1. Lynette

"Peter, so help me God, if you hit me with that ball one more time..." lectured Lynette, before being hit in the face with it.

"That's enough!" she yelled, and she chased him around the park. As she chased them around the park, a young couple with a baby in the stroller glared at Lynette, in awe. Lynette paused, and stared back at them, panting as she was out of breath.

"I'm a grandmother, okay," she snapped, "Wait until you get to be my age and after five kids and six grandchildren, you'll know why I'm yelling."

The couple looked at each other, and went along their merry way. It was a sunny Spring afternoon in Central Park over the weekend, and her grandchildren were hyped up on juice boxes and Little Debbie snacks that Lynette often spoiled them with.

While chasing Peter, Lynette saw Percy push his younger cousin, Piper, down.

"Percy!" she yelled across the park, "Stop bullying your cousin! It's not nice!"

"Penny needs to start disciplining you little terrors!" Lynette muttered under her breath, as she was ready to pull her hair out from the frustration.

Tom parked his car in the parking lot beside the park. He came out of it and walked to Lynette, who he could obviously tell was desperate for a break.

"Lynette!" he yelled, "Are you okay?"

Lynette, who was carrying some of Piper's dolls that she carelessly dropped around the park, threw them down on the ground. "Obviously I am not!" she shouted, as she was out of breath.

Tom went to pick them up. "Sweetie, why don't you take a break?" he passionately declared.

"Well I didn't because you weren't here," she said, "Now it's your turn."

Lynette kissed Tom on the lips and she patted his back. "I love you." she said.

"I love you too." he said.

Lynette walked over to the bench, where beside it was a cooler. Lynette pulled out a juice box and she started to sip from it. "And I thought being a mother was hell. Being a grandmother is worse!" said Lynette, to herself. She was not aware that the woman beside her heard her.

"Amen to that," said a black woman with really gray hair. "I have two grandkids and that's plenty for me!"

"Want a juicebox?" asked Lynette.

"Absolutely." she replied.

Lynette handed her a juicebox from the cooler, and the woman graciously took it.

"Cheers!" said Lynette. The woman smiled.

The two sat back and chatted as they watched Tom try to handle the six grandchildren that Lynette tried to contend with as best as she could. It was a good Saturday afternoon for the Scavos.