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Solving the unsolvable

It had been a few days since the Ghostbusters had laid eyes on Jake and nothing out of the ordinary (at least for them) had really happened. The presence of an out of the ordinary ghost pair had not led to anything else happening around town and the Blues Brothers almost became a regular fixture in the firehouse and the shop.

Ray was the only one who was feeling more on edge, but it had nothing to do with ghosts. Sam and Elwood had been spending too much time together at his bookstore. Her watching the counter and him playing his harmonica. Ray had been sure at first that the noise would have driven off the customers, but who would have figured that occult members had a secret love of jazz music.

It was another rainy August afternoon and Elwood was once again letting the magic flow from his harmonic. Occasionally, a glimmer would engulf him and Sam could tell it was Jake wanted to come out and dance but not doing so; he know how important the bookstore was and what could happen if he brought his girlfriend out to play also.

He was playing the tune to Rawhide (only done on request) and Sam was quietly putting books away. Suddenly, the bell chimed. She whipped her hands off on her apron and before she could give out the customary greeting, she heard Egon cry out, "I'm here to check up on the PKE levels." Egon had started to check PKE readings at irregular times, although Sam wondered if maybe he was checking up on something else.

"Any change in the reading?" Elwood asked as he lowered the small instrument from his mouth. He had tried to understand some of the 'mumbo-jumbo' coming from them and had settled on a few of the words that might a slight bit of sense.

"No, everything appears to be as normal as it can be." Egon swayed the PKE on and in the air around him.

Suddenly, as if to dispel that calming thought, Elwood had a black felt hat followed by a pair of sunglassed eyes appear from his stomach. "How long I got to stay in here, Doc? I feel like I've got cabin fever." As quickly as he had appeared he popped back inside.

Before Egon could answer, Elwood stood up and put his harmonic in his front inside pocket. "I'm going to get out. Maybe get lost in Central Park, it's raining so we shouldn't disturb anyone."

Before he could make it out the door, Sam quickly handed him her umbrella. "I can always take Ray's when I leave." He took it with a half-cocked smile and went out into the softly falling rain.

"I'm worried about him Egon. His brother means so much to him, and now they have such limited time together." The unasked question lingered in the air. Egon slowly shook his head. "As soon as we can figure out how to separate the two everything will be fine."

Sam nodded her head in a noncommittal way.

Sam looked at the 'feast' before her and the other Ghostbusters. Ray had once again tried to impress them with his cooking but the expectation and the reality were far from each other. Sam took a few bites and slowly pushed the plate away.

"That's it. Ray, you make an excellent scientist but a terrible cook. I'm ordering pizza." Peter stood up and reached for the phone book. Sam did a silent cheer inside her head and she could tell the others were doing the same. Sam stood up and gave Ray a small hug, when she saw his downcast face. "It's better than last time." Trying to change the subject, Sam suddenly asked, "Have you seen Elwood? I haven't seen him since he left the shop this afternoon."

Seeing the frown deepen on his face, Sam realized it was the wrong distracted but it needed to be asked nonetheless. However, before he could ask it with a sarcastic comment, an explosion rocked the firehouse.

"What the holy hell was that?" Peter asked as he tried to regain his footing.

Egon pulled a PKE meter, seemly out of thin air, and did a quick scan. "It appears to be a blast of kinetic energy. It's origin isn't the firehouse but...this way." He pointed out the east side window.

His culinary disaster forgotten, Ray had a smile light up on his face and called out, "Suit up!" He made a dash for the fire pole and was gone in a flash. Sam quickly followed behind but she couldn't get the thought of Elwood to completely go away.

Peter yelled out to Janine. "Make sure and pay the pizza guy!" And before she could voice any complains they had the Ecto-1A out in the drizzle that was enveloping New York City.

Sure enough, the trail took them to the outskirts of Central Park. Sam felt a shiver run down her spine and she suddenly found herself wishing that she had never asked for a spike in ghost activity, because it looked like they had it now.

Egon didn't think the light rain would cause any problems with the packs, but he didn't want to take any risks. "If you think it's making any odd noises or you feel any sort of static electricity, turn it off immediately. That also goes for any lightning strikes nearby." Peter made his required sarcastic comment and they suited up.

