Disclaimer: The poem is a work I wrote myself as a school assignment and is copyrighted by me.

Chapter 3: The Pageant

(Jennifer picks up the logbook and looks around for a way to get out of the futuristic looking room. She suddenly notices a button on the wall. She goes over and pushes it and the wall in front of her opens up and she sees a futuristic hall like the passage of an alien ship you would see in sci fi movies. Jennifer starts to walk down it and comes to a huge labyrinth. She quickly chooses a direction and follows it. The passage eventually leads to a tunnel and she crawls through and ends up in the sewer. With no other choice she jumps and goes through the sewer system. She sees a manhole above her after about 15 minutes. She climbs up and looks out noticing that she is in front of Willoughby High. She sneaks into the school and into the auditorium where the pageant is taking place)

Natasha: Now, for our final contestant my daughter, Monica, who will be reciting a poem she wrote.

(Monica steps out of the shadows)

Monica: How Do I want to die… I want to sleep on clouds of white. I want to sleep like I did when I was a child and I snuggled close to my mother… and so my sleep is not disturbed I don't want a funeral where people gawk. I want to be cremated. Put in a vase and put away on self. Where I can sleep my long long sleep and I can dream of the life I had and the future that I will soon experience.

Natasha: That was lovely, darling. Now, while the judges decide on a winner I would like to thank those who helped make this night possible and I would also like to thank all of you for coming and as usual let the contestants know that no matter who wins you are all winners because you are all beautiful but of course only one of you can be our queen. … Judges, are you ready?

(One of the judges comes up and hands her an envelope. She opens it up)

Well, this isn't too much of a surprise the winner is Monica Baker.

(Jennifer runs up on stage)

Jennifer: No. NO! This pageant is fixed! Monica was going to win no matter what. In fact, this is all a set up. My mother is just using all of you for a plan to take over the world… she's an alien. She wants to kill off all the men as a birthday present for Queen Aquarius of Venus!

Natasha: (laughs and everyone follows) O, please. First off, there are no such things are aliens except in the Men in Black movies and on TV. Second, Queen Aquarius? Aquarius was a male servant boy that Zeus fell in love with that is not a name for a queen, dear. You are just letting your overactive imagination get the better of you.

Jennifer: Then how do you explain this!

(Takes out the log book)

It's all right here in black and white… May 26th 2013. The plan to rid the Earth town of Cliffordville of all it's men by sacrificing them in honor of Queen Aquarius's birthday and in preparation for the invasion will commence at midnight earth time tonight. My youngest offspring the Changeling that we refer to, as Jennifer will also be sacrificed at a later date. Although, it is becoming clear that she is coming closer to the truth but because she is half Venusian sacrificing her with the human men does not seem proper…. She's planning on killing us ALL! Well, all the men anyway. And me. We all have to leave right now before that happens.

Guy: That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of!

Dr. Kimble: Jennifer, I think this has gone too far.

Jennifer: Dr. Kimble, this is not something from one of my dreams. It's real. I saw the room with the hearts in it and I found this invader log. My family is drop dead gorgeous bratty rich heart eating girl aliens and they worship a woman named Aquarius! I know they do!

Natasha: Jennifer, get off the stage. Now!

(Natasha glares at her and Jennifer leaves the stage)

Jennifer: You won't get away with this! I'll expose you!

(Jennifer leaves the stage and Dr. Kimble and Wybie go to calm her down)

Natasha: As I was about to say before that outburst. We have a surprise for you all.

(The lights go out and a spot light comes up on the stage. The song 'Aquarius' starts to play and dancers start leaping and dancing to it on stage as a cake it brought out and out of the cake pops a sexy looking young woman in her early 30's in a gold dress wearing an Egyptian crown. At the last verse she snaps and the constants all look at her on cue. She nods her head and each one starts to walk to a man and blows them a kiss. One by one the men start to fall over in a faint. The women start screaming and run out the door. When the only ones left are Sr. Kimble, Jennifer, the contestants, and Aquarius.)

Jennifer: No. No! We have to stop them! We have to stop them from killing all the men.

Aquarius: You have been meddling for way too long. I think it's time we dealt with you. Get her!

(The contestants walk towards her and form a circle around her. Jennifer faints to the ground. Black out)

(Jennifer wakes up on the living room floor)

Natasha: Wake up! Right now!

Jennifer: Mom? Where am I?

Natasha: You're in the living room, dear.

Jennifer: You… you killed the men at the pageant last night. Well, that still isn't going to stop me from the global take over!

Natasha: Global take over? Well, therapy isn't working is it?

Jennifer: It's not working because I'm not crazy.

Natasha: I found your dairy… you call this normal… May 26th. Plan to rid the Earth town of Cliffordville of all its people will commence at midnight. Once they are all at the pageant. I will sneak there and rip out the hearts of every man, woman, and child. If I can't have happiness neither can they…. They are all dead. You killed them all in your sleep. You seemed to decide to justify it by blaming me and saying that I was an evil alien. Even though all I ever did was try and be a good mother to you and keep you safe. But I now realize I can't keep you safe from the worst enemy of all. Yourself.

Narrator: Sometimes, it's difficult to tell what the truth really is. Especially, when it shows us how we really are. An important lesson to be learned in the Twilight Zone.