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"I screwed up" Maka thought witnessing her partner hit right in front of her.

Maka felt her heart skip a beat as Soul, her partner, fell to the ground, bleeding.


"My god Soul, dude you ok?" Reed asked in a panic seeing him lying on the ground.

"Guys, hurry up and get out of here…" he uttered.

"And leave you, no way in hell!"

As Crona approached the three he took his stance ready to deliver the final blow before, in a bright flash of light stood seven figures one of which was holding a black scythe which was pierced through Crona's body.

"What the..?" he panicked looking at the man, whose face was covered in stitches.

"Dr. Stien!"

"Melissa, and the others too!" Reed shouted happily.
"Papa has arrived!"

"Well now, Soul looks the worst for wear, let me help fix him up." Melissa offered kneeling over Soul. Pulling a card out of her deck, Melissa summoned a fairy that immediately covered Soul in a green aura, in barely a moment his wound begun to close, but slowly.

"How is he?" Maka asked looking toward her.

"Soul will be ok, just let the fairy heal him and he'll be alright." Melissa assured her.

Looking at Spirit, he seemed shocked and disappointed.

"Professor you're not here to show boat, we're here because of him." Onyx said pointing to Crona, who was by now getting up off the floor, then he starting to get pummeled by the thing erecting from his body, something about his wound, but no one really heard.

"Dr. Stien, who are those guys? Never seen anything quite like them, not even in wizard city." Jo asked.

"He is the reason why the DWMA was created."

"The reason the DWMA was created?" Maka asked looking up toward them.

"Does that mean… he's a Kishin?" Morgrim asked.

"This guy looks too weak to be a Kishin if you ask me." Robert snorted.

"You're correct, he's still one stage prior to becoming a Kishin."


"Go with death scythe, and stop the demon sword from awakening into an Kishin." Death ordered.

"Right. That is the reason why you brought me back to the academy, after all. I shall take care of it."

"We cannot allow the Kishin to ever be born again. I'm counting on you Stien."

"Wait Lord Death, one of the other students I'm in charge of is with Maka and Soul, I have to go too and make sure that he's all right." Melissa Shouted.

"I'm sorry, but, I cannot let you or anyone else go with Stien and Spirit, you could get hurt."

"I'm going with him weather you say I can or not, I may be just a transfer student but I'm still in charge of the others as well as myself."

"Out of all the other witches and wizards, how are you compared to all of them?" Death asked after a minute.

"I'm better than the rest." She said confidently.

"Hmm…Very well, let's see if what your saying is true."

End flashback

"Now then let's get to work, Melissa you're up first."


Griping her Flute tightly in her hand, Melissa uttered a chant under her breath and in a bright green flash, her Flute turned into and long sword with a crescent shape at the end as well as what seemed to be electricity arcing up and down from the sword to the hilt of the sword.

"The Lifeforce blade." Jo smirked.

"Dr. Stien, those two boys are too powerful, she could get killed!" Maka shouted.

"She'll be ok, she took the risk of fighting him, in exchange for coming to help."

"She… she did?"

"This will be good." Morgrim smiled.

"Do your best Senpai!" Onyx cheered.

With a happy smile she nodded turning to her opposites.

"Fight me you creeps!" Melissa shouted to Crona catching both his and the muscular creatures attention.

"You wanna die little girl, so be it! Let's go!" and with that said it morphed back into his body, retaking the shape of the sword.

"I've never seen a girl like her before, I don't know what to do!" Crona shouted charging towards her.

"Eat her! Every last one of them!" the beast shouted from within the sword.

With one quick step, he swung his sword. A deep breath was all the time Melissa need to do was she needed. For what seemed like an instant for everyone else, was several moments to her, and that's all she needed. In that brief moment she drew "spirit armor", cast it on herself and had her sword ready to swing for a counter attack. Crona slashed Melissa a cross her chest, but it proved ineffective against her ward.

"My turn!"

With a quick swing and sweep of her leg, Melissa knocked Crona off balance and to the ground, grabbed his ankle and then threw him back to the other side of the church, creating a cloud of dust.

"Well, she's not too bad." Stien said admiring the work she'd done to the boy.

"That what happens when someone underestimates what she can do." Sarah said with a smile.

"Yeah, like she said out of all of us here, she is no doubt the best fighter and wizard here."

