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I don't want to be… one of those things… walking around without a soul, when the time comes… you'll take care of it.)

Four hours ago she had woken up naked, groggy, confused and scared on the Marble floor of a beautifully decorated bathroom in an extravagant mansion that she had no recantation of. How she had become part of this nightmare she was still unsure. Despite her memory returning, nothing made sense. The only thing she knew for sure was that this wasn't a nightmare. It was real and she was partly responsible for it.

Kneeling in front of Rain, Alice reached over to the gun beside her. Moving into position, Alice hesitates as her heart hammered against her chest .As she looked at the unconscious commando in front of her.

Three hours ago the Latina was full of life with her 'fuck you; I don't give a shit attitude'. Now, she sat slouched with her head bowed against the cold metal wall of the train. Causing her lifeless body to jerk as the train rolled along the tracks. Despite fighting for their life's and the three hours that she had spent with the Latina, she had grown quite fond of the cocky commando. The only question on the blondes mind now was, could she really kill the younger women in front of her? The answer came as she watched her right hand rise uncontrollably through fearful eyes.

"I'm not dead yet" was Rain's response to the sound of the gun being cogged. "Think I'll have that back" allowing Rain to take the gun back. Alice let out a relieved breath as she leaned forward; placing both of her hands on either side of Rain's face "I could kiss you, you bitch."

Looking over at the briefcase, Alice punches in the code. Taking out another bottle of the anti-virus, Alice glances back at Rain who seems to be getting worse by the second. Without hesitating Alice slips the bottle securely into the needle gun.

Softly grabbing Rain's paling arm with her free hand, Alice gently smothered her thumb over one of the many visible bright blue veins. Felling Rain's eyes bore into her skull, Alice offers a weak smile. "just to make sure" the blonde answered Rain's unvoiced question, Just as she is about to inject Rain with a second bottle of anti-virus; the unforgettable sound of metal being ripped apart fills the train. As a huge monstrous claw rips through the side of the train causing Alice to fall back out of utter surprise; dropping the anti-virus as the train rocked furiously threatening to come off the rails.

Getting back to her feet, Alice looks over at Matt who has three long and very nasty claw marks across his left upper arm. Grabbing the pistol, Alice follows the sound of the licker on top of the roof.

"What the hell's going on back there?" Shouts Kaplan as he turns his head towards the back of the train. Turning his attention to Kaplan, Matt yells back at him "get us the fuck out of here!" Only to be told if they go any faster, they're going to come off the rails!

Just as the sentence leaves his mouth, the door to the control room is torn off its hinges. Scrambling out of his seat, Kaplan hurriedly makes his way over to the sliding door leading to the back of the train. Only to have the licker grab him by the side of his neck by its huge gagged tooth filled mouth, pulling him clear of the train. Acting on instinct, Matt quickly ran over shutting the door separating the control room and the hold before turning around to see the back door slightly open.

Jumping over the briefcase between Alice and a barely conscious Rain, Matt runs over to the back door that is ajar. Pushing the door back and pulling the handle; he locks the door just as the Licker smashes into it.

Falling back, Matt quickly gets back to his feet only to have the steel door come flying towards him knocking him to the ground.

Within seconds a large beastly mass of muscles and veins with a long flickering snake like tongue made its way into the train. With fearful eye's Alice spun round opening fire, hitting it directly in its head three times but it did little to slow the mutated beast as it closed in on Alice.

Hearing a yell from behind her, Alice quickly drops down just as a pile of metal poles fly over her head; hitting the licker hard enough to knock it back to where the door used to be.

Grabbing a pole, Alice smacks the pole down on the licker's long tongue trapping it between the pole and the grating of the trap doors; before quickly picking up another pole. Raising the pole above her head, Alice slams the pole down as the licker manages to retract its tongue. Only to have Alice pierces it with the pole struggling to keep the licker still. Bending down Matt picks up the gun, hearing Alice telling him to open the doors.

He turns around, and comes face to face with Rain. Who, if it's at all possible looks worse than before. Sweat dripped from her forehead, her shoulders rose and fell furiously as she stared back at him through half closed eyes.

Matt readied himself, pointing the gun towards Rain who has not moved a muscle. The look in her eyes sent chills down his spine. Tearing his eyes away from Rain, he looked past the Latina seeing the button to the doors.

Hearing Alice scream for the doors to be open, Matt takes a breath as his finger squeezes the trigger, shooting Rain and knocking her back far enough to hit the button for the doors.

Hearing the gunshot, Alice turns around to see Rain falling on the floor before turning her attention back to the burning flames of the licker, as it scrapes along the train rails before the doors close again.

Getting to her feet Alice slowly walks over to Rain's lifeless body; before looking over to Matt who is about to say something, when a sound catches their attention.

Looking over to see where the sound came from, Alice smiles seeing Rain slowly trying to pull herself up. Rushing over Alice checks Rain over, silently thanking God she's alive.

