Hiei silently slid open the window, slipping into the nursery. Yusuke and Keiko had already fallen asleep from exhaustion; taking care of a newborn baby was more work than they had anticipated. Raizen Urameshi was only two months old, but he was a handful, just like his father.

Hiei looked around the blue and yellow painted room, taking in all the baby goods filling the room. One thing was for certain, his godson was well cared for. He walked silently over to the crib, looking down at his sleeping godson. He made sure to visit Raizen at least once a week, no matter where he was. Most weeks he visited more than once, sneaking into the nursery in the dead of night to watch over his godchild. He visited Yusuke and his family during the daytime with the others, but preferred to visit Raizen at night when they could spend time alone.

Raizen's eyes opened slowly, staring up at the familiar figure above him. He began to wiggle in his crib, wanting the familiar person to pick him up. Hiei lifted him carefully out of the crib, cradling him in his arms protectively as he walked over to the rocking chair in the corner of the room. He settled into the chair comfortably, his favorite item of all the baby things Yusuke and Keiko had bought. Some nights Raizen would be sleeping quietly in his crib when Hiei came to visit him, but on the nights Raizen was awake, Hiei would hold him in his arms as they rocked in the chair, the motion and Hiei's voice soothing him back to sleep. Hiei would speak about random topics: the state of things in spirit world, the adventures he had gone on with Yusuke, the demons he had defeated during his lifetime, even about his own youth.

Next to Yukina, Raizen was Hiei's favorite person. This little, fragile being who could be crushed with the flick of his finger placed his full confidence in Hiei, never once fearing him or judging him and that meant the world to Hiei. He knew Raizen would be okay in his home, Yusuke's spirit energy radiated from the place even when he wasn't home, but combined with Hiei's spirit energy from his frequent visits, the odds of a demon attacking the home was nonexistent. Hiei would always ensure the safety of his godson.

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