Title: Chocolate Fun Time

Show: Doctor Who

Ship: River x Doctor

Summary: What happens when The Doctor and his daughter have one night for themselves?

Author: Me! Merzy! xD


"Daddy!" A little blonde girl yelled as she ran down the corridor towards the console room, searching for her father. "Daddy?"

"Down here, sweetheart." He called out from under the tardis, plugging and unplugging random wires unnecesarly.

The girl went down the stairs where her father was, after being ushered to do so, she sat down on his lap.

"what is it, darling?" The Doctor asked, kissing her cheek sweetly.

"Where's mummy?" She asked innocently.

"Mummy is at work. Why? you need something? Maybe a glass of milk before going to sleep? Oh, maybe chocolate milk. You love those." He exclaimed, standing up with his daughter in his hands.

"But mummy says I shouldn't drink chocolate before bed." She says giggling, wrapping her small arms around her daddy's neck, leaning to his shoulder.

"Nonsense!" He exclaims. Once he reached the kitchen, he sat her down on the counter. "Mummy isn't here, is she?"

The giggly girl shook her head.

"Right. It will be our little secret then, deal?" He tells her, sticking his pinky at her.

"Right" She says cofidently, wrapping her pinky around his.

"Great! Now," He says, facing the fridge, "To make the best chocolate milk in the history of the universe!" His daughter clapped and jumped around excitedly.


River Song walked into the Tardis after a long night in her office, Archeology isn't always going on excited and dangerous adventures, she had to do paper work sometimes too. She dreaded doing it, but it was necessary.

She was tired and all she wanted to do was go to bed along side her husband, whom she had missed all night long. But when she smelled a familiar auroma in the air she knew things won't go as planned.

She followed the scent into the kitchen and saw how practically every inch of it was covered in a brown heavy liquid; Chocolate. She groaned, She knew the formula well; Chocolate plus Her husband always equals disaster, and throw her daugher in the mix with no supervision from River was even worse.

She shook her head, she should have known something like this would happen. Then a thought occured to her and she walked over to the wall, put a hand on it and whispered to the air: "I'm sorry for this, Old Girl." The Tardis groaned quietly back to her in responce. River knew The Doctor won't be going on adventures any time soon.

Speaking of, where was her husband and daughter?, she thought.

River walked over to her daughter's room, opening the door silently and curiously looked into the room. Her frown quickly dissapeared into a soft smile as she watched The Doctor and her daughter cuddling in the bed, sleeping peacefully. She laughed soundlessly and shook her head at the chocolate all over their lips.

They would never change, will they?, she thought.

They were insane and drove her crazy half of the time, especially her husband.

She walked over to their sleeping forms, covered them with a blanket and kisses both their foreheads gently, lovingly.

But she wouldn't have it any other way.


A/N: There you go! My second River x Doctor fic! Hope you enjoyed it! Tell me what you think, yeah? xD