This is my new Crossover of Soul eater and Wizard101. This is going to be a first or second attempt at this kind of story so leave me a review and tell me how I did. Disclaimer, I do not own Soul eater or Wizard101 that all belongs to kings isle except my O.C. Melissa BlueBreeze, nor do i own the other O.C.'s that will be appearing in the story.

Maka, Soul, and the other sat through their class as usual, the bell rang dismissing the class as usual. Their day was as boring as ever, "Hey Soul let's go get a mission" Maka told her partner, walking down the hall way "Yeah we need to recollect the 99 Kishin eggs." Kid, Liz, and Patty left to go look at the board for missions as well. Black star and Tsubaki had to catch up on some missions they failed, so they had left to go try and complete them, again.

Kid had just showed up no more then week before, he'd been famous for defeating Anubis and Black star was furious for him taking his "Spotlight" so Soul, Black star, and Kid ended up getting into a fight right out in front of the DWMA or Death Weapon Meister Academy. To cut it short they, Kid used his special attack Death cannon on Soul and Black star, coughed blood because his hair and symmetry were off and ended up losing(sorry I'm not good with explaining this type of thing).

It had been one week sense Kid's arrival at the DWMA and he was already the talk of the school. Black star didn't like this one bit and was determined to be in the spotlight once again. During their class Professor Stein entered the room sitting backwards on his chair as usual. But, something was different about that day, and Maka could tell something was up "Good morning everyone" he said staring to take roll of the students "As you all may know, we will be receiving some Guests as well as transfer students to Death city and the DWMA soon, so when they arrive, give them a warm welcome and try to be friendly. Oh and before I forget Maka, Black star, Kid you and your partners are wanted in the death room, Lord death wishes to speak with all of you." Stein said placing the attendance book on the table, explaining to the class about what they were going to be dissecting that day.

In the death room Maka and the others were entering, Maka then called Lord Death on the Mirror that stood there in the middle, she breathed on the mirror and wrote 42-42-564. Ripples appeared in the mirror as Death appeared in it. "Hiya, wazzup?" Lord death said with a bounce in the mirror. "Meister Maka reporting sir" she said with a small wave, "Ah good you're all here, I'll get strait to the point, you all heard about the transfer students correct?" he asked, they replied with a nod "Good now listen closely, these students are from a world known as Wizard city," the name caused Soul to raise his eye brow while the others gave curious looks about the name, "these children are witches and wizards and I'm telling you know so you know, do not attack them. Their headmaster is a very kind man and I don't want this school to be one he disapproves of." Death said holding his hand in front of him, the seven students all stood in shock after hearing there soon to be class mates were witches and wizard.

"Father, are you sure witches and Wizard are going to be coming to this school?" Death nodded "What if they're spies trying to destroy the school?" Black star added "That is not possible, I've known Professor Ambrose for a long time, I know him quiet well, and he would never train students of his to be like this witches you all know of."

After about ten minutes of explaining everything, Lord Death asked them as well as other students about being foster families to the exchange students while they're were studying in death city. Spreading the word about foster families many volunteered right after the mere mention on it, the gang weren't told how many there'd be, so, better to be over prepared then under right?

Meanwhile in Wizard city

"Gamma, are all the students ready to go to death city?" an elderly man dressed in a blue robe and, bent, pointed hat with stars, moons, and suns decorated asked putting a quill into an ink vile "Yes head master Ambrose, they will be leaving by tomorrow afternoon" Gamma, the headmasters pet owl, said sitting on his stand. "Very good, can you go and get Melissa BlueBreeze for me?" After a nod Gamma flew off out the window and straight to Ravenswood where the classes just finished their lessons for the day.

Head master Ambrose looked over the document he'd just finished and nodded in approval. "I hope Melissa can handle taking charge of this, she may not be the strongest student we have but she's never let me down before." He said placing the document into an envelope closed his wax symbol. The door to his office opened and in flew Gamma and a tanned skinned girl with Sapphire blue eyes, who looked about 16 years old, wearing a purple and dark blue colored robe, boots, and cap that looked like they were meant for a dessert.

