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It was one of those days, when a myriad of semi-familiar people were visiting your house and some genius decided that everyone should partake in some group activity. Joy.

Unsurprisingly, it was Aqualad who suggested they all go outside and have a beach party at the base of the tower. Cyborg quickly agreed, already asking how many people wanted hamburgers and how many others wanted hot dogs. Before long, everyone else was rushing towards their respective rooms to change into their bathing suits – everyone but Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Starfire that is, who were all staring at Raven with crossed arms and stern expressions.

Ten minutes later had found Raven sitting in the shadow of Titans Tower in a slightly modified version of her leotard. She had been bribed, blackmailed, condescendingly encouraged, and tortured into coming down here by her fellow titans – and none of it had been necessary. Raven actually liked swimming and water, when she wasn't about to be crushed by its pressure miles beneath the ocean surface anyways. Raven hadn't told them that though, lest Starfire and Beast Boy use the same tactics to try and force her into a bikini; one because it was fashionable, and the other because it'd be 'funny.'

At that moment though, Raven was broken out of her reverie.

"Hey, Raven! What're you doin' up there? Come down by the water!" Jinx called from where she was sitting with Argent. It had been a bit of a shock when Jinx had first decided to become a good guy, but the law enforcers had decided that Jinx could remain free as long as she didn't do any more illegal activities and took up the mantle of being a super hero as a form of community service. As a result, she, Raven, and Argent had become good friends, so Raven obliged by rising from her perch on a rock, and walking all the way to the end of the towers shadow, before resettling herself on a new boulder.

Argent frowned. "You're not afraid of the water, are you?"

Raven shook her head, shifting slightly so that she was farther back in the shade.

"Are you afraid of getting sunburned?" Jinx asked

"I don't burn."

"Really? You are so lucky," Argent complained, as she herself applied liberal amounts of sunscreen to her arms.

"Do you not like tanning?" Jinx persisted.

"I don't tan either" Raven said. Was it Jinx's imagination, or was she smiling?

"Freckle?" She tried again

"Not even close." Yep, Raven was definitely smiling.

Before Jinx could try again, Raven got up, levitated a few yards out, and dove into the ocean.

Argent and Jinx just looked at each other and shrugged.


"Alright team. We know that Professor Chang is somewhere in the warehouse, so I want Cyborg, Kid Flash, Gnaark, Kole, and Jinx to come inside with me to put a stop to whatever he's planning. Starfire, Beast Boy, and Bumble Bee, I need you guys, to take to the air, and Aqualad, Jericho, Speedy, and Raven, you need to cover the alleyways to the docks. Everyone else fan out and cover the perimeter; we don't want anyone getting away. Remember, Chang has dozens of henchmen on patrol, and we don't know who his 'clients' are this time. We need to be on full alert, and as covert as possib-" Robin stopped midsentence as he turned around and belatedly noticed what all the other Titans had been staring at for the last three minutes.

"I'll be honest; stealth isn't really my strong point right about now," Raven said dryly, examining with seeming indifference her glowing hand.

Robin stared, finally realizing that his friend's skin bore a peculiar resemblance to the moon. They could actually see Raven's face, even with her hood up. "Wha…how, why-?" Robin stumbled.

Raven shrugged, tucking the luminescent appendage back within her cloak. "Since coming to Earth, I've found myself occasionally absorbing and re-emitting spectrums that contain ultraviolet rays… Are you guys okay? Robin, your mouth is hanging open," Raven noted, tilting her head slightly.

Robin was jolted back into awareness when a synthesized voice from above said "Well, if it isn't Hair Gel Kid and Compan- whoa, what happened to you, Sunshine? Too much pixie dust?" Raven growled, and sent three crates hurtling towards him. But Red X just teleported away, and reappeared a few meters away. "Nice try Kiddo, but no. Catch you later," he laughed, and vanished again. A few seconds later, klaxon alarms could be heard throughout the block.

Robin face palmed, and sighed before saying in a resigned tone, "So much for stealth. Titans, go."


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