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Drop Dead Gorgeous Bratty Rich girls


( A girl is sleeping on the floor of a living room. She wakes up screaming.)

Girl: O, just a dream. I hope no one heard me scream.

( she hears footsteps so he lays back down rolls over and shuts her eyes tight. A black loafer appears next to her and we look up to reveal Rod Serling)

Rod: Meet Jennifer Baker. Your average Cinderella. She lives with your average fairy tale like family who include her mother: Natasha and sisters: Gloria, Christina, and Monica who treat her like your average Cinderella. At the moment they are all asleep except for Jennifer who has just woken up from a nightmare and very soon will realize that she might still be in one.

(Rod walks off and footsteps cushioned by slippers walk up. A woman in curlers,in a bathrobe with face cream all over her face walks in)

Woman: What is the noise out here?

(The girl pretends to wake up)

Girl: Noise? I didn't hear anything.

Woman: Don't lie to me. I heard screaming.

Girl: Then why didn't anyone else wake up?

Woman: Because you know as well as I do that your sisters sleep like they are in comas. Now, what was all this noise about?

Girl: I… I just had the nightmare again.

Woman: The one where you eat your husband or try to feed your baby to your children?

Girl: Husband. I don't understand why I would do that to him?

Woman: It's just a dream. It doesn't mean anything. You don't even have a husband. You're a teenage girl. All you have is your family and your chores. Speaking of which since you're up you might as well get started. In, the meantime I'm going back to sleep. I don't want to hear anymore noise out here.

Girl: Yes, ma'am.

(The woman exits and accidently drops something as she exits. The girls it up and looks at it. It's a key. )

That's odd. I wonder what this key belongs to?

(she looks over at the closet. the girl opens the door to the closet and looks through it until she finds an old jewelry box. She opens it and inside is a human heart. )

O my god! O my god!

INTRO: You are now entering another dimension. A rollercoaster ride through the imagination where your nightmares seem real and reality is worse than your deepest darkest nightmares. Keep your hands and feet inside this ride at all times. You have entered the Twilight Zone.