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A/N: This is just a little something created from prompts handed to me by the awesome Naidoo and Monnie32... Cardinal Sin, Promiscuity and Glee club... This short and sweet (or well kinder!) and only eight chapters long =)


-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Seven Deadly Sins -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Penelope sat in the bar waiting on the come down from being up and singing in front of a bar full of people to finish. Since her breakup with Kevin, and seeing him with another TA, she had decided to take charge and get what she wanted in life. Starting with getting Derek Morgan.

So far it wasn't going too well. They were still just – them. Not quite what her plan was supposed to be doing.

She had just stood and completely remade a song her own, something she never did out of her acting circle, but she thought for Derek it was worth it. He had brought her to this bar, with the team and had forced them all to partake in karaoke and she decided to put him on the spotlight like she was. The song may have been about sin, but Derek Morgan was sure her favourite cardinal sin. He was like chocolate, but just didn't go to her hips! He inspired so many fantasies in her and he made her not even hate waking up because she would have the real deal eating right out of the palm of her hand.

Just how she loved it.

"That was hot, Baby," Derek praised her and she smiled brightly at him. "You need to sing more for me."

Penelope smirked and looked at him, "Oh, that can be arranged." She teased him, putting her finger into his chest, her face illuminated with a smile. "I don't mind making up my own little Derek Morgan glee club for my delicious hunk of man," Penelope finished and listened to him chuckle.

Impressed, he leaned in, "That I am up for."

Smirking, Penelope was cut off from starting any conversation as karaoke night continued and the newest contestant was brought up to the stage.

"I don't usually do stuff like this, but here goes nothing," The new amateur singer said. "Like my competitor before me, my song is for the delicious hunk at table four," The dark skinned beauty spoke, her lips curled into a grin so full of sexual tease and want it was unmistakeable to anyone in the club. Her gaze stuck on Derek. "I hope you like this."

As the music came on, Penelope's irritation spiked. This girl, whoever she was, was doing the same song, but it seemed she was sticking more to its original roots and was, like Penelope, aiming it directly at Derek. What made it worse was that Derek had lost all attention on Penelope and was watching this unknown female.

Even running her hand up and down his thigh didn't work, and that always worked! As the song rounded off, Penelope knew that Derek was going to be a gentleman; he was going to do what he did best and get a new fling for the night. This was only adding another name to strengthen his ongoing promiscuous nature.

"I guess I better go and say thanks," Derek said and got up, heading over to the bottom of the stage stairs before Penelope could stop him. He watched as the unknown woman came towards him, her smile meek and friendly. "That was really good."

She laughed nervously, "I'm sorry if I ripped your girlfriend's song off."

Derek looked back, "She's... She's not my girlfriend," He commented and turned back, "How about a drink to say thanks?" He said to her and she nodded, so he put his hand out for an introduction, "Derek."

"Tammy," She responded and shook his hand back.

Watching them head off to the bar hit Penelope hard. She had just been forgotten, just like that she became yesterday's news and Penelope couldn't mistake the feeling growing in her.

So this was what embarrassment and anger felt like when it was mixed together.

She looked up to see Emily and JJ shooting her reassuring smiles, and she listened as they both tried to play devil's advocate by making her believe that this was nothing more than a gratitude drink of sorts. However much she tried to believe that, Penelope was struggling big time with making herself believe that. When she looked over there touches from her part, and laughter from his. This was rapidly changing into more than just a drink to say thank you.

As she watched the pair get acquainted, Penelope knew now she had fallen victim to not just one cardinal sin, but seven others. Once again, Penelope was soon going to be consumed by the seven deadly sins and it was going to be like it always did. Derek Morgan, her biggest sin, always made her go through times of the deadliest of all sins.

However, she usually felt the envy override her system. This time it was all different.

Penelope had never felt angrier and she knew she had just fallen into wrath far quicker than ever before, the first of the deadly sins. There were no tears, no hearts smashing on the floor. She had hers still fully protected, not believing that this was it. She was just plain angry that this girl – this stranger! – had come along, sang the same song for Derek and now he was buying her drinks.

Only seeing red, Penelope got up and left.

Not even daring herself to look back as Derek called out after her.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Seven Deadly Sins -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-