Walking toward the back of the chaple, she stepped over a black blood puddle Crona had coughed up when she hit him. Suddenly there was yet another attack, but this time from the blood itself as it attempted to stab her through her legs but to no avail.

"This wards saved my life more times than I can count now." She smiled.

"The blood itself is a weapon, what kind of power is that?" Spirit asked.

"He's a demon sword, created by the overhunting of souls."

"He's right, we have to stop him here or he'll become a Kishin for sure!" Melissa asserted.

"What's more, with that meister and demon sword soul it looks like the bullying nature of the weapon is keeping the introverted personality of the meister confined. Right now, it looks like…"

"The bullyee is still fighting back against the bullyer." Melissa interrupted.

"Right, when he's completely swallowed up, they get dangerous."

"There's also the snake thing coiled around him."

"Can someone please tell me what going on?!" Reed shouted in annoyance.

All they could do was shrug their shoulders, because they themselves didn't even know.

"Apparently both Melissa and Stien can see his Soul, and the thing that's wrong with it." Onyx replied.

"How can she do that? We're wizard and we can't see the souls of living beings!"

"Meisters have the ability to see the souls of living humans." Jo stated.

"He's right if you'd pay attention in class you'd know that, but I'm curious, how come Melissa can do it so quickly?" Morgrim wondered watching as both she and Stien fought against Crona.

In almost 30 seconds of fighting Crona, Stien managed to throw him outside before attempting to get hit the bloody needles. Both him and Melissa dived outside, where Crona, was waiting for them.

"Well he's tougher then he looks right professor?" Melissa asked with a smile.

"I'm going to dissect it!" Stien proclaimed, before seeing the dozens of floating blood drops in the air.

"You both are through now!" the odd creature cheered happily.

With the blood drops turning into needles Melissa drew two death shields casting them upon Stien and herself. With the spells in effect the needles begun spinning and spinning around the two of them before attempting to stab them. After a bright flash all that remained was Spirit, in weapon form.

"Huh, where'd they go?" the creature asked looking around.

"Right here!" Melissa shouted cutting a deep gash down his back.

"My turn!" Stien said from the air above him.

With a swift kick to the head, he knocked Crona dizzy before both he and Melissa used a Soul wavelength.

"The needles are coming!" Robert warned them.

"Nah, he's done." Melissa replied turning her sword back into the flute it was before.

"Let me, I'll have to finish him." Stien said picking Spirit up from the ground.

"Hold on… I'm suddenly feeling another soul nearby."

"What do you mean?" Stien asked curiously.

Suddenly Crona started to have what seemed like spikes trying to shoot out all over his body.

"What the hell is he doing?" Spirit asked

"He's going through rejection." Stein replied.

"The soul wavelengths that had been united up until a moment ago are now all scrambled." Maka commented watching painfully as Crona went through the rejection.

"Soul protection, release." An unknown voice said.

In that instant, everyone now felt the soul that Melissa was talking about.

"That sensation… it's a witch!"

"Up there!" Onyx shouted pointed into the sky.

And sure enough, there in the sky, there was a woman sitting peacefully on a broom and around her a dark purple aura with tentacle like arrows emitting from all over.

"So… that's what a witch from earth looks like, no different from wizard city, only older." Reed commented.

"THAT is the witch's soul?" Robert asked shocked.

"But how…? We didn't feel that powerful soul a moment ago." Maka seemed visibly shaken by the sheer size of it.

"Soul protect." Stein replied.

"Soul protect? What the hell is that?" Morgrim asked.

"It's advance magic that some witches can use, it encloses the area around their own soul with magic ancd completely blocks their own wavelengeth."

"Witches have magic like that here on earth?" Melissa asked shocked.

"Yeah, but how were you able to feel her wavelength before she released Soul protect? Normally it camouflages them so their souls appear to be that of a normal human."

"I… I don't know actually, I just felt like someone was watching us, looks like my senses were right."

The witch begun an incantation, sounding rather complex, but also she seemed to be repeating. After saying that they had to be punished along with Crona she shouted the words 'Vector Arrows' sending a full barrage of arrow like projectiles.

"Wards, now!" Melissa shouted to the other.

With the arrows closing in the witches and wizards pulled out the wards, cast them and the arrows begun hitting the wards and shattering. Till soon there were none left.

"Let's be rid of this so called with shale we?" Jo asked with smiling.

"Is fighting all you do when you're not in class?" Sarah frowned.

