sam and Janine...and a man who had a striking resemblance to Ray.

Sam raced over to Ray. "I'm sorry Ray! I thought it was you! I didn't mean too...!" She buried her face in his neck and he could feel the heat of embarrassment radiating from her face and body.

The man in a black suit surveyed the Ghostbusters before him. "Well, I didn't think that would be the welcome I would get but I won't complain." Even his voice had an echos of Ray's, although the way they talked was completely different.

Ray couldn't bring himself to ask, so Peter did. "What happened?"

Although his eyes where covered with a pair of black glasses, Ray didn't miss the smile that broadened his lips. "Why the little tart grabbed my ass and gave it a nice squeeze, I might add." He gave her a nod and Sam buried her face even deeper.

"I thought it was Ray! You have to believe me. I mean look at them!" It was an uncanny resemblance. "Ah, I'm sorry...?" She motioned towards the man without making eye contact.

"Elwood Blues, ma'am. And I don't really feel as if I need an apology." He gave her a slight nod of his head. Sam groaned and covered her face with her hands.

Ray felt jealously boil up in him. "And what might I ask Mr. Blues, are you doing here?"

Elwood folded his arms and said simply, "I'm having a bit of trouble with a ghost."

Hurray! I love this idea! Blues Brothers and Ghostbusters...::fan girl sigh:: So what ghost does Elwood want gone? I can't wait to write more.