"How? I heard the shot." Helping Alice get Rain to her feet, Matt lets out a light chuckle "I missed, hit her in the shoulder. Never been a good shot."

"Thank God for that" says Alice before giving him a thankful smile. Matt nods his head and heads to the control room; leaving Alice to tend to Rain who seems to be able to somewhat stand on her own, only needing a little support from Alice. Ripping the bottom of her dress, she places it over the bullet wound pressing down hard to stop the bleeding which caused Rain to let out a soft cry.

Letting the tears fall, Alice looks deep into Rain's bloodshot eyes before resting her forehead on the shorter women's head. "I thought I lost you for a moment there." Rain gives a weak smile before sliding down the wall closing her eyes. Dropping to her knees Alice gently places her hand under Rain's chin lifting head.

"Rain you got to stay awake ok? Please stay awake" getting no response, Alice slaps Rain across the face. Rain's eyes shot open, giving Alice a death glare "OW! What the fuck man? That hurt!"

"Well, don't ignore me next time and stop giving me a heart attack."

"No promises" was all Rain could manage to get out before her eyes close due to exhaustion. Feeling the train come to a stop, Alice looks over to the control room to see Matt walking towards her. "you get the briefcase, I'll take Rain" Bending down, Matt wraps one of his arms around the Latina's waist pulling her up to her feet before wrapping her right arms over his neck "come on sunshine, were leaving"

Smiling slightly, Alice takes one last look at Rain as she gets to her feet pulling the metal briefcase with her.

Jumping off the train and heading for the stairs, Alice looks down at the watch around her wrist Rain had given her. Shouting back over her shoulder, Alice informs Matt who is supporting a sluggish Rain not far behind that they need to hurry. Reaching the top of the stairs Alice stops as she hears the mechanism for doors kick in. As a shadow slowly starts to creep down the stairs, Alice looks over her shoulder and she sees as Matt half carries slash drags a semi-conscious Rain up the stairs; narrowly missing being trapped down there by two steps.

Hearing Rain's weak pleas to leave her behind, Matt shakes his head as he scoops the commando up in his arms.

The two able survivors quickly make their way past the double glass doors before continuing to the entrance hall of the mansion.

Collapsing to the ground, defeated, Alice looks over at the briefcase as tears spill from the corner of her eyes. Seeing Alice fall, Matt bends down and gently places Rain's limp body into a sitting position against the back wall before walking over to Alice. "I failed… all of them, I failed."

Resting on his hands and knees, Matt looks straight at Alice "listen to me, there's nothing else you could have done. The cooperation's guilty here; not you. We finally have the proof and that way Umbrella can't g… get away with this, we can find…" Falling to the floor, Matt grips his arm in pain "What is it? You're infected, you're going to be ok; I'm not losing you!"

The words had barely left her mouth as the double doors opposite them burst open revealing a blinding bright light as men in full quarantine uniforms entered the room. Getting to her feet, Alice tries to fight off the masked men who were making their way over to Matt overpowering Alice. The masked men pick Matt up and head down the hallway to a stretcher and the boss that was waiting. "He's mutating, I want him in the nemesis program."

Hearing muffled voices from behind her; Alice turns her head to see three men surrounding an unconscious Rain "no!" She pleaded as she stood still, torn as what to do.

"Sir, we found another one" the masked man reaches down and pulls out Rains I. D card.

"Rain Ocampo, she's one of ours."


Turning back to the young women, the man does a quick visual examination "pulse is weak, pupil's unresponsive, evidence of blood transfusion visible; she's infected on a high scale."

"Sedate her; she's coming with us"

"But sir, she's infected, she's…"

"That's an order!" the leader screamed. Nodding his head once, the masked man turns his attention back to Rain. Pulling out a small vile and needle from his med kit, slowly picking up one of Rain's arms he injects the liquid into one of the many visible bright blue veins in her arm. Tossing the needle to the side he signals for the stretcher. Being overrun Alice desperately pushes past several men trying to get to Rain's side "leave her alone, don't fucking touch her!"

Hearing the frantic screams coming from the blonde, one of the men looks back to see Alice making her way towards them, pushing members of his time away from her "Let's get the hell out of here" he orders while picking up the limp body of Rain. Once on the stretcher he loses no time in wheeling the stretcher towards the bright light.

Running over, Alice knocks one guy over as she begins franticly to unfasten Rain's restraints before being rushed by two other masked men kicking and screaming. Alice desperately tries to untangle herself as more masked men join into restraining her. Pulling out a needle, one of the men pushes the tip of the needle into the side of Alice's neck, injecting her with a sedative. Fighting to keep her eyes open, she helplessly watched as Rain disappeared down the hallway "Rain, Rain! I'll find you" screamed Alice groggily as her eyes fluttered shut.

"I want her quarantined. Close observation… and a full series of blood tests. Let's see if she's infected; take her to the Raccoon City Facility. Then assemble the team. We're reopening the Hive I want to know what went on down there. Just do it. "