Can we pretend for my story's sake that Harry Potter and Percy Jackson are in the same time? Thanks! And Percy just disappeared and Nico's still figuring out how the whole shadow travel thing works.

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I sighed, pacing in the New Orleans graveyard. How did I get into this? The titan war was over and now Percy just had to go and disappear. I'm Nico DiAngelo by the way, son of Hades. Percy Jackson is my cousin who I've been trying to look for.

Well, I didn't really want to spend my time looking for him. I mean, I'm not cold-hearted but I'm sure Percy can get himself out of whatever mess he's in. He's very good at that type of thing. Meanwhile, I'm having problems of my own. Like shadow traveling for instance. I was still trying to manage it without passing out or going to China. Boy, had that been an awkward experience.

So anyways, Annabeth asked me (threatened me) to help look for Percy. I guess I'd better get started then. I ran into the shadows of an old oak, concentrating on Camp Halfblood. The moment the world disappeared and darkness engulfed me, I knew something was wrong. I felt like I was going in the wrong direction. Minutes passed and the roller coaster feeling didn't stop. Then, with a sharp lurch, I fell flat on my face on the street.

I got up cautiously and stared around. I was definitely not in Camp Halfblood. I don't think I was even in New York. I took in my surroundings slowly. I was on a slowly darkening street and there were a few people walking down the street. As I got closer I could hear their accents. They were British! I was in the U.K.

"Well it's better than China." I muttered to myself, "At least I can sort of understand people here." Now there was just one problem: getting back. As I glanced around, I noticed something strange. The numbers on the building behind me went: 11, 13. Twelve was missing, how weird. That's when it hit me. Smack in the middle of the two building was radiating death. Well, someone inside was radiating death anyways. Like they had died and come back but still had a piece of death inside them.

I ran up to the place where the two buildings met. There it was! Death, right in the middle, I could sense it. I knew this was a bad idea since I had already shadow traveled twice today, but I had to see who was inside there. I took a deep breath, ran at the wall, and concentrated on the middle. I felt myself sink into the darkness, too preoccupied to realize the entire time I was being watched by a giant black dog.


"Hecate, where have you sent my son?" Hades yelled. A woman with multicolored eyes and flowing black hair appeared before him.

"I have simply set him on a small field trip among my people." Hecate smiled.

"He is among the wizards?" Hades yelled at her.

"Do not worry, I will send some campers to retrieve him shortly. I just wanted to give him a taste of my world. Besides, it was getting boring over there with the whole trying to defeat Tom Riddle fiasco." Hecate argued.

Hades sighed, knowing he could not win this argument, "Fine. But if he doesn't come back in one piece I swear-"he started grumbling.

"Do not worry, he will." Hecate promised and with that she vanished from the Underworld.