Phantom in the Wayrift

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"How did I get into this mess?" Danny Phantom, half-ghost superhero, as he faced off against a shadow apparition of pure darkness and evil with his companions, as he and they thought back to when this had started…

Ben, the former Dark Lord Golbez before he had broken free of the control of the evil Zeromus, now prince of Baron, was sitting in his room in the Borderlands cottage, when he felt a dimensional disruption ripple past him.

"Whoa Ben, did you try to summon your dark army?" Leona asked, sticking her head through the door.

As he raced outside he explained that something had just burst into the Borderlands. Reaching the site, he and Leona found nothing, but when they turned around, they saw a boy with white hair and green eyes…

(Note: Wayrift is a Final Fantasy IV based webcomic)


I know I'm evil, blame my muse for it!

EMERGENCY! ALL the Danny Phantom episodes are being deleted from Youtube! I am counting on you to post new ones. The more good quality DP episodes there are, the faster I will try to update!