"That not important, right now we deal with her." Melissa shouted pointing at the witch.

"Melissa right, we need to get rid of her." Onyx replied.

"No, Onyx, Sarah, and Robert you guys stay here, only Jo, Morgrim and I are the one who can fight against an opposite like her." Melissa said keeping her sights on the witch on the broom.

Without even a word spoken, the snake like tattoo begun to unwrap itself from her arm creating a massive snake that snatched Crona up from his laying spot on the ground.

"I just came here to take care of a little errand, but who would have thought I'd run into other witches, why are you allied with the DWMA?" The woman asked the children standing by Stein.

"We do what we want; we're not like you earthling witches." Onyx shouted to her.

"I see, well I really would like to stay and play a little longer, but right now, I have to excuse myself." With that said she begun to fly off before vanishing into a bright red streak of light."

"Let's go check on Soul." Melissa said right after she vanished.

"What about…" Spirit started.

"No, she's right, let's check up on him." Stein interrupted.

As Maka sat there, staring at Soul, laying unconscious on the floor, she couldn't help but feel sad. He protected her, from a death dealing blow, at the cost of his own life.

"Hey now, don't worry he'll be fine, Melissa is the best healer we know, she can fix him up good as new!" Reed said in an attempt to cheer her up.

"Yeah, you got nothing to worry about." Jo reassured her.

In an attempt to smile, she still couldn't help but look like she was about to lose him.

"Come on, let's go home." Spirit said placing his hand on Maka's shoulder.


Death room

"Really? Melissa was that powerful? She could have fooled me, anyway how is Soul?" Death asked curiously.

"Both Stien and Melissa are operating on him right now. I think he will be all right." Spirit replied.

"Both of them? What exactly could Melissa do? Never mind, the Demon sword… and the Demon sword uniting with a meister… and behind it all is a witch, huh?"

Spirit just stood there, thinking of something to say but in the end coming up with a blank.

"Things are getting all crazy and problematic, huh?" He asked as if it were a joke.

"No offense lord death, but your taking this too lightly." Onyx said walking out from behind one of the pillars from the hallway.

"Am I?"

Girls shower room

"How did your extracurricular activity go?" a girl asked.

"Mine was ok, I guess." Sarah replied.

"Really? I have a remedial lesson tomorrow."

"I'd rather have a remedial lesson. Have you heard?" another girl said entering the conversation.

"A one-star kid named Soul Eater apparently got seriously injured, and had to be carried back."

"And what was worse was I had to carry him back." Sarah huffed crossing her arms.

"Really, why did you have to do that?"

"I'd rather not say." Sarah replied blushing.

"Soul…?" Tsubaki muttered walking by.

Doctor's office

Maka sat there on the floor, there with her was Jo and the others, excluding Melissa and Sarah, Reed was juggling several fire balls as if he didn't have a care in the world.

"Couldn't you at least try to look sad, Soul could possibly die!" Onyx shouted to him.

Maka looked like she might have cried after hearing her comment, covering her mouth she apologized with a bow.

"Nice work ex-lax." Jo teased.

Suddenly the door opened and both Melissa and Stein walked out.

"You guys waited here this whole time?"Melissa asked surprised to see them.

"You all should have gone and taken a shower, you could have come back after." Stein said searching for something inside of his coat.

"How is Soul?!" Maka shouted standing up.

"He'll be a-okay!" Melissa smiled holding up her thumb.

"Yeah, he needs to get some rest and quiet, he should be fine." Stein commented placing his hand on Melissa's shoulder. "And I must say, Melissa here is quite the doctor."

Maka and the other were quite relieved to hear this statement, and now were cheerful once again.

"Thank you very much, both of you!" Maka exclaimed hugging both Melissa and stein.

"You can go in and see him if you want." Melissa smiled patting Maka on the head.


"Yeah, it fine." Stein smiled.

"Okay, thank you!" Maka smile before walking into the room, followed by everyone else.

"You two shouldn't feign smiles like that. So, what is Soul's condition, really?"

"His wound is all right, thanks to Melissa and her nature for healing magic."

"But there is one thing we're worried about."Melissa commented looking really worried.

"What is it that's bothering you two?"

Melissa looked up at Stein, he just nodded before looking back to Spirit.

"That would of his is a curse he going to have to carry."

"Curse? What do you mean? Is he all right?" Spirit asked worried.

