Title: Rockstar

Summary: Jade-centric, during the very end of TFB&J.

Length: ~360

Rating: pg

Genre: Romance

It's not about him. She's not singing to him, not really (except for she's always singing to him, a little bit, but she's used to that by now and it doesn't matter much anyway, it's hardly the point). She's just singing. Singing for herself, and singing for the crowd, and singing for Cat and Robbie and Andre and Tori (and maybe even for Trina, because sometimes she sees how big Trina dreams and how hard she wants, and maybe, sometimes Jade feels the smallest stirrings of something like empathy).

And she's singing for Beck too, because they're friends now, but it's not about him (except it sort of is, the way a lot of her songs are sort of about him, but that's not why she's singing, so). It's not about him. It's about her. This isn't some big reveal that she's been planning. It's a song. Her song, and she wanted to sing it tonight, and that's all. There was no bigger motive. No plan.

It's an accident, there at the end, more than anything. She's been throwing looks all over the crowd the whole time she's been singing, and she looks at Beck one last time—before she looks out at the whole crowd to finish off her song—but she's slowing down now, calming enough that when she looks at him, she really looks at him. And then she can't stop looking at him, can't tear herself away from his gaze, and something heavy drops right through her, and then she is singing to him, and he's looking at her like he used to, like he still does sometimes when no one else is around, and in seconds the applause will bring everyone back, but for now she's forgotten that they're there at all.

The song, the performance, they're not about him, and they never were, but somehow the song is, even though she didn't do it on purpose, and somehow she's not as bothered by it as she thinks she should be. And that changes everything.

(I think you know me, you know me, you know me).