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Shifting in her seat Rain lets out a low grunt at the stiffness of her body, feeling two arms lazily wrap around her shoulders from the back seat Rain smiles as she turns her head to see Kmart smiling back at her "did you enjoy your sleep kid?" nodding her head Kmart looked over to Claire who was curled up against the door her hat covering her face "she's the tallest one out of us how can she sleep like that and how come its taking so long to get to Vegas?"

"she's exhausted, A few of the kids needed to go to the toilet, so we stopped a few towns back managed to grab a few bits but nothing much, funny thing is the town looked as if it was just done over"

"So there could be more survivors around?"

"I don't think there are survivors" hearing her warlike talkie come to life, Rain quickly turned it down not wanting to wake the exhausted redhead. Picking it up Rain smiled hearing the conversation between the others, she pushes down on the button "you guys really do talk some dribble, anyway look alive. E.T ten minutes"

"Good I need to stretch my legs" voiced Kmart as she leant back in her seat

"Do me a favour wake the boss lady up"

"Me, why can't you?"

"I'm driving got to keep my eyes on the road"

"Yeah god forbid you run a stop sign or hit a pedestrian" remarked Kmart with a roll of her eyes

"Fine" reaching over with her right hand Rain softly shook Claire "Claire time to wake up five minutes".

("Sir, Projects have entered in to the perimeter"

"Excellent, keep visual on them I don't want them getting too far, not that they could of course"

"Yes sir")

"Something's not right here "voiced Rain with a confused expression as she looked over at Claire who too mirrored her expression.

"Oh my god what happened?" questioned Kmart as the hummer drove down the strip. She leaned between Claire and Rain to get a better look at what used to be Las Vegas. Miles and miles of sand practically covered the heart of Las Vegas, buildings barely visible if not completely covered by golden sand.

Raising an eyebrow Rain shock her head "guess the desert took it back" she dully replied not taking her eyes off what she could only assume is the road as she weaved around barely visible car's telephone poles and palm trees "it's too quiet, where are the undead?"

"Ok, so I was not expecting this"

"And what were you expecting?" questioned Rain as she looked over at Claire.

"How the hell are we going to find supplies in this?" questioned Claire clearly nervous about the situation.

"I wish I packed a bucket and spade" sighed Rain as she looked at the mounds of sand that consumed everything in its path.

"And you say I'm the immature one?" huffed Kmart whilst listening to the conversation between the other members of the convoy over the radio, cringing as she heard Alice talking about how the crows went right though the city.

"I don't see any truck stops. Where are they?" Rain mumbled to herself.

Rolling her eyes Claire picked up the walkie talkie "anyone know where the hell we're going in this colossal sand box?"

"Valet parking at the casino up ahead. There are gas pumps in there." Replied L.J.

"Do I want to know how you know that?" Smirked Claire as she looked in her side mirror seeing the ambulance coming up next to them.

"I dropped two G's back in the day here."

"You lost two thousand dollars?" questioned Chase with a hint of amusement.

Seeing the casino, Rain pulled the hummer to a stop. Climbing out Rain stretched her body causing some very unhealthy cracking sounds as she looked up at the scolding afternoon sun that hung high in the clear blue sky. Seeing the others pull up beside the hummer she made her way to the entrance of the casino.

"Spread them out, you know the drill" started Claire as she looked around her surroundings "All right, Chase, I need a lookout! Up there." Receiving a nod Claire made her way over to Rain seeing a large metal container blocking the entrance.

"We're going to have to move it" stated Carlos.

"Let's get this done. Get the hell out of here. Mickey! Get the winch." Pointed Claire as she watched Alice and Rain slowly making their way towards the container, both reading their guns "what's wrong?"

Rain turn around signalling for them to be quiet before looking back at Alice who now had her ear pressed up against the container.