"The demon sword Ragnarok's black blood has gotten mixed with Soul's blood. It's not yet clear whats going to happen to him, none of my magic can separate the blood from souls body. He could get lucky and have nothing wrong with him or his body could try and reject the blood."

Resting room

"Soul…I'm sorry" Maka thought watching her unconscious partner sleep in the bed in front of her.

"Hey Maka come on, don't worry, he's fine. Melissa is one of the best healers ever and she won't let him die yet." Onyx smiled in an attempt to cheer her up once more.

"You did it for me…" Maka cried, "Just you wait okay? I'm going to become as strong as you are Soul."

"Yeah, don't ever give in, you can get stronger and you'll be able to defeat that demon sword."

"Thank you all for being here, it means a lot to me." Maka sniffed.

"We're you classmates, of course we're going to be here, and we're going to stay here with you till he gets better!" Morgrim smiled.

"But I have…" Sarah started but was shut up by an elbow being jabbed into her arm.

Looking at Reed with anger, but with met with a face full of sorrow and despair. Reeds head suddenly jerked toward the door as his ear begun twitching like crazy.

"We got company, two people, by the sound of the footsteps it sounds like…"

The door was then broken off its hinges and sent flying into the wall on the opposite side of the room. Running into the room was none other than Black Star.

"Soul! Are you ok?!" Black Star shouted beginning to strangle Soul in his sleep. "Snap out of it! I'm here for you!"

"Black Star you idiot, knock it off!" Reed immediately shouted throwing a punch right into Black Stars face and sending him flying out the window.

"Black Star!" Tsubaki shouted.

"He'll be fine, maybe with a bruise or two but fine." Jo smiled watching Reed hold his hand in pain.

"Hey Tsubaki, what's his skull made of Iron or Titanium?" Reed asked with a painful smile on his face.

"Thanks Reed." Maka muttered.

"Don't mention it."

"Oh my, the door's been broken down." A new voice said walking into the room. "Things sure are lively in here, aren't they?"

"Oh, Dr. Medusa." Maka smiled. "Good afternoon."

"Doc, you here to see Soul too?" Black star asked running back into the room.

"Told you he'd be ok" Jo laughed.

"Um… Maka- chan?"

"Hai? What is it?"

"I wonder if you could pry off your father, who's clinging to my leg."

"Oh, my white-coated angel!" Spirit smiled, "Let today be the day you heal me with your medical love-ove-ove!"

"Professor…" the wizards said walking over Spirit.

Looking up he could see the dark auras of the six witches and wizards standing above him. Without getting a chance to say a word they started beating him to a pulp, in a matter of seconds Spirit himself was lying in one of the medical beds with a bleeding head.

"I have to say, Soul sure had rough time of it, huh?" Medusa asked.

"Yes, I'm Sorry." Maka replied, "It was all because of me."

"Cheer up." Medusa smiled placing her hand on Maka's shoulders. "Maka, "I'm sure you'll become even stronger."

After a brief moment of silence she smiled. "Right!" she said turning around and walking to the group waiting by Soul's bed.

"Have you seen Dr. Medusa somewhere before, because I feel like I have." Sarah whispered to the other wizards.

"I get the feeling like I've seen her too, and not here at Death city." Onyx whispered back.

"Her aura looks similar too." Reed replied peeking at Medusa while she opened the medicine cabinet.

"I think I have, but I'm not 100% positive." Robert whispered.

"Well, there's nothing we could really do, so let's just meet back up with Melissa." Morgrim whispered to the group.

With a nod they all began to leave the room. Catching the eyes of the others, who just stared as the 6 of them left the room.

The Sultans palace

The wizards all gathered around the stair way to Melissa's house, looking around for sighs that she was or had been there.

"Well, is she here or not?" Onyx asked anxiously.

"These foot prints are fresh so she is still here I'm guessing." Reed replied pinching the leftover sand on the stair way.

"Well you guess was right." Melissa smiled appearing right behind them.

"Melissa, we need to talk to you." Sarah commented.

"What about?" Melissa asked raising an eye brow.

"It's about Dr. Medusa…" Mmorgrim replied.

With a sigh, Melissa pulled her hat off her head letting with wind blow through her hair. What none of the others saw on top of her head left them astonished, green colored cat ears.

"So, you guys noticed it too, huh?" she asked staring at them now with her blue silted eyes.

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