"Ah Melissa, good to see you. Listen I couldn't find a volunteer to take charge of the trip while your all at death city so I was hoping you could take charge while you're all there, is that alright with you?" he ask "If no one else is willing to then sure I'll take charger." Melissa said with a nod, Ambrose gave a relaxed sign as he then grabbed the envelope off his desk "When you get to death city please ask for this to be delivered to Lord Death of the DWMA, understand?" he asked giving her Melissa replied with a nod "Good, now finally one last thing, if anything happen while you're there I want to know that you'll handle any situation that comes up got?" he asked again but with a deep concerned tone in his voice "I'll do my best not to let you down Headmaster" she said with smile.

Looking at the clock on his wall, Headmasters Ambros's eye widened in shock "My goodness is it that time already? Melissa, Gamma please go make sure all the other students are ready to go, you haven't got much time left to finish packing." He finished shooing the two off with a gesture of his hands. They left in a rush and the door closed behind them.

Authors notes:

Well there everyone is chapter one I hope you all enjoyed it and I apologize for it being so short, please look forward to the next chapter. I will be adding the OC's of 7 other witch's or wizards and I will be leaving character info here at the bottom of the story, so if you want your character in the story leave a description in the reviews. This is my character i will show as an example.

Name: Melissa BlueBreeze



Main School: Life

Secondary School: Death

Additional Schools (List known spells from additional schools): Balance(spirit charm & ward), Storm (Storm shield), Fire (Fire shield)

Hair color: Leaf green

How hair is worn: Free flowing

Eye color: sapphire blue

Skin color: tanned


Preferred type of outfit: Sultan's Turban, Robes, shoes(all for lvl 50's)

Wand/Staff/Weapon: Charmer's mystical flute

Mom: Jessica BlueBreeze

Dad: Anthony BlueBreeze

Siblings: Kane(Younger Fraternal twin) and Isaac BlueBreeze (One year younger)

Mount: Purple fairy wings

Pet(s) (Ages not needed):Miss Jake (Shen-long Dragon), Baby Snoopie(rain colossus), King chase (storm colossus), King Leo (Damp Demon), King Whiskers (Snake in a basket), Kitty (fierce hound), Madam Haley (Krok), Miss Haley (dragon), Miss Moose (Rain colossus), Miss Zoey (Satyr), Mister Chase (Storm snow man), Princess Misty (rain colossus), Princess Ruby (Dragon), Queen Vaden (rain colossus),Sir Rocco (cyclops)

Home World: Mooshu

Likes: Helping others, pulling pranks, fooling people with heavenly smile, old Japanese style traditions, martial arts, studying, reading, drawing, dueling

Dislikes: Anyone who hurts, breaks, or destroys anything she holds deer to her(can be people too), rudeness, perverts, cats (allergic),

Personality traits: Photographic memory, kindness towards all others, overprotective of others, talks to much if in deep conversation.

Biography: Melissa BlueBreeze at a young(er) age was shown by her mother how to use magic along with each different school and what they were like for the day when Melissa was to travel to wizard city. Her mother found she was talented when she used her mother's wand and accidentally summon Nature's wraith while playing and swinging the wand. Her mother showed her how to summon creatures from each school of magic but Melissa preferred life over the others, when a war broke out in Mooshu, her father were called to help defend their home land from the invaders, he never returned. When the town was invaded Melissa's mother, Jessica, took her three children to her friend, Sylvia's, house in Wizard city away from the war, they've lived in wizard city ever since.

What Schools/levels does he/she get along well with: Any school any level but preferably life and death

Home (If moved out of dorm): Sultan's palace/ Massive Fantasy palace

Additional info (Not needed): Flourishing dagger (Dirk), Scarecrow's sinister vial (Amulet), and the Gurtok virus ring.

This will be my character in the story so please fill out the information provided. I'll wait for applicants till June 30 2012, I will also message you if your character makes the cut, so I wish you all luck. You can also copy and paste this information into a review if you wish to submit a character for the story.




Main School:

Secondary School:

Additional Schools(List known spells from additional schools):

Hair color:

How hair is worn:

Eye color:

Skin color:


Preferred type of outfit (colors too):






Pet(s)(Ages not needed):

Home World:



Personality traits:


What Schools/levels does he/she get along well with:

Home (If moved out of dorm):

Additional info (Not needed):