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-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Seven Deadly Sins -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

"I honestly did start to wonder if you were starting a midlife crisis," Penelope whispered to Derek as she lay curled into his body a couple of nights later. "Sky diving, bungee jumping, wanting to feel young again," She continued as her hand ran up his chest, "Not that old yet are you, Sugar Shack?"

Derek chuckled as he held her in close, "I don't know what I was, but I was being greedy and selfish."

"You're a man," She quipped and looked up at him. "I'm really glad we sorted everything out between us."

"Me too, Baby Girl," Derek commented and kissed her forehead, "And I'm sorry for what I said about feeling like I had to fight to stick in your life. It really was never like that, Penelope. You sacrificed so much over that relationship for me, for the team. It was uncalled for."

"Said and done, Derek. We can only move on," She said sincerely, her tone level with honestly, "Which we are, Handsome. You and me are starting with a fresh start." She then looked at him and smirked as she prepared to continue, "I tried to grow up and tell you how I was feeling, like properly feeling, but when I was driving to yours I don't really know what happened. Another car swerved into my lane and the next thing I knew I was being lifted into an ambulance."

"I was so scared," Derek whispered to her, his tone cut up with the fear he felt. "I went into auto-pilot and I just had to get to you and then you didn't want me."

Sitting up, ignoring the smarting in her chest, Penelope looked to him, "I only wanted you there, but I couldn't have her too. I was jealous and I lashed out and I only hurt you and myself." Penelope a mournful heaviness sit on her as she remembered his expression when she asked him to leave, "When I was in the ambulance I could only think of you and what you were doing with her and it hurt and I was so confused over everything that was happening."

"Hey," Derek calmed her, "Shh," He continued and sat up to match her body. "You're okay, we're okay. We just needed a wakeup call, Penelope and we got it bad." Derek watched her eyes lighten once more, "I love you so much, Penelope." He told her and reached in, needing to feel the connection of their lips again.

"I love you too," Penelope said and stole another quick kiss, "But we need to get up." Slipping up to sit properly, she groaned as her body ached with the lasting impact of the crash still.

"You should be resting, you have no need to get up," Derek commented as he sat up next to her and she gave him a look, "So where the hell are you off to, Baby Girl?"

"I'm hungry, Handsome," Penelope commented with a soft whine, "We've slept most of the day away and now I'm real hungry." She breathed out at him, "And I don't think I mean just for food."

Deciding over giving into temptation or resting, Penelope decided to give in to cardinal sin and just give her all to Derek. She was shocked at how easily she found herself wanting to give her body to him. How she lacked any form of inhibition and she guessed that full passionate lust and true love combined made for a carefree adventure.

"I want you, Derek," She pleaded, her eyes staring through to his soul with truths. Her eyes hooded with her want him and she bit her lip in anticipation.

"I don't want to hurt you," Derek doubted for a moment as he reminded himself of the crash. He had already hurt Penelope far too much already that he didn't want to make it worse.

"I know you'd never hurt me on purpose, Handsome," Penelope said as she ran her hands up his back. She then bit down on her lip as she watched him intently, "I want something that tells me the last few weeks were worth it though."

Derek knew she was doubting if he really loved her, and he knew it was going to be a while until she fully knew the extent of his love, but he would take it at their own slow pace if need be; except, in reality, they had no pace. They had no way of doing things traditionally.

So when he started to kiss over the bruised skin of her neck and chest, tantalising it and he heard moan with the pleasure of each intimately placed kiss, he knew what they were doing right now was what they were meant to be.

Indulging in their love was what they had all their life to do and Derek planned to indulge greedily.

It seemed Penelope had similar ideas too.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Seven Deadly Sins -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The End!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Seven Deadly Sins -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-