Winston lead the group with his PKE, which made all the whirling noises it possibly could; there was a massive collective of energy no farther than a few hundred yards. Sam noticed the ghostly tint the woods had started to take and the complete lack of noise. Even the rain seemed to have stopped making noise and instead was replaced with an odd buzzing noise.

"Can you smell that?" Sam tried to say with a laugh to Ray, instead it came out as more of strain. Ray tried to crack a smile but it was an even a lamer attempt than her joke had been. They rounded another bend and the sight that greeted them was of an unspeakable magnitude.

Elwood was passed out on the ground. Jake and the crazy woman were struggling, it looked as if she was trying to get to the older Blues Brother. However, there was a light surrounding the woman in a deeper and deeper fog. Soon, the fog began to take on the shape of human faces. First it was a few and then it grew to a hundred or more. Sam was shocked speechless and the other Ghostbusters looked on it horrified silence.

They watched as she threw Jake aside who promptly went through a tree and disappeared. Instead of disappearing along with him, the crazy woman let out a howl of rage. The faces that had begun to gather around her started to come out of her; some forming their own bodies and others just a face with a lick of smoke following them.

She let out another crackle and this broke Peter from his trance. He unsheathed his gun and yelled out, "Hey, crazy bitch! This way!" The others quickly flipped on their packs.

She turned to face them with murder in her eyes. She was no longer the 'scorned lover' but a completely different creature. She raised her hands in the air and yelled out. "Destroy them!" Suddenly, the swimming mass of faces formed a cluster and headed right for them.

Sam let out a scream and fired her pack. Instead of capturing the ghost in its stream the ghost burst into a light show of a hundred different colors. The others did the same and found the same result. As the heads exploded around them, Ray yelled out that he was going for the source.

He began to push his way through, with Winston following with a trap in hand. Before they could reach her, she turned her red eyes to them. The crazy woman, who was now more of a beast, let out a howl and the heads all retreated back to her. They all collided and in a crack they all disappeared, leaving behind five confused Ghostbusters and one unconscious blue's musician.

"As far as I can tell, she called all the spirits lying dormant in Central Park." Egon informed them when they had all gotten back to the station.

Elwood had still not woken up and was lying in a peaceful sleep in Sam's bed with Ray's pajamas on. Sam had placed a cool dish towel on his head and prayed he would wake soon. She had been struck with the true resemblance between the two man, when she took off Elwood's sunglasses. Elwood and Ray would be brothers, even practically twins, but she knew now wasn't the time to bring it up to her significant other. They had a whole mess of other problems to deal with.

Winston scrunched up his eyes and rubbed the bridge of his nose with his thumb and pointer finger. "So what your trying to tell me, is that all the people murdered in Central Park have somehow allied themselves with the extra ghost Elwood has been totting around?"

Peter took a bite of the lukewarm pizza Janine had saved for them. "Well, I mean relativity speaking that's only what...a hundred people?"

Egon didn't look like he wanted to answer the question, so Ray stepped in. "Well, we could be talking anywhere from a few hundred to...a thousand."

This made Sam scoff. "A thousand? There is no way." Seeing the serious light in Ray's eyes and his set expression made the other protests die on her lips. 'A thousand? Oh, god. What was going to happen now?'

Winston didn't raise his head. "So do you mean to say is that there are now a few hundred or more pissed off ghosts with that woman?"

"I hypothesize that there was a huge spike of negative energy when Elwood entered the park. Then when Jake materialized, it began to attract ghosts in the park to their location. After that, the woman joined them and then she began to feed off their energy and not Jake, who was or is, feeding on his brother. Realizing this, she finally tried to kill Jake, but we arrived just in time."

Peter lifted a eyebrow. "Kill?"

"Well, if she could cut off the energy that only Jake is now feeding on, then he would dissipate and experience a ghost death."

Sam nodded her head. It made sense...too much sense. What had she done? If only she had stopped him...but how was she to know that this would be the result? "So, do we have to capture all these ghosts...individually? But, we can't capture them, more they explode?"

Ray and Egon both closed their eyes. Peter took another bite of pizza and Winston grabbed for a slice. From the silence that greeted all of her questions, she was pretty sure that she wasn't the only one with no answers.