Dear Anyone Who Wants To Answer, A few months ago a friend of mine was having boyfriend problems. In my opinion she was to young and immature to have a boyfriend (she was only twelve) but I tried to be happy and enthusiastic for her. Well eventually they broke up, she came crying to me on the phone and I calmed her down. Shortly after they got back together. We repeated this pattern for a few months until my friends boyfriend (Conner) Broke the last straw. This idiot decided to break up with her on Valentines Day through a text, saying that he was breaking up with her because she wasn't cool, pretty , or popular enough. My friend and Conner haven't gotten together since. All through this ordeal my friend never told her parents anything all of her problems got dumped on me. I helped her get over the Valentines Day incident but now my friend ignores me, snubs me, and won't talk to me . I don't know what to do! I thought we were friends but now she acts look like she hates me? Can anyone tell me how to get my friend back and why she is acting so cold ?Thanks, Greensaber92

Dear Greensaber92,

That sounds tough, helping a friend and then having them turn their back on you. But never fear, the hero is here(Buuuuut iggy it's my hero pose). I would say talk to her man, try to get her to understand that this isn't your fault. I mean come on, you seem like you did everything! Or show her that you still care slip her a note to cheer her up or something (that's how I get England to smile). How it works out for you dude!