"Get back!" screamed Alice as she and Rain took a few steps back guns pointed at the container within seconds a side of the container drops to the floor causing a huge dust cloud to engulf the survivors, waving a hand in front of her to clear her vision Rain, automatically moved closer to Alice as she quickly looked over her shoulder to see the others at the ready. Hearing a low moan come from the container, Rain brought her gun back up within a split second both Alice and Rain were knocked to the ground as a group of supped up biohazards ran in to them. Hearing rapid gun fire Rain jumped to her feet "get them back in the van's" she screamed as she opened fire.

("Sir satellites are in position, shall I shut them down?"

Looking at the computer Isaacs smiles "no, not yet, I want to see what they can do for myself")

Stomping her right foot down on the chest of the now dead supper zombie, Rain wraps her hand around the handle of her double edged U.S.S standard issue blade pulling it free from the its skull. Hearing rushed heavy footsteps from behind her Rain turns around just in time to see yet another biohazard drop to the ground and look up to see Chase lowering his rifle, with a small smile Rain gives Chase a salute in thanks, hearing a blood curdling scream Rain looks to her left to see Claire stood over a pile of bodies shotgun hung loosely by her side. Rain didn't need to move closer to know who had been killed thanks to Kmart earlier screams. Dropping her head slightly Rain closed her eyes briefly in honour of her fallen comrade before looking to her right to see a blurry Alice pulling off some major acrobatic moves as she sliced and diced her way through the mass of supped up biohazards. Shaking her head to clear the fog that started to creep in, Rain lifted a hand to her head as she squeezed shut her eyes "not now" she whispered as the pain in her head started to worsen. Focusing her sight Rain catches a glimpse of Carlos being over ran desperately trying to crawl to cover under the 8x8. Fighting though the excruciating pain Rain ran full speed towards Carlos quickly disposing of two, Rain pulled the last one off Carlos shooting it between its eyes.

(Leaning back in his chair, Isaacs watches with avid fascination as Alice and Rain make quick work of the first wave of advanced biohazards.

"They really are magnificent, two of the same but created differently, release the second team, when she's dead; make sure you move in fast. I need a sample of her blood while it's still warm."

"That won't be a problem. But what about them and the other one"

"Satellite in position?"

"Yes, sir."

"Then shut her down. They won't be a problem just focus on your own job and let me handle them, let's have some fun with Ocampo. Let's see where your loyalties lay, shall we?" he smirked as he rapidly typed in to the computer.)"

Looking down Rain out stretched her hand offering it to Carlos who gladly accepted the help. Getting to his feet Carlos held on to her hand giving it a firm shake whilst holding her gaze.

"thanks" he started before clearing his throat "thank you for that" he finished nodding her head.

Rain looked around "there isn't many left Alice is going though them like there's no tomorrow get back to the other and hold…" seeing more biohazards charging from the metal container she grabs Carlos by his bullet proof vest pushing him towards his vehicle "get in and get the fuck out of here"

"What about you?"

"Me and Alice will keep them busy long enough for you guys to get out, now go" confirmed Rain opening the driver's door for Carlos to climb in however he didn't move "don't make me pull rank on you Olivera" warned Rain with a half-smile placing his hand on her shoulder Carlos softly gives it a squeeze before climbing in the 8x8.

Seeing the 8x8 come to life, L.J rushed over to the ambulance "finally one of these crazy bitches has a good idea" voiced L.J as he helped the remaining terrified youngsters in to the back of the ambulance before jumping in the driving seat "hold on kids, it's going to be a bumpy ride" he laughed as he put the ambulance in drive, taking out as many infected as he could as he followed behind Carlos.

Sprinting across the sand covered street Rain grabbed Kmart from her hiding hole and half dragged, half carried her towards the hummer. Yanking open the passenger door rain roughly pushed Kmart inside causing the teen to let out a cry from the way Rain was handling her slamming shut the door. Rain looked around in desperation for Claire, hearing the shotgun of to her left she bolted towards the sound seeing Claire fighting of her own group fuelled by adrenaline and fear Rain reached out grabbing Claire by the back of her jacket with such force Claire was sent flying ten feet backwards though the air landing heavily in a crumbled mess on the ground as Rain placed both hands on the head of an infected snapping its neck instantly before making her way over to Claire who is trying to get to her feet. Pulling Claire up Rain pushes her towards the hummer "time to go red" she snarled. Nodding her head Claire started towards the hummer feeling Rains hand wrap around her wrist, Claire turned around just in time to be knocked to the ground by Rains right hook.

Pushing the half decapitated infected off her, Alice glances to the side to see Rain tearing in to Claire. Running to the edge of the walkway as if to jump of and rescue the redhead who desperately fought against Rain as she is thrown around as if she was made up of air. Alice stops dead in her tracks dropping her arms to the side as her eyes flash the umbrella sign.

Pushing herself up on her knees Claire spat out the blood that had formed in her mouth as she placed a hand on her sensitive ribs letting out a low cry at the mind numbing pain that erupted from the damaged area. Looking up, terrified blue eyes meet with the dark dangerous eyes of Rain. Willing herself to her feet Claire stood on shaky legs as Rain taunted her by throwing her arms to the side with a huge grin planted firmly on her face as she ever so slowly made her way over to Claire "you know something, this isn't fair" smirked Rain as she pointed between Claire and herself "I'll tell you what, I'll let you get the next few hits in for free on the count I feel sorry for you"

"Fuck you!" growled Claire as she steadied herself catching a glimpse of Kmart watching from the hummer. Feeling a new wave of anger and fear building, Claire rushes at Rain only to be pushed back as Rains open palm connects with her chest, knocking the wind right out of her lungs as she stumbles backwards.

Wiggling her index finger in a mocking fashion Rain shakes her head "You have so much heart and strength, yet you are so weak and incredibly foolish"

"You don't know me" replied Claire glaring at Rain.

"So prove me wrong Tinkerbelle" Claire couldn't help but flinch at the use of her nickname and it didn't go unseen by Rain either even though it wasn't much, it was enough for Rain to know she had the redhead right where she wanted her "I don't need to fight you to destroy you Redfield I just simply need to remind you of what you've lost"

("Sir we have a problem"

Tearing his attention away from the computer, Isaac's looks over to the young man who is franticly typing" what's the problem?"

"Project Alice is fighting the condition"

" boost the control signal")

"Stop it" screamed Claire as she pushed away the feeling to cry.

"Sorry did I strike a nerve?" questioned Rain with a smirk "February fourteenth nineteen ninety-four at nineteen hundred hours, nine-one-one received several call's reporting a hold up at local store, ten minutes later a patrol car turns up"

"Shut up"

"Would you stop interrupting? It's really annoying. Twenty minutes later they received more call's, this time regarding a speeding vehicle dangerously weaving through traffic, two red lights and four failed stops by the local authority later. He stopped with the help of a red Audi ninety Sedan Quattro, both cars were completely wreaked. Paramedics didn't get on sight for another ten minutes, onlookers tried their best to help free the victims of the accident, three casualties two pronounced dead one was still alive and rushed to Raccoon City Hospital Elizabeth Ingrede. Redfield was pronounced D.O.A, do you want to know how much your parents died for? I'll tell you, one hundred bucks" finished Rain as she looked over at a devastated Claire.

"got to say it sucks to be you, your parents are dead and your brother…well you don't even know where he is or if he's alive, anyway it's been fun but I think I'm going to kill you now" Rain started to make her way towards Claire as two bullets flew right past her head. Turning around Rain grins seeing the terrified teen shakily holding on to the shot gun, out stretching her arms Rain made her way towards Kmart "hey kid you want to pass me that, you almost got me good then"

"I meant to miss" replied Kmart unfazed by Rains attempts to mock her.

Laughing Rain eyed the teen "Oh… you meant to miss of course you did"

"I've had a good teacher"

"How about you hand it over and I won't rip your pretty little head of your shoulders" remarked Rain as she now stood less than two feet away from Kmart which made the teen take a step back. Reaching out to grab the shot gun, Rain paused feeling the cold barrel of Claire's pistol against her temple, hearing the hammer being pulled back, Rain smiled dropping her arm to the side.

"Touch her and I swear to god I'll…"

"You'll do what, shoot me? Do it! I dare you." mocked Rain.

"Kmart get back in the hummer and go" ordered Claire taking her eyes of Rain to look over at the young teen. Seeing the teen open her mouth Claire shook her head "just fucking go k"

"Yeah run kid you don't want to see your hero not pull the trigger"

"Shut up!" yelled Claire her resolve faltering a little.

"Make me shut up. Just one little squeeze is all it will take, go on do it"

"No! I won't kill the person I lo…" Claire was cut off as Rain took advantage of the situation spinning around and grabbing the gun. Rain head buts Claire sending her to the ground

"I'm not going to need this" grinned Rain as she threw the pistol a good twenty feet away before jumping on top of Claire, wrapping her hands tightly around Claire's slender neck she watched her intensively as she struggled against her grip which increased as Kmart jumped on her back screaming as she franticly tried to pull Rain off Claire. Removing a hand from Claire's neck Rain, reached up grabbing Kmart by her jacket Rain releases her hold on Claire as she stands up dragging Kmart with her. Lifting Kmart of the ground Rain pulls her arm back as she throws Kmart right in to the side of the hummer, turning around Rain is met with the butt end of the shot gun slamming in the side of her face sending her crashing down to the ground, dropping to her knees Claire crawls over to Kmart. Turning her over Claire desperately checked for a pulse.

"k… Kmart please god no, Kmart can you hear me? Someone help!" she screamed as she pulled Kmart in her arms, she softly rocked the teen in her arms as she stared at the unmoving body of Rain.

("What the hell is going on?" demanded Isaacs as he franticly smacked the computer

"satellites are down"

"How long?"

"New feed coming on line in ten seconds"

"shut them down now!")


Looking down at Kmart Claire smiled slightly "its ok, everything going to be ok. I promise" hearing the voice again Claire realises that it wasn't coming from Kmart looking over at Rain, Claire grabbed the shot gun, readying it as she saw Rain push herself up on her knees.

"wha…what happened?" questioned Rain as she shut her eyes whilst shaking her head to clear the fog from her mind. Looking over Rains eyes widen in shock as her eyes land on a badly beaten Claire and what looks like a dead Kmart, getting to her feet Rain made her way over only to have the shot gun pointed in her face.

"Stay the fuck away from her, I swear to god I will fucking shoot you" cried Claire as she watched Rain step back putting her hands up in the air.

"Is she…"

"Shut up just leave us alone you've done enough"

"Alice" turning around Rain catches a glimpse of Alice running towards the top of the next building turning back around, Rain grabbed her walkie talkie and threw it to Claire "call the others, she needs help but I've got to help Alice and clearly you don't want my help" with that Rain took one last look back at Claire before sprinting in the direction Alice had gone.

Stopping next to Alice, Rain looks between Alice and the fading chopper.

"What the hell are you doing why aren't you shooting?"

"Because if it's who I think it is we're going to need him alive" replied Alice as she lowered her guns.

"Care to share why he's any more important than the rest of the Muppet patrol?"

"Doctor Isaacs he's the one experimenting with the T-virus"

"What, you mean to tell me that you let the bastard that turned us in to freaks get away?"

"Well technically in your case he saved your life, and I haven't let him get away"

"Now what?"

"Let's take a look at the computers, I want to know where that chopper is heading"

By the time Alice and Rain had made their way back down, the convoy had already returned and set up shop. Walking towards the hummer Rain sees Carlos jumping out of the ambulance making his way over to her.

"How are they?" questioned Rain as Carlos stopped in front of her.

Offering a half smile Carlos looked around slightly making sure no one was listening "Claire's doing ok, couple of cuts and bruises maybe one or two broken ribs but other than that she's alive"

"And Kmart is she?" she asked this time with more emotion as her voice wavered slightly

"She's breathing that's all I can say, I'm sorry"

"It's all my fault I should have…"

"What Happened? Last thing I saw was you putting Kmart in the hummer"

"I don't know… it's all a blur, everything happened so fast I couldn't"

"Hey it's alright, their alive"

Looking over at the ambulance Rain nodded he head "Claire's in there with her"

"Yeah, she's refusing to leave her side; she wouldn't let anyone help her put Kmart in there"

"The kid means a lot to her"

"Get some rest Rain the convoy can deal without you or Claire for a few hours you both look like you've been through hell"

"What about the bodies we don't know what…"

"L.J is taking care of it, now rest that's an order solider" smirked Carlos as Rain mock saluted him

"Yes captain"

Climbing in the back of the ambulance Carlos greats Claire with a warm smile, seeing the solemn look on Claire's face Carlos drops his head letting out a long breath.


"I'm not leaving her Carlos, so save your breath"

"I'm worried about you, you've been sat in here for hours"

"I promised I'll keep her safe"

"I understand how you're felling, but you have responsibilities other duties to see to, right now the convoy needs their leader"

Claire snorted as she shook her head "I'm not a leader; I'm a coward, a failure"

"That's not true, and you know it, you are the singles most bravest women I've ever meet"

"Save the pep talk Carlos, it's all bull"

"you always put others needs before your own, you risk your life on a daily basis to keep everyone here alive and you've done a wonderful job for almost three years Claire, you put together this convoy, without military training or survival skills you have kept them alive. They owe you a hell ova lot as do I, so go ahead call yourself a coward, but we all know what you really are and that's a hero"

Looking up, Claire softly smiled at Carlos as he pulled her in to his arms

"You really think that"

"Alice and Rain have nothing on you"

"Their super strong and trained fighters"

"And here you are the leader of what could be the last of our race, I have something for you" smiled Carlos as he pulled away a little reaching in to his pocket Claire watched as he pulled out a half packer of cigarettes"

"You sneaky bastard" smirked Claire as he gave one to her

"Go on just for a few minutes, I'll stay with her if anything changes ill call"

"Thank you for everything"

Claire wasn't sure how long she had been stood on the walk bridge but the cigarette had long gone she just stood looking over at the convoy as they started to climb in the vehicles to sleep. Looking up at the clear dark blue sky filled with hundreds of thousands of tiny stars and a beautiful full moon, Claire smiled she couldn't help but picture that would have been the most perfect night to have a romantic picnic if the world wasn't ending. Pushing the thought to the side Claire shook her head cursing herself for wishful thinking. Hearing soft footsteps Claire didn't need to turn around to know it was Rain, she kind of developed a way of feeling when Rain was around. Granted it wasn't all butterflies and it wasn't all bats either, it was a well-balanced combination of them both, Claire didn't even look from the sky as Rain stopped next to her.

"It really is beautiful tonight" agreed Rain even though Claire said nothing to her or acknowledged her presence, Rain knew what she was thinking she could tell by the calm peaceful look on her face

"What do you want Rain?" questioned Claire with a mixture of hostility and sheer amusement.

"I just wanted to see how you're doing, see if there's anything you need me to do"

"What I really need from you right now is to leave me alone" it was a request more than a statement but Claire really couldn't care less how it sounded.

"Yeah I got that part, before with the screaming and the gun pointing" grinned Rain only to remove the silly smile from her face as icy blue eyes locked on her face.

"And yet you still have the balls to be near me, I can't tell if you're brave or stupid"

"You haven't killed me yet I'll take my chances"

"I don't want to be near you Rain"

"I'm sorry for…"

Claire couldn't help the sickening laugh that pushed past her lips "You're sorry? What are you sorry for Rain beating ten bells of shit out of me? Trying to kill me? Or the fact that Kmart is lying in that fucking ambulance in a fucking coma because of you, she could die Rain! she's a defenceless kid Rain!" screamed Claire at the top of her lungs as she battled against the tears that threatened to fall the coldness in both her eyes and voice was more than enough to physically force Rain to move backwards in defence she had never seen Claire so enraged and consumed by anger. It made her question her safety, for the first time in her life she was physically emotionally and mentally scared, all she wanted to do was reach out and touch Claire but she knew no good would come from such action so she stood mouth opening and closing as she tried to put together a sentence.

"You want to know something Rain you beating on me didn't hurt you're not the first person to lay a hand on me, you trying to kill me didn't hurt, you want to know what really hurt? What you said hurt, your words hurt, so tell me what are you sorry for?" continued Claire as the tears finally spilled over leaving glistening marks down her face as she looked over at Rain who stood unmoving. Her face a mask free of emotions, throwing her hands in the air Claire shook her head taking a deep breath "I can't believe you have nothing to say"

"I never wanted to hurt anyone especially you or k"

"Well you did, if she dies" Claire stops trying to control her emotions before looking right into Rains eyes "I'll never forgive you!"

"Alice said that they can…"

"Yeah I know. I know she explained it to me in the ambulance, but I can't do this anymore" whispered Claire as she looked everywhere but at Rain.

Knowing what Claire meant Rain couldn't help but need to hear her say it out loud "do what?"

Biting her lip Claire looked over to Rain " I can't be with you anymore" replied Claire confirming Rains thoughts "and it's not for the reason your thinking" Claire continued but stopped seeing Rain shaking her head with a sad smile

"it's alright you don't need to explain I already know, Alice is right you people don't understand what it's like to be freaks like us, walking around in a world you don't belong, I'm not really one of them but I'm not one of you either. I should have died in the Hive" Rain finished laughing slightly.

"Your wrong" argued Claire.

"Look at what I've done Claire! Alice is right again, staying away is safer for everyone, but no. Big brave Ocampo just had to save people on her marry fucking way…"

"We can't be together because I'm in love with you too!" yelled Claire completely cutting Rain off from herself destruction whirlwind, seeing the Latina physically flinch at her statement, Claire pulled Rain into her arms burying her face in Rains neck as she loses control of her emotions, pulling Back slightly Rain offers a small smile as she looks up at Claire "I didn't think you heard that"

"I did, I just needed to be sure before I said anything" confirmed Claire smiling softly.

"Well it's nice to hear"

"I wish we could…"

"It's alright, we need to go be heroes"

"I love you so much if anything happened"

"Maybe in the afterlife we could finally…"Rain trailed of as she glanced over at the convoy before looking back at Claire "Carlos is looking for you"

Whipping her eyes Claire nods "I should…"

"Yeah" Rain barely managed to nod in response

Making her way past Rain, Claire grabs Rain by her jacket bringing their lips together in a hungry kiss, resting her head against Rains "I love you" whispered Claire as she takes one last look at Rain before walking down the steps towards Carlos.

Leavening Rain stood alone as the first tears finally slipped past her eyelids as she fell to her knees furiously bringing her fist down on the concrete ground as her emotions take over.

The camp was finally still as Rain and Alice returned from gathering supplies the convoy would need to make it to Alaska.

"Are you sure about this?" asked Alice as they climbed out of the hummer picking up a black rucksack.

"They'll be safer" replied Rain as she made her way to the boot of the hummer before climbing on to the roof.

"And your sure Claire isn't going to mind you stealing her bike?" smiled Alice as she sees Rain fixing her with a death steer.

"For the tenth time, I'm borrowing it" growled Rain.

"Without asking?"


"Fine, pass it down" reaching up Alice takes the weight of the bike before setting it down as Rain dropped down next to her "er problem, where is the key?"

Rolling her eyes Rain shows Alice the key "you really underestimate me" replied Rain as she started pushing the bike away from the hummer and away from the camp.

"So, you're not going to say bye?"

"Nothing gets past you does it"


"Alice! It's just better this way for everyone"

Realizing it was useless to fight with Rain right now, Alice nods her head as Rain mounted the bike climbing on behind her Alice didn't miss Rains eyes burning in the side mirror that gave a perfect view of the ambulance "it's for the best" whispered Rain as she brought the bike to life making their way down the road. Rain looked in the mirror as the convoy quietly disappeared